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Below are some of the shelter manufactures on the web.  Some shelters would have to be modified so they could be buried deeper.  This would require lengthening the entranceway.  Only Radius, Barton and Utah Shelters and the mini blast shelter, offer blast protection designs from the factory.  Stronger hatch-ways and earth-arching would be needed if high blast pressures would be expected.

Radius Defense Systems™

Radius Defense Systems

Utah Shelter Systems™

Utah Shelter Systems

Storm and Tornado Shelters of Texas, Inc.

Armored Guard

Barton Shelter s™ 

Barton Shelters

Hidey Hole™ Shelters

Hidey Hole

F-5 Storm and fallout shelters

F5 Shelters

Heartland Storm Shelters

Heartland Storm Shelters

Mini-Blast and Fallout Shelter 

Life-Pod Shelters

The Thunderdome ™ Shelter

The Thunderdome

The Refuge Underground Fiberglass Tornado Shelter

Fiberglass shelter

Tornado Guard™ 

Tornado Guard

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