Using a Rifle in Combat, by Duncan Long

Basic Rifle Marksmanship,

M16,   and any other Rifle   


You need to take my word for it that, despite some long-winded Military style writing,

the following field Manual is for learning to use any rifle.  Paul

1 Introduction And Training Strategy

2 Characteristics, Ammunition, And Accessories

3 Troubleshooting

4 Preliminary Marksmanship Instruction  (Phase I of Basic Rifle Marksmanship)

5 Downrange Feedback  (Phase II of Basic Rifle Marksmanship)

6 FIELD Fire  (Phase III of Basic Rifle Marksmanship)

7 Advanced Rifle Marksmanship  (Phase IV of Basic Rifle Marksmanship)

8 Advanced Optics, Lasers, Iron Sights  (Phase V of Basic Rifle Marksmanship)

Appendix A Training Aids And Devices

Appendix H Night Fighting


Bonus, Pistol Marksmanship Training  chapter from Pistol Manual

Bonus, Pistol Marksmanship, Training, as a PDF file  872k


Main Sections Rifle Marksmanship in pdf  12.48 megabytes

Rifle Marksmanship Manual, Entire, April 2003, in PDF  21.63 megabytes

Combat Training with Military Pistols entire 2003.pdf  2.25 megabytes



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