September 2009 note.  Doctors at the VA told me I am medically unable to work, and that I can not work.  I have been able to take pictures and do some card printing when I am having a good day.  So far, there has been little or no income.  Below I wrote that that the condition being written about may be COPD.  That really came up as I described it to the VA rep, as we started the process of getting me medical help.  Neither of the two of us are doctors.  Currently the doctors are looking more at my heart, there being some evidence of a heart attack, years ago...   It takes a lot of time with large gaps in between for the VA medical system to work with you, and I will let you know of future updates.  Paul.   


Same note, three different files : Overall point is I am in a dilemma and I don't know what to do.   My physical and financial condition are such that I am stuck.  (This is the end July, 2009)  I am reaching out to whoever will listen, and asking for help, as the LORD might lead.    Prayers, financial help, putting me in contact with others,  whatever way you might wish, will be fine.  Paul.    Note that I hate having to put advertisements on Survival primer dot com, but seem to have little choice.  Paul Phillips, PO Box 38, Yadkinville, NC, 27055

I am looking for survival gear and food supply advertisers, and any Christian advertisers who will allow me to show their adds on this web-site.  What is commonly available is for the general public, and I would like to feature some adds more on-topic of this web site.  Paul.

Contact me and I will put you in contact with my tech guy.  Adds seem to be posted free, with payment due me only when you sell something.   [email protected]


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Why does survival primer now have adds?


All the pages on my website now have adds, and I formerly did not want any.


Fact of the matter is I have no choice but to try to generate some kind of income from them.  Have not worked in over two years, and am trying to develop my own businesses


see recent links posted below, and enjoy the web site with my thanks.


Asking For Prayer About My Condition   background about why I am attempting PLP Studios

Carpenter Resume   don't get excited, here in mid 2009 I am not physically able to do any but really simple carpentry work.  Link here for the memories or background, or maybe will be in use after a future healing. See above link.  Paul

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PLP_Studios-my photos and paintings for sale.


Card shop, Photographic art section, Paintings sections to come.