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Why Does This Site Have Adds Suddenly? --2009



Paul's Guns Manual

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Important Note First Part of August, 2009- last week dropped this page from my site, and today found that in the month before it had 684 hits.  About eight thousand hits a year- this is just a temp note on the Afternoon of August Third- will restore these pages, and have a whole new take on this material to publish.  Thank you for your patience.  Note that as I write this, the links below largely do not work.  Fixing that as we speak.   Apologies.  Paul.



I find an unused thirty year old 22 by Winchester.




What I Think is the Best Target

- click on thumbnail to open and print


Download the PDF file


Free Printable Targets







Link to Main Guns Page on this site



  My Original Squirrel Target

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Source of Gun Schematics- many more available




very important links

My Y2K Chapter 13 about Guns    Very good for a beginner,  or anyone.  Made up from emails as I tried to explain myself and teach on the internet.  Topics Military Rifles; Editorial; the 22 Rifle; 22 Magnum; 22 Long Rifle Hyper Velocity; Large - Bore Rifles; Gun Cleaning; End of the Barrel; Penetrating Oils; Wd- 40; Ams Oil Metal Protector; Oiling Your Scope- Do Not; Scope Mounted; Sling Mounted; Non-slip Rifle Stocks; Practical Rifle Practice; Ammo; plus P Ammo; Shot Shells; Ammunition Storage; out of Sight; the "David" Aiming System


   Again, very good, in my opinion, written for those of us who find these things new, to learn about.  Paul.

Want to really ruin your gun? Spray it with WD 40 !



Basic Firearms Sighting, Also Called Zeroing

       If the rear sight is moved to the left, the point of impact will move to the left. To move the point of impact to the right, move the rear sight to the right. If the rear sight is moved down, the point of impact will move down. To move the point of impact up, move the rear sight up.






Marlin Homepage


Every Marlin firearm I have purchased has turned out to be dependable, affordable, and accurate.  [email protected]




MARLIN Model: 60 - 22 Long Rifle


Model_60_Parts.pdf  Right click on and save target.  About 800k, parts diagram, lists, address to contact Marlin.  Get a lot of requests for this one.


Marlin_Model_60 Manual_1st_Part.htm




       We recommend cleaning the inside of the receiver, bolt face, extractors, and bull end of the barrel (around the chamber) after firing each 250 rounds.


   An economically priced rifle that's earned the title of "most popular 22 in the world." Since the Model 60 was first developed in 1960, it has continuously represented a great value. It has a 22" Micro-Groove rifled-barrel, cross-bolt safety, manual bolt hold open and a patented automatic "last-shot" bolt hold-open, a safety feature that locks the bolt halfway open after you've fired the last shot, allowing you to see clearly into the open action. Features such a sleek, press-checkered, walnut finished Maine birch stock, a brass inner magazine tube which completely eliminates the rust problem you come up against with steel tubes, and a precision-crowned muzzle for enhanced accuracy.



Several Variations on above model



Modern Model 60, does not have checkering





MARLIN Model: 25N - 22 Long Rifle- 

* Now called Model 925



       Bolt action 22 repeater. 22 Long Rifle only; 7-shot clip magazine; 22" Micro-Groove barrel; thumb safety; red cocking indicator; receiver grooved for scope mount; checkered walnut finished Maine birch stock. Approximate weight. 5 1/2 lbs.; over all length 41". Adjustable open rear, ramp front sight.


Marlin Web Link for this Firearm.




MARLIN Model: 883 -22 WMR - (22 Magnum)

* Now Called Model 993


Now Called Model 993


       Bolt action rifle. 22 Win. Magnum Rim Fire; 12-shot tubular magazine; 22" Micro-Groove barrel; 41" over all length; approximate weight 6 lbs.; checkered American black walnut Monte Carlo stock with tough Mar-Shield finish; swivel studs; rubber rifle butt pad; receiver grooved for scope mount; positive thumb safety; red cocking indicator. Adjustable folding semi-buckhorn rear, ramp front sight.


Marlin Web Link for this Firearm.




MARLIN Model: 882SS -22 WMR - (22 Magnum)

* Now Called Model 982S


       Bolt action rifle. 22 Win. Magnum Rim Fire; nickel-plated 7-shot clip magazine; 22" Micro-Groove® barrel; stainless steel barrel, receiver, front breech bolt and striker knob. All other metal parts are either stainless steel or nickel-plated, except for sights. Black, fiberglass-filled synthetic stock with molded-in checkering and swivel studs. Receiver grooved for scope mount; positive thumb safety; red cocking indicator. Adjustable folding semi- buckhorn rear, ramp front sight with fiber-optic sight insert. The fiber optic front sight insert is day-glow orange and gathers light. There is a removable Wide-Scan® hood. Approximate weight 6 1/4 lbs.; 41" over all length.


Marlin Web Link for this Firearm.






Winchester Model 70 Bolt Action 30.06 -  "Ranger"

A High- Powered Rifle



"The Winchester® Model 70 not only has a rich history of dependable performance, it serves as a timeless example of what a bolt action rifle should be. The three-position safety is renowned for easy use and shows you instantly the status of your rifle. The barrel rifling on many models is hammer-forged, meaning excellent tolerances for better accuracy.


The classic, Controlled Round Feed action is a mainstay and continues to make the Model 70 line the most reliable and smoothest cycling in the industry. The massive claw of the Controlled Round Feed action captures the base of the cartridge securely and whisks it right to the chamber as fast as you can work the bolt. Newly designed stocks are very impressive, providing a sure hold, even when wet. So when the time comes, your Model 70 is ready, inside and out.

The Controlled Round Push Feed (CRPF) bolt is designed to offer the best aspects of the bench rest shooter’s favorite push feed action and the classic, Model 70 Controlled Round Feed action appreciated by experienced hunters. You can rely on this great new design to consistently feed and extract cartridges reliably in both short action and super-short action configurations. With an action this versatile, the rifles built around it are well suited for any hunting situation.


Hunters after Whitetail and other big game will appreciate the lightweight Model 70 Super Shadow. Mobile hunters who demand long-range accuracy need look no further than the Model 70 Coyote. Both rifles are available in all six hard hitting WSM and WSSM calibers. If varmints or bench rest shooting is on the menu, the redesigned Stealth II is ready from the box with a heavy 26" barrel and aluminum pillar bedded composite stock. Available in all three WSSM calibers and the popular 22-250 Rem. and 308 Win."


"Ranger" Specifications:


WINCHESTER Proof steel barrel;

Engine-Turned, Anti-bind bolt;

Three position safety;

Thermoplastic bedded receiver;

One piece American hardwood stock with protective satin finish;

Sling Swivel Studs; Contoured Recoil Pad; Rifle Sights.



- Caliber 30.06 Springfield ;

Magazine Capacity 4- (add one round to that for cartridge in chamber) ;

Weight (lbs) 6 3\4 ; Barrel Length 22" ; Overall Length 42 1\2" ;

Length of Pull 13 1\2" ; Drop at Comb 9\16 ; Drop at Heel 7\8" ;

Rate of Twist One Turn in 10"




Web Site for Above Firearm









  - from Wikipedia












Ruger P 95 DC ; Nine-Millimeter Pistol;


Stainless over Black Synthetic handle; Uses ten round clip.  This full sized, "boxy" Pistol is entirely accurate and  tough in the field.  Excellent gun.


       Top is 400-series stainless-steel, bottom is made of "nearly indestructible" 6123 Xenoy resin grip panels. Without the use of special tools, all P- Series pistols easily field strip into five major subassemblies for cleaning and maintenance. This models is ambidextrous and has a ten-shot magazine capacity All Ruger P-Series models easily handle any commercially produced ammunition of the correct caliber for the pistol. The large ejection port on the slide offers an advantage in loading cartridges one at a time, and any malfunction can be cleared by hand quickly and easily.


        In Decock-Only models, the hammer is decocked by depressing either of the ambidextrous decocking levers. When released, the levers spring back to the "fire" position. After decocking, the gun can be fired by a double-action pull of the trigger without further manipulation of the decocking lever.


      Oversized trigger guard with recurved trigger guard bow. Slide stop is activated automatically on the last shot in the magazine is in the pistol. Three-dot sight system.


Ruger P 95 DC - 9mm (Luger); Stainless Steel Slide over Black 6123 Xenoy Resin Synthetic Handle; Semi-Automatic Pistol;




Ruger Firearms Dot Com





Article about a snub nosed Pistol I like, ONLY ON the DVD


Working Firearm Article   created as a private file, wound up publishing it




12 gauge Winchester Model 1200 Ranger 12Ga. Pump Shotgun,

18 1\2 inch smoothbore barrel







Winchester Model 1200 Riot - Type Military Manuals, in PDF.

    Mine is a five-magazine, pump, hunting - type, but some still applies










M i l i t a r Y


Pistol Marksmanship Training  HTML

chapter from Combat Training with Military Pistols Manual


Pistol Marksmanship, Training, as a PDF file 

872k -chapter from Combat Training with Military Pistols Manual


Combat Training with Military Pistols entire 2003.pdf 

2.25 megabytes - Entire Manual


Army Marksmanship Unit Pistol Training Guide

PDF file 2.71 Megabytes- different from texts sited above


Rifle Marksmanship, Sniper Manual, in HTML and PDF


Rifle Marksmanship, M16 and other Rifles



a few further targets



and a few more targets I made one afternoon







Pledge of Allegiance Prayer

Written and Prayed by Dwight Jester on Sunday, December 2, 2007.


Click on the MP3 file to hear Dwight and read the prayer.

Pledge of Allegiance Prayer_2_Dec2007_80kbps.mp3  2.58mb

I pledge allegiance to God as my Father. I pledge allegiance to Jesus as my Lord and Savior, and I pledge allegiance to the Holy Spirit as my guide, teacher, and counselor, to cause me to grow up into the true child, true servant, and true authority that Jesus created me to be, in heaven.

I ask Jesus to come into my human spirit, drive out and take the place of, the antichrist spirit that came into me at my birth. I choose to live in the presence and power of Jesus in my human spirit. I ask Jesus to drive out the anti-holy spirit that the antichrist spirit has placed in my imagination. I ask the Holy Spirit to come into my imagination and fill my imagination with the true images from the Kingdom of God.

I ask Jesus to drive out the familiar spirits that reside in my conscience, and I ask the Holy Spirit to come into my conscience and be my teacher, and my guide, and revealer of the true images of God, in my imagination. I ask Jesus to come into my memory and remove all my emotional reactions to the painful, hurtful, rejecting, unloving, and fearful images that have come to me from the time I was born until the present.

I ask the Holy Spirit to fill my memory with the true, loving, peaceful images that come from God, my Father. I ask Jesus to come into my mind and deliver my mind from all the thoughts that have come from the kingdom of Satan. I ask the Holy Spirit to fill my mind with the mind of Christ. I ask Jesus to deliver my will from all the decisions I have made that are in line with the thoughts and images from the Kingdom of Satan.

I ask the Holy Spirit to fill my will with the righteous decisions that come from the Kingdom of God, my Father. I ask Jesus to come into my emotions and deliver me from all the painful, hurtful, unkind, fearful, hateful, unforgiving, rejecting images, and images of suicide and death. I ask the Holy Spirit to fill my emotions with love, joy, peace, mercy, kindness, patience, gentleness, meekness, goodness, faith, righteousness and truth.

I ask Jesus to come into my personality and deliver me from the false child and all the hurt, pain, rejection, lack of love, deception, lies, fear, false pleasure, and the hopelessness that reside in the false child.

I ask the Holy Spirit to place the true child into my personality. The true child lives in the love, joy, peace, acceptance, hope, truth, and hopefulness of the Kingdom of God, my Father.

I ask Jesus to come into my personality and deliver me from the false servant spirit, and all the striving, doing, performing, trying, working, false activity, and false effort of the false servant.

I ask the Holy Spirit to place in me the true servant that only does what it sees the Heavenly Father doing. It works effectively, efficiently, and productively in everything that it does. I ask Jesus to come into my personality and deliver me from the false authority spirit that tries to dominate, manipulate, control, force, threaten, demand, cause to happen, motivate through fear, and tries to make everyone around them worship them as a god, master, and king.

I ask the Holy Spirit to place in my personality the true authority that comes from Jesus, and is the very nature of Jesus. I ask Jesus to come into my body and deliver me from all the sickness, disease, infirmity that comes from Satan and his kingdom. I ask the Holy Spirit to fill my body with the healing power of Jesus Christ my Lord and to set me free from all sickness, disease, and infirmity in my body. I receive the total healing in my spirit, soul, and body from the top of my head to my toes, I am made whole and well, in Jesus Christ. I pray all of this in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, amen, and amen.     





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email Paul Phillips,

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The day I came to the LORD, before I knew what a vision was, I saw myself walking through a devastated United States of America.  You need to accept Jesus as LORD and make what preparations He would have you make.  This site has basic only, survival information, hence the name Survival Primer, or beginning teaching book.  Most of the information has been gleaned from the internet.  The entire site, Survival and Christian, is saved to a single CD disk  that you can own.   The Christian teaching is from my church, and is original to it.  God has changed my life through the ministry of my church. God will change yours, through Jesus Christ, if you let Him.  My prayer is that God lead you into all truth, and that the abiding love that is expressed through His Son, Jesus Christ, come to rule and abide and infill your life, perfectly. Paul.


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