Rocky Mountain Survival Group reborn.

"Rocky Mountain Survival Group has been reincarnated as SSRsi - the Survival & Self-Reliance Studies Institute and is now located at  "  Their email follows.

Frankly, if you have them, you do not need me.  This site contains everything and more.  Greatly disheartened  when they disappeared, I am glad they are back.  Apparently believers, they found an imbedded prayer I thought I had hidden, that is prayed for everyone who comes on my site.  Their kind words will follow.

Was thinking today, no one believer carries the whole load.  Glad to have help.  I still need to update my links, but that will follow.

I have several DVDs in my files, that I do not sell.  They material from them, gathered over years, is the basis for ,

the website, and the available disk.

With all that, even today, looking at SSRsi   

I found information I still do not have.  Their web site organization is unique, and a great resource.

Their email text follows.



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Subject: Link update: RMSG is now SSRsi at

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the old link to RMSG on your page. Rocky Mountain Survival Group has been reincarnated as SSRsi - the Survival & Self-Reliance Studies Institute and is now located at I'd appreciate it if you would kindly update the link. While we never had a "links" page in the past (since we linked directly to articles within sites) the new version does for those who reciprocate, and yours will be listed at by the end of the day.

Thanks again,


Your link reads:

Survival Primer: Interesting mix of Christian philosophy/prophecy and hard-core survivalism (civilian & military info), with TONS of information (also available on disc for $20). Paul is a true believer in both and has done alot of work compiling this site: "My prayer is that the Holy Spirit lead the reader into all knowledge that they need to hear, and see, and understand, that God may lead them into the wisdom of God, and all revelation that Jesus of Nazareth might be their Eternal Savior, in Jesus Name, Amen. As well, I pray the prayers contained in the 14Nov99 prayer that Dwight prayed over each and ever person who comes on this site, in Jesus Name, Amen"

They mentioned my disk.  At the cost of several years work, I now have a DVD of something over 3 Gigabytes, that you just put in your computer drive, and it starts up.  You have my website, and more, and all the files open quickly. 


There are actually close to 700 megabytes on my site, and the disk has five times that info.  I use the disk myself, to access what I am looking for.



Paul Phillips

PO Box 38

Yadkinville, NC


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