The Road by Cormac McCarthy

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A truly strange and troubling book, one everyone who glamorizes the "days to come," in his or her mind, should read.  

When I first got the book, I thought it might have little content, because it was double spaced, had small pages, and was fairly short.  Looked like they stretched it out to make 256 pages.

Found myself pausing many times and putting the book down, because it was too intense to read.

The author places us in a post-disaster world, in which basically all plants and animals are dead, except for a few humans.  A man an his son and their little nickel-plated pistol, with two rounds left, are trying to make their way to the coast.  Sounded a little like they might have been in North Carolina, to me.

Cannibalism is featured throughout the book, so be warned.  With little else to eat, seemingly a lot of people try to eat each other, and their own children, throughout the book.  Very hard to take.

Why read the book at all? 

It is a very good and sobering, and yes, realistic portrayal of how hard things might get, in the future.  There are many instances in the Bible in which people eating their own kind happened, when the Judgment of God came down hard on the nation of Israel.


Things the characters might have benefited from.

A possibles bag.  Bag attached to belt used to collect items that might be useful, later,  as in flint or chert, for primitive fire starting.  See also the Fire Plow.

I would want a short machete, or better yet, a Kukri.