a Bowie Knife from Winchester Knives


Many of us so-called Survivalists have a boxful of knives. I am no exception. For the money, I like this large format knife.  Found mine in Dicks Sporting Goods at Hanes Mall, near the Golden Corral , second floor, in the hunting area. ( Winston-Salem, North Carolina.)

Superior to the Ka-Bar, in my opinion. Of stainless steel, it comes razor-sharp "from the box." Good wooden handle. Only drawback is fine-line where halves of the handle are bolted together. Filled mine with epoxy.

Sheath is ballistic nylon, and there is a hard-plastic case within the knife sheath. Sheath will not allow knife to penetrate it, in an accident. Ka-Bar is in leather- only sheath.

My father had a knife-scar, all of his life, from falling with a sheath knife in a leather sheath. Knife broke through sheath and stabbed his thigh.


Price of the Winchester Bowie is around $26 with taxes included. Ka-Bar is at least $40, and more often $50

Winchester Bowie is heavy enough to do minor chopping with. Sharpening, as I have found, of all knives is done if you learn to use a file. Best file for that is a round-chainsaw type.

Advantage of stainless is that it holds an edge longer. Thought by most to be impossible to put an edge on, I have found a file to be the answer.

Don't know if you want to get one, Brother Bob, but this is the large-knife I will recommend on my site, when we get it back up.

Side note on the Bowie. The Winchester logo can be sanded off the blade, and removed from the sheath, easily. I like mine better that way.








From their adds:


Beefy 8 3/4" saber clip fixed blade is surgical stainless steel; Brass-plated finger guard; Full-tang construction for strength; Contoured wood and brass handle is secured by twin rivets; Lanyard hole; Ballistic nylon sheath with a hard plastic insert; 14 1/4" overall, weighs 10 ozs.


Big. Bold. Bowie Knife by Winchester. This fixed blade is inspired by the legendary James Bowie (1796-1836). This Kentucky adventurer made a name for himself and his famous Bowie knives. Known as a rough-and-tumble guy, he believed passionately in the independence of Texas and fought for it to his death at the Alamo.