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Uploading Paul's Nuclear Notebook


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either pick or create a folder to save it to, and you get what is detailed in the upgraded index, which follows.


Takes about two minutes on my slow dialup, and is worth it.  Intent to give you some resources in case of Nuclear Exchange.  A lot of material here, about one-hundred pages or so. Selected from a much-larger library. Site links follow.


  Good companion Article, from Army Survival. 133K.  Loads quickly.  Survival in Nuclear, Biological and Chemical, Environments






Paul’s Nuclear Notebook was created a few years ago. Index added in 2006 .

Page 2. How to accept Jesus as LORD. Your greatest survival need


Page 3 Civil Defense Now! - Food and Water / 72 Hour Kit By Richard A. Fleetwood - May 2001

Page 16 FOOD CONTAMINATION AND DECONTAMINATION FM 8-10-7 Health Service Support in a Nuclear, Biological, And Chemical FM 8-10-7 APPENDIX F

Page 30 Army Survival Field Manual, after a Nuclear incident: Food Procurement

Page 31 Basic Nuclear War Survival, Page 35 - At Home

SAS Handbook; John " Lofty" Wiseman; The SAS Survival Handbook; ISBN 0 00 26531407, (unabridged)

Page 42 Trans-Pacific Fallout Nuclear War Survival Skills; Cresson H. Kearny; Ch. 18:

Page 46 TYPES OF WARNINGS Nuclear War Survival Skills by Cresson Kearny


Page 49 HOW TO MAKE A FALLOUT PILL.; You Will Survive Doomsday; By Bruce Beach


Nuclear War Survival Skills by Cresson Kearny; Ch. 13: Surviving Without Doctors

from book page 111 on;

Page 59 What you don't hear about Nuclear War.

Excerpted from: Nuclear War Survival Skills, Cresson H. Kearny ISBN 0-942487-01-X Book pages 12-20; EMPHASIS MINE

Page 61 Nuclear War Reality Check, from You Will Survive Doomsday, cited above. Explodes myths and details facts about the aftermath. Hormesis article from NWSS at end.

Page 65 Emergency Plans Book, April 1958., What the Government wrote about Nuclear War in the USA. Goes to what you may expect. 


Page 88 Surviving a Terrorist Nuke By Duncan



Captain Dave Inc.


Page 101 How to find Nuclear War Survival Skills on the web, and order your own copy.


WMD index page. Some of the above files in separate sections



Page 2

I am a Christian, I believe that Jesus Christ was sent by God to be the Sacrifice for Sin for those who would accept Him.

What might be a simple prayer of salvation? Jesus Christ, Messiah, You Are The Son of God, and King of Kings, and Lord of Lords. I accept Your sacrifice on the Cross of Calvary for my Sins, right now. Father, I ask you in Jesus' Name, to Heal, Deliver, and set me free. I ask you to enable me to walk in the New Man the rest of my days, and to never walk in the ways of the Old Man, again. Amen, Thank You Jesus. Jesus, I accept your Sacrifice, and Forgiveness, in Your Holy Name.


Another prayer you might pray: In Jesus Name, and by His Mighty Power I command Satan, the enemy of my soul, to take his hands off me. He is cast-out from interfering, WITHIN me, as I follow Jesus. He is bound from interfering, on the OUTSIDE of me, as I choose to follow Jesus. Jesus is LORD over both Heaven, and Earth, and all the inhabitants thereof.  Satan is not, now, and never will be. Satan is interfering in my walk with the True LORD, by false authority, both within and outside of me. I am asking Jesus to establish His True Authority over, and around, and in me, right now. I accept Jesus’ death and resurrection as the purchase price for both the death of my “old man,” and the bringing forth of my “New Man, ” in Jesus’ Name. (Eph 4:24) Jesus is now filling up my heart with his absolute, total and unequivocal presence. That leaves no further room for Satan, and his false desires, and false covenants. God is now restoring, through the shed blood of Jesus Christ, what Satan has destroyed, beat down, and otherwise dominated me into, or led me into. This is happening now, in my life, and in the lives of my family and friends, in Jesus’ Name. The false legacy of the Devil, the enemy of my soul, is now being replaced with the true legacy that comes through Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Pain or no pain, I will follow God’s leading through whatever it takes to get me finally and totally free from Satan. I am now rediscovering what life should be, through the shed blood of Jesus Christ, the Messiah. Amen and Amen.

Anther SALVATION PRAYER: Pray this prayer from your heart, and speak it out loud if you are able. Lord Jesus I believe that you are the Son of God and you became a man to suffer and die on a cross to pay the penalty for my sins, and I believe that you rose from the dead and you are alive, and you are God of the universe. I confess that I have sinned against you and against people, and I pray that you will forgive me and wash me clean through the blood that you shed on the cross. I pray that You and God the Father, and the Holy Spirit, will come and live in me and I will live in You. I give my life to You to do Your will and not my will. Please give me the faith to believe all the promises that You have written to me in Your word the Holy Bible. Lord Jesus please baptize me in the Holy Spirit and fill me with your presence. Please give me the strength and the faith to accomplish the plans and the destiny that You have for me and give me the courage to be a witness for You. Please fill me with Your love and compassion for people so I can be like You, I pray all these things in Jesus name, Amen.

This notebook is not intended to be religious track. I could not, however, set it up without telling those who might want to, how they might come to the LORD. The important thing is that you accept Jesus, not what you say about it. You will find that He will do the rest.



Pledge of Allegiance Prayer

Written and Prayed by Dwight Jester on Sunday, December 2, 2007.

Click on the MP3 file to hear Dwight and read the prayer.



I pledge allegiance to God as my Father. I pledge allegiance to Jesus as my Lord and Savior, and I pledge allegiance to the Holy Spirit as my guide, teacher, and counselor, to cause me to grow up into the true child, true servant, and true authority that Jesus created me to be, in heaven.


I ask Jesus to come into my human spirit, drive out and take the place of, the antichrist spirit that came into me at my birth. I choose to live in the presence and power of Jesus in my human spirit. I ask Jesus to drive out the anti-holy spirit that the antichrist spirit has placed in my imagination. I ask the Holy Spirit to come into my imagination and fill my imagination with the true images from the Kingdom of God.


I ask Jesus to drive out the familiar spirits that reside in my conscience, and I ask the Holy Spirit to come into my conscience and be my teacher, and my guide, and revealer of the true images of God, in my imagination. I ask Jesus to come into my memory and remove all my emotional reactions to the painful, hurtful, rejecting, unloving, and fearful images that have come to me from the time I was born until the present.


I ask the Holy Spirit to fill my memory with the true, loving, peaceful images that come from God, my Father. I ask Jesus to come into my mind and deliver my mind from all the thoughts that have come from the kingdom of Satan.


I ask the Holy Spirit to fill my mind with the mind of Christ. I ask Jesus to deliver my will from all the decisions I have made that are in line with the thoughts and images from the Kingdom of Satan.


I ask the Holy Spirit to fill my will with the righteous decisions that come from the Kingdom of God, my Father. I ask Jesus to come into my emotions and deliver me from all the painful, hurtful, unkind, fearful, hateful, unforgiving, rejecting images, and images of suicide and death.


I ask the Holy Spirit to fill my emotions with love, joy, peace, mercy, kindness, patience, gentleness, meekness, goodness, faith, righteousness and truth.


I ask Jesus to come into my personality and deliver me from the false child and all the hurt, pain, rejection, lack of love, deception, lies, fear, false pleasure, and the hopelessness that reside in the false child.


I ask the Holy Spirit to place the true child into my personality. The true child lives in the love, joy, peace, acceptance, hope, truth, and hopefulness of the Kingdom of God, my Father.


I ask Jesus to come into my personality and deliver me from the false servant spirit, and all the striving, doing, performing, trying, working, false activity, and false effort of the false servant.


I ask the Holy Spirit to place in me the true servant that only does what it sees the Heavenly Father doing. It works effectively, efficiently, and productively in everything that it does.


I ask Jesus to come into my personality and deliver me from the false authority spirit that tries to dominate, manipulate, control, force, threaten, demand, cause to happen, motivate through fear, and tries to make everyone around them worship them as a god, master, and king.


I ask the Holy Spirit to place in my personality the true authority that comes from Jesus, and is the very nature of Jesus. I ask Jesus to come into my body and deliver me from all the sickness, disease, infirmity that comes from Satan and his kingdom.


I ask the Holy Spirit to fill my body with the healing power of Jesus Christ my Lord and to set me free from all sickness, disease, and infirmity in my body. I receive the total healing in my spirit, soul, and body from the top of my head to my toes, I am made whole and well, in Jesus Christ. I pray all of this in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, amen, and amen.