Pledge of Allegiance Prayer 28 Dec 07 Note:   Refer to Pledge_of_Allegiance_Prayer_2_Dec_2007.htm


This is the material that appears under the  "My Take on this Prayer Link," from the above page.   28 December, 2007.  Page on my opinions about this prayer.

First a little history.  Dwight emailed this prayer out, and I was never even at the service in which it was prayed.   First thing for me to do was audio edit it some.   In my opinion the Holy Spirit then led me to first create in my computer, and then to a CD, a twelve-time repetition of this prayer.    I say that the Lord gave Dwight the prayer, and me the way to display it, so neither could boast.  (Neither of us really wanted to boast, anyway!)   Mentioning the effectiveness of the multiplied prayer- CD to Dwight, and wound up making one for him.   His "own" prayer, played this way blessed him to, and he wound up giving it away to several others.    Now some have made their own CD, using the procedure explained on the preceding page.


27 December Revelation. - Told as "My Opinion."


Last night, in my opinion, the Holy Spirit led me to put my prayer CD on low, in the hall in the middle of my trailer.  I turned the volume down so I could make out Dwight speaking, not make out the words, and set the CD to repeat continuously.  It ran in the background, last night.  (I have been told that you can follow such a setup "in your mind," even though you do not realize it.) 


In my opinion, there has been a feeling of healing and setting free going throughout my body and mind, from the time I did so, until this morning.  It just kept going.


In my opinion I am presently going through a hard time, and this has surely helped.


In my opinion I slept better than I remember, and it seems I was "clothed in armour" throughout my dreams, and was somehow aware of the prayers running in the background during the night.


In my opinion I am still flooded with just a whole lot of peace, this morning.


In my opinion, this prayer helps you even when you are not praying it, as within it, you are  truly submitting all things to God and asking Jesus to be your Saviour and the Holy Spirit to be your Guide. 


This has been my un-solicited opinion, and now back to the prayer page.,.