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what is in the manual, not linked on net

Chapter 1_ Mission .pdf

Chapter 2_Conditions Affecting Survival .pdf

Chapter 3_ Survivors Needs .pdf

Chapter 4_ Pyschological Aspects Of Survival .pdf

Chapter 5_ Emotional Reactions .pdf

Chapter 6_ Will To Survive .pdf

Chapter 7_ Survival Medicine .pdf

Chapter 8_ Prisoner Of War Medicine .pdf

Chapter 9_ Weather .pdf

Chapter 10_ Geographic Principles .pdf

Chapter 11_ Environmental Characteristics .pdf

Chapter 12_ Local People. pdf

Chapter 13_ Proper Body Temp.pdf

Chapter 14_ Clothing .pdf

Chapter 15_ Shelter .pdf

Chapter 16_ Firecraft .pdf

Chapter 17_ Equipment.pdf

Personal Survival Page .pdf survival kit page. On web.

Chapter 18_ Food .pdf

Fishing Reprint .pdf

Snare & Trap Plates .pdf

Chapter 19_ Water .pdf

Chapter 20_ Land Navigation .pdf

Chapter 21_ Land Travel .pdf

Chapter 22_ Rough Land Travel & Evac .pdf

Chapter 23_ Water Travel .pdf

Chapter 24_ Signaling .pdf

Chapter 25_ Recovery Principles .pdf

Chapter 26_ Evasion - Legal And Moral Obligations .pdf

Chapter 27_ Successful Evasion .pdf

Chapter 28_ Camouflage_ ESP_ Evasion .pdf

Chapter 29_ Nuclear Conditions .pdf

Chapter 30_ Biological Conditions .pdf

Chapter 31_ Chemical Conditions .pdf

Bibliography .pdf