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Note:  This was may first draft of the Shenandoah Sunrise Story, created just after the events happened.  Note that some of the pictures were damaged in processing.  A friend helped me augment the color of the sunrise pictures in his computer, later, as in the picture above.  The pictures following were rendered by me, right after the event, and may be closer to what I originally saw.  Paul.


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Additional comments, today, January 22, 2006.


I have told the story many times since that first morning. 


That first morning it was hard to talk.


Point was I left Pennsylvania, at about 3AM, in the dark, and the fog, after asking God to guide me on my trip home.


Got really upset, as this was a new route to me, and I could not see much beyond the hood of the truck, for about the first three hours, of the above trip.


Hitting the Shenandoah Valley at sunrise, I was stunned, and later moved to tears, by what I saw, breaking through the fog.


Note that you had to leave Pennsylvania at 3AM that morning, to hit the Shenandoah Valley, the beginning of the mountains, at sunrise.


When I close my eyes, sometimes, even today, I can see those mountains that morning.



Sunrise In Shenandoah

Paul Phillips

“I sent you into darkness,

and you could not see me in the night.

The fog limited what you could see,

even with some light. You learned to

listen to what I said, and follow where I led.


The pressure of traveling

got to you, especially when you made

a wrong turn, and had to reverse,

for a while.

You complained and cried out.


When the dawn broke,

the appearance of the brightness

startled you. When the light came,

you were being shown glory,



For those who have walked in darkness,

the beauty of the light

and the glory of these mountains

is like the beauty they will see in me

as I break through their darkness.


Those who have cried

in the darkness,

hearing only my voice,

will cry for a different reason,

when they see my glory.”


I need you to suspend your disbelief for a while, so I may to tell you a story. I say a story, but it is absolutely true, and just happened to me, not yet twenty-four hours ago.


(Daybook Note: You may think this is made-up, but it is not. It is a journal entry, and the “above” is how we begin.  The scan came from the map I used while driving from Pennsylvania to North Carolina, yesterday. Leaving at 3 AM, and arriving at 11:30 AM, the events unfolded as I will relate.


Today is Tuesday, December 27, 2005, and it is about 3AM. Having just awoke from falling asleep, yesterday evening, I wanted to begin this entry.


Wanted to give you the heart of it, alone, before I add some detail. One of the disposable cameras I have has four-or- five pictures from the Shenandoah Valley on them, and will go to Wall-Mart, tomorrow.


I tried to get to Wall-Mart, yesterday, but it being the day-after-Christmas, the stores where swamped. You could not even get near them.






















Ending note, for now.   I still can't seem to get on paper, or web-site, how it seemed to me.  Imagine the scenes I have shown you going from sky-to-sky. 


Post script, middle of the year.  Following picture finally got it, for me.


Above:    formatted for 8 by 10 and has a text addition.


2006ShenandoahSunrise.htm  newer page with re-done pictures, some text added.