As I sit with God upon His Throne
I am His and He is mine alone.
I can but look upon all strife,
As one now dead, but full of life
New life He gives to me alone,
As I sit with Him up on his Throne
Godís only Son gives life to me,
The guarantee that I AM free
For I AM comes today.

As I sit with God upon His Throne,
I am His and He is mine alone.
The only way to pay the price
Of sin, Godís Son, the sacrifice
The Gold, so pure, the throne-
Enshrouds, Is Jesus, dwelling
In the clouds , come down for me,
His life to give, our freedom granting
And now we live.

As I sit near God upon His Throne
The brilliance shown,
And wisdom, known
This Christmas morn,
Our Babe is born
Who made the clouds,
Who formed the storm,
And new born hearts, with us abide
For I AM came, and I AM died.

As I sit with God upon His Throne
I am His and He is mine alone
For Jesus came, with Satan vied,
That we might Heavenís places stride.
Godís Spirit rends, dark veils removes
And fills us with His Light.
As we all sit with God above,
We All can share his Joy, his Love,
And worship at His feet.

ďGodís TypistĒ © Copyright 2001 Paul Lyndon Phillips.
All rights reserved. For many years Dwight Jester, of
Restoration Ministers, USA, has been my pastor, and
teacher. You may distribute this freely for a Christian
work, content intact, with copyright notice and contact
information. [email protected]