Summarized Prayers


Veil of Darkness


         Father, I ask you to send Jesus to rend the veil of darkness over me and inside me. I choose to be baptized in the Light that is Jesus Christ. I am immersed in knowledge, wisdom, understanding, faith, courage, strength, dominion, authority, love, joy, peace, and hope through Jesus Christ, my Lord. I am filled with the truth who is Jesus Christ. I choose to be free of all the bondage and oppression of Satan over my life and in my Life. I choose to live a life of freedom in Jesus Christ, my Lord.

Spirit of Unbelief.


         Ask the Father to send Jesus and His angels to drive out the spirit of unbelief that resides in the heavenlies over you and the spirits of unbelief inside you. Choose to be immersed in total belief in God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the Kingdom of God.


Prayer of Repentance


         Ask Jesus to give you a repentant heart. Repent of the sins of Adam and Eve, your forefathers. Repent of deciding for yourself what is right or wrong for you life. Repent of trying to do everything in your own thought and strength.


         Lay everything at the feet of Jesus and ask Him to take them from your life. Thank Him for doing it.

Calling Forth the New Person


         In the name of Jesus, I call forth the new person Jesus created me to be before the earth was formed. I choose to allow this new person to take over my life completely.


Heavenly Space


         Father I ask you send Jesus and His angels to drive Satan, his angels, principalities, and powers from my heavenly space. The Light of God, Who is Jesus, penetrates my Heavenly space and fills it with Himself.



         I ask the Father to send Jesus to redeem me from the Righteous, Unrighteous, and Psychic Curses that have come from my past. I ask Jesus to take His Blood and set me free from the False Gods, Sins, and Sicknesses of my Forefathers. I receive the new inheritance from my Heavenly Father. I thank you, Father, for sending Jesus Christ to do this for me.


In My Mother's Womb


         I picture myself being back in my Mother's womb. Jesus takes His Blood and redeems my inheritance from my past. Jesus drives out the Familiar Spirits that lie to me about God, my parents and what I have to do to succeed. I break the covenants I have made to trust only in myself and what I can do. I confess Jesus as my Lord and I choose to be restored to the person Jesus created me to be.

Human Spirit


         I invite Jesus to come into my spirit and be the Lord of my Life. He draws His Sword and drives out the spirit of Antichrist. I choose not to be my own god, savior, or judge. Jesus takes His sword and drives out False Authority and Power, Pride and Condemnation, and Deception and Delusion. I break all covenants with the Antichrist to be lord of my life. I choose for Jesus Christ to be my Lord.



         Jesus fills my imagination with Himself, takes the false images I have of God and His Kingdom, Satan and his kingdom, myself, and others, and casts them out of my life.




         The Holy Spirit comes into my conscience and fills it with Himself. I am immersed and filled with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit shuts the mouths of the familiar spirits, and drives them from my life. I break my covenant to listen, converse with, or have anything to do with them. The Holy Spirit leads me into all truth, teaches me all things, and reveals to me what I should do in all areas of my life.


Memory / Images


         Jesus comes into my memory and takes me into my past images. He forgives me, heals me of all the hurts, and puts his arms around me. He forgives all the people in my images who have hurt me. Jesus drives out the bad images I have of myself and other people.



Forgiveness of myself, God, and others


         I choose to forgive myself of everything I don't like about myself.


         I see Jesus coming to me and taking me up to heaven to the throne of God. As I approach the throne, my Heavenly Father invites me to come to Him. I walk up to Him and He reaches down and pulls me into His lap. His love consumes me and I know in the deepest part of my being I am loved and completely forgiven.


         I choose to no longer pray false prayers against myself. I ask Jesus Christ to rend the veil of darkness and unbelief over me so I might be free of the false prayers I send against myself. I ask the Father to forgive me for my unforgiveness towards Him for feeling He has not done the things for me when, where, and how I think He should have. His forgiveness floods over me inside and out. I am bathed in His forgiveness and love.


         I choose to forgive all the people who I feel have hurt or harmed me in some way, or who I feel I have hurt or harmed in some way because of my anger and resentment towards them. I receive the Father's forgiveness for feeling this way


         I choose to no longer pray to God or Jesus to have Them carry out my will against another person or persons.


         I choose to forgive all people who are falsely praying evil beings against me, and ask the veil of darkness and unbelief be rent over them so the light, truth, wisdom, and conviction of the Holy Spirit can come upon them.

Getting Rid of my Addictions


         Lord, I confess to you that my addictions are attempts to try to feel good about myself and to get love and acceptance anyway I can. I repent of all the evil spirits of addiction in my life. I repent of things that I believe are right for me. (Repent of the ones you have been working on.)


         I choose for all the addictions to be removed from my emotions, intellect, and will, and for my spirit, soul, and body to be brought under the control of Jesus Christ, my Lord, and under the new person Jesus created me to be. I ask Jesus to tear down the places I have made for these evil addictions to live in. Seal them from my life, so they can not come back into me. I pray this in the name of Jesus Christ, my Lord.


         I confess that Jesus is the Lord of my emotions, and I surrender my emotions to Him completely. The Holy Spirit baptizes my emotions in love, joy, peace, and hope. I am filled with the emotions of the Holy Spirit. I renounce and cast out fear, fear of rejection, anger, resentment, hate, unforgiveness, bitterness, thoughts of violence, murder, and suicide. I command them to leave me in the name of Jesus Christ. I cast out self anger, self rejection, self judgment, self condemnation, and bitterness towards myself. I renounce feelings of inferiority, insecurity, inadequacy, ineptness, unworthiness, self-guilt and guilt, and punishment and self punishment. I command them to leave me, in the name of Jesus Christ my Lord and Master. I cast out heaviness, depression, despair, hopelessness, loneliness, fear of being alone, gloom and doom, thoughts of not existing, dying, being killed, or committing suicide. I command them to leave me in the name of Jesus Christ. I cast out the Spirit of Rejection, and the Spirit of Death from my emotions. I choose to not experience an emotional rejection or death of any kind. The Holy Spirit fills my emotions with the spirit of life, who is Jesus Christ, my Lord.



         The Holy Spirit places in my mind the mind that was in Jesus Christ. I receive wisdom, knowledge, faith, hope, courage, authority, dominion, power, revelation, and understanding. I rebuke doubt, unbelief in God, myself, and other people; unclear thought, and the lack of understanding of the voice, will, and purpose of God.


         I ask the Father to fill my will with His will. I choose for my will to track exactly with the will and purpose of the Father. I ask the Father to drive out the will, purpose and plan of Satan for my life. I choose to do only the will of my Heavenly Father from this day forth. I choose to no longer do my will because I now understand that this is doing the will of Satan--not my will, but Satan's. I have been deceived into believing a lie. I repent of it and choose to be totally free of it, in the name of Jesus.


Removing the Old Man Personality

         I choose to surrender to the new person Jesus Christ created me to be. I choose to live totally in my new person, and to manifest the nature and character of the new person that the Holy Spirit places in my personality. I break the marriage covenant I have with the False Child personality, the Female Dominating personality, the False Servant personality, and the Male Dominating personality. The Holy Spirit comes and places the new person Jesus created me to be in my personality. I choose for all the fragmented parts of my person to be reintegrated into the person Jesus created me to be. I choose to be under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, My Lord, Master, and King.


         I surrender my physical body to Jesus Christ. He is the Lord and healer of my body. I renounce all ancestral curses and blood covenants that have been made by my family, covenants made against my family, or covenants I have made to cause my body to slowly die or be sick. I break every covenant I have made to commit slow suicide because of how I feel about myself, or how I feel about life. I renounce all sickness, disease, tension, nervous, anxiety, fear, hurts, and pain that is in my body. Jesus comes to me, touches my body, heals and delivers me from all my diseases and sets me free. I receive the power of His healing touch right now. I praise and thank you Jesus for healing me.


Spirit, Soul, and Body

         I proclaim that my Spirit, Soul, and Body are being cleansed and healed as they would be in Heaven. Father, thy Kingdom come and thy will be done in me as it is in Heaven. I choose to manifest the nature of the person Jesus created me to be before I was born. I refuse to manifest the nature of the evil spirits that have occupied the places that I have, by choice, split away from the person Jesus created me to be. I choose to be manifested as a son or daughter of God the Father. I choose to help others become restored to the person Jesus created them to be as I am being restored. I pray this in the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Teaching and Prayers

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