Jesus chose against His human nature to obey the voice of God.


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Jesus chose against His human nature to obey the voice of God. Think of that. How many of us are willing to do the same?

I am not talking about becoming a church-goer.

This about that. Saul was busy killing Christians, people who just did not believe the way he did, when he met Jesus of Nazareth, post incarnate. 

That means Jesus chose a man like a Nazi, of like a Hells Angel, or like one of those Terrorists, and revealed Himself to Him. That Revelation, alone, changed the man completely.

No one had to tell him to change his life after meeting Jesus, it just happened.

Jesus chose the roughest, wartiest old men he could find, as His disciples. A couple of them were called the “sons of thunder. Sounds like the Hells angels, again. 

The people Our Lord seemed the roughest on were the ones who “had religion.” Guess He is not asking that of us.


He is asking us to allow Him to be LORD of our lives, and watch our Lives change.

If I thought I had to get my act together, and never make a mistake again, to be a Christian, I would not want to be one, either.

From what I see of the LORD he will just not back off from loving you.

Have gotten around, now-a-days, to asking Him what I should be asking Him. Think about it.

We need to submit all the areas of our lives, without pretense, to His Mighty presence, and let Him clean us up.

You will find, if you do, that the LORD will meet you where you are, and make things fun and interesting in your life. You will get many opportunities to chose against your human nature, and obey the voice of God.

This about that.

Jesus said that He chose as He was bidden. Just how did that work? 

I mean, since God can not talk to people. Come on now, you don’t really believe He can, do you? 

God gave all people a voice, and one donkey, that we know of. The giver of voices certainly has one of His own.

Just be quiet a little while, and you will hear it.

Pause, and calmly think of that.

I just wanted to write to you, beloved, tonight, because I can do nothing else. Having gone through what seemed to be some especially rough times, I find a great peace waiting at the end of them.

It is fun to follow Jesus, but not always enjoyable. I’ve missed the mark many times, more than I know of, I am sure.

But as for choosing to follow Jesus, I would have not missed it for the World.

Jesus, tonight, today, this morning, or whenever time it is there, I chose to accept you as my personal savior, and am willing to allow you to express your love fully to me, in any way and manner and time you wish to. Amen, and amen.              

See you in eternity, as I have never met most of you out there. 




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