The Problem with Doomsday Preppers.

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This may be a continuing letter.

The problem with what are now called Doomsday Preppers,    particularly the ones shown on the National Geographic Channel is that they are all ego- centric.

Concerned mainly or in some cases only with themselves, they intend to stand alone against all of the outside world and defend what is theirs.

Expect that they may be over-run should things get bad.  It is only through an area or community working together that preps can be made that will have an effect.

People will need to come together and work together in large groups, not small families, should any of the various Doomsday scenarios talked about occur.

While on that subject it seems people are afraid about just-about-everything happening in the future.  If events do not occur as detailed in their detailed imaginations, what then?


You need a relationship with God through Jesus Christ more than ever, in these times. He will guide you and direct you and give you peace.

Peace is not seen a lot in the people of the Doomsday Preppers programs.  They also seem poorly trained or equipped to handle firearms.  Would get as far away as I could from them, I would, if things got bad.  Expect they might just destroy themselves, without any outside help.

In many cases it seems that these people just should not have guns.

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