Prayer for a father that may be abusive :

Live Audio Of Reading the Above Prayer in Church

I choose to hold no anger against my earthly father, in Jesus' name. There is no promise of tomorrow, or the next hour. I cannot afford to hold anger against him. Let all of the verbal abuse, nastiness, or harsh treatment my father has ever expressed toward me be washed by the blood of Jesus Christ, my Lord. Let all the abuse my father may express toward me in the future be put under the blood of Jesus Christ, my Lord. Because of the shed blood of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, there is nothing to hold anger about. It is as if none of the abuse has ever happened or will happen. Jesus cleanses me of all bad memories.

I repent of the image I have of how I will respond to my father in the future.

I understand that it is not he, but Satan through him, that seeks to harm me. Satan is my enemy, and not my father. I take authority over Satanís attack in Jesus' name. I rebuke him in Jesus' name. I make of no effect the enmity between my parents and myself in Jesus' name.

I choose to walk forward in newness of life, in Jesus' name. All of the ways that I formerly sought to reconcile the hurt and pain of my childhood are destroyed under Godís authority. They never worked, anyway. The only way I can be free is to let Jesus cleanse me of my hurtful or painful memories. If I let Him, He will walk back with me and cleanse them, and remove their sting.

I sometimes express anger unnecessarily. All the ways I have ever expressed anger in the past are destroyed under the redeeming weight of Jesus' blood. All of the ways I will try to express anger in the future will be taken down by the Sword of the Lord Jesus Christ. I will repent of that false anger, and turn in His Holy Name.

Sometimes other people mistreat me. All the ways other people have chosen in the past to treat me out of Satan's kingdom are now under the blood of Jesus Christ. All of the ways they will similarly choose to treat me in the future are similarly annulled by His Blood.

I realize that I look to the Heavenly Father to respond to me as my earthly father has. That is a false image. God sent His only begotten Son to redeem me. God is not limited by Satan in His ability to love me. Satan has used the way Satan feels about me to form a lie from the pit of Hell. He tells me God will treat me the way my earthly father has. GOD IS NOT LIKE THAT.

Often the way my earthly father treats me is a mixture. The hurtful and destructive ways my earthly father treats come from Satan. The loving and supporting ways my earthly father treats me come from God. I choose to respond, in God, to my earthly father, my mother and all other people, in Jesus's name. Amen.

( My father died a year after God gave me this prayer, and I was with him. On his deathbed, we forgave each other for anything we had ever done to each other. Since then, every time a memory of my father mistreating, abusing, or being mean to me comes up, I ask the LORD to enable me to forgive my father anew. You can not imagine the Freeing effect it has had on my life. )

Paul Phillips