Ceremonial Kukri Evaluation Addenda

Especially as I worked the handle down, to make it thinner at the pommel, or butt, I have been becoming more adept at swinging the 30 inch Ceremonial Kukri as a weapon.


Changed it again after writing this page

Important note: as the edge is razor-sharp, I tape it with duct tape, when either working the handle, or practicing with the blade. I also wear heavy work gloves. Be careful, these knives are known for cutting off body parts.

First, the large kukri is usually swung downward, when cutting brush. Most animals you might want to defend against, are also closer to the ground.

Best way to swing the kukri seems to be with work gloves on, and much like a baseball bat. I would hate to see the damage this large knife, really more of a sword, would do.

Point is, that in later days ammunition may become impossible to replace, and we may need to be able to defend against wild animals another way, and avoid using irreplaceable ammunition until absolutely needed.


Handle re-work pictures.


Intermediate step of handle work down.




Finished for now handle.  Almost looks like a Samurai Handle sticking out of the curved sheath.


Changed it again after writing this page