Chapter Six, Equipment for the field

            CAMPING KIT

            Now is the time to be getting what John Wiseman, author of the SAS Survival Guide, calls your "kit" ready. That means your equipment, tools, food, and the like. It takes a lot of time to assemble some simple camping gear, sharpening knives, and so forth. What the LORD may be have been doing in presenting the pictured Y2K problem was acquainting us with the fragile nature of our present society. It may be possible that the LORD'S sole purpose in letting us believe that this society could crash was just that.

            We need to know there is a storm coming and it is time to get ready for it. We do not know the exact nature of it, but it is on the way. One truth that may be dawning on a lot of people is this: We can not make it as separate households. If you really look at all the things you have to do to take care of yourself, you must see that it can only be done as part of the Body of Christ. You can not wash your cloths, guard your house, and any of the myriad of things you must do, by yourself.

            In the classic "Two Years Before the Mast," ( whose author I do not remember,) the crew of the seagoing ships spent their "slack" time fixing up their ship. Their preparations helped them to weather the rough seas. Those came after the quiet times. This chapter covers a few of the things that I got in the year prior to the millennium change.


                                                 The Army Surplus Store here in Winston charged five dollars for the canteen pictured, but twelve dollars for the cover. There is a pouch built into the canteen cover that allows you to keep water purification tablets in it.

                                                 WalMart is selling a new water purification kit. There are two bottles in it, one to treat the water and another to remove the iodine color and taste from the water after you treat it. Both bottles fit perfectly in the little pouch that is part of the canteen cover.

                                                 Found the canteen to be easy to use because of the long strap on the case. Two quarts in size, it is big enough for me us use on the construction site. The canteen is called a bladder type because you can squeeze it to force out the extra air in it. That stops the typical "sloshing" noise you can get.

                                                          Bladder Canteen Problems:

            I bought some of these last year at an army surplus store. Later added a desert-brown version of the black I had originally bought. The first one’s cap failed. Replacing it with a second one had the same result. When you over-tightened them, they broke.

            You can not buy the caps separately, but the bladders for the canteens are only about five dollars. You will need extra bladders if you use such a canteen. If the bladders get damaged, you can replace them withing the case. Buy the black ones. They apparently come in green, but I have never used them. I now have one brown bladder canteen with a black cap, and it has never failed.

German Canteen with cup is plastic, with an insulating layer, and it's own cup. Good quality, will keep liquid hot or cold. The cup is a nice feature, if only for cleanliness.

Folding Entrenching Tool Cover

Found a cover for my folding entrenching tool at a army surplus store. Prior to that I had taped the rather sharp edges of the tool. Putting it in a kit without such protection would be dangerous.

Schrade Tough Tool


There are many of these multi-purpose tools on the market. I believe this is the best. About fifty dollars at WalMart or Sears. Have used mine at work. Works well on the construction site. Some important blades lock. Some of the features: needle nose and gripping jaws with wire-cutter, knife blade, various screw driver blades, file, saw blade, (works as a fish scaler as well,) scraping blade, can opener. Claims about sixteen different tools, but probably has more than sixteen uses. Note that to unlock the locking blades you need to depress the folded tool in the center of whichever side of the handle you are using tools from.

Slip-N-Snip Sportsman Scissors

Sometimes hard to find, the first one I had lasted

for about thirty years. Durable, and easy to use, the

scissors fold on themselves and are easy to carry.