Savage Stevens Model 24C Over and Under



Savage-Sevens Model 24-C

Over and Under, 20 gauge and 22 LR.

Single Shot for each.  




       In writing a web page, in 2004, I remembered a firearm, the Savage-Stevens 22, 20 Gauge, Over-and-Under, single-shot for each, that I used to own.  The links below lead to a web address, and a saved file of that web page.  Back then I had not heard or tried the 22 Magnum.


- saved in case you have purchased a disk.



Further Notes

Don't know why I bought this one. Probably because it was cheap.  What I did, immediately, as a mistake, was cut the gun stock down, to make it smaller.  Was trying to get it so I could carry all my weapons, on me.

The single shot action, was hard to use for a beginner.  I guess I would appreciate it more now, as I am 25 years more practiced.

It is included because I just remembered, tonight, after many years.