I have a problem

    I just keep walking around, today. thinking about the tree, and me and the trailer
and it dropping from so high and not even scratching the paint on the roof of the trailer.
all i can say, it is just not possible  -  I even say it out loud.
    Matthew 19:26 God's World Translation:
"It is impossible for people <to save themselves>, but everything is possible for God."






Sunday night a huge wind shook across the entire end of my State.

Monday, March 8,  2004.  I am out  of work for the day, because of lack of sleep, the trauma of last night, and the fact that there is part of a tree laying across my house, that must be dealt with, today.  Power is out, and water, at home.  I am sitting in WalMart, typing this story on my lap top. while the pictures of the top of a tree that landed on my trailer are being developed.


"Some things you can prepare for, without fear, but when things are out of control, God is in control," was my pastors answer to me this morning, when I asked him about the events of last night.




 It is not possible to drop a tree on a trailer, without damage to the trailer or the person in that trailer.  I am in construction,  and I know it to be true.  It, however, happened just like that.


 Everything shook,  and it sounded like a freight train was here.  There is no real way to let you know what the sound and vibration was like, followed by the sound of the tree top landing on the roof of the trailer.  One can reach up easily and touch the ceiling inside the trailer, it is so low.  I was standing in that part of the trailer the tree fell on.




Last night and this morning, people kept slowing down in the road near my house, and some stopped.  It is quite a sight.  Another Cedar tree, about two feet across, is twisted like a match stick, in the front yard.  There is also a tree laying across my house.

It is one thing to talk about it, and another to experience it in three dimensions.  I am renewed in my faith in the Power of God.  The huge wind that hit me, crossed the North Western two-thirds of  North Carolina, I am told.


As far as I am concerned, satan was trying to kill me, but God would not let him. Believe what you want, as for me, if you drop a tree on me and it does not hurt me, then I believe God is in control.


I have heard what happened last night called a gust clout.  I say it was a twister.  The tree in my front yard was twisted apart.

Last night, it was if I was hearing this in my spirit: " This event will galvanize you in your actions and thinking, without fear."




We are Christians, and we need not fear!  Why prepare?


Well, lets talk about that, and use  the events of last night.  I have no power or water at home.  I do have an alternate source of heat, stored water, and stored food.  There are  enough candles, lanterns, and flash lights in my house for the whole neighborhood. 


There are even buckets of water with which I can flush the toilette.  The power is out, but the phone lines are not.  I was still able to send in my time sheet to work, by email, amend my web site to tell about the twister, and email my local friends about the events.  The laptop  runs on batteries, and I typed with a flash light shining on the keyboard.


We are not promised tomorrow, and God surely is in control.  When and how He leads you to prepare, you need to.



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Really Scary Picture


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