Remaking, or Modifying the Sheath

on the Ceremonial Kukri

Many pictures, open to full screen, and wait for them, if on dialup.



First version, before I added the snap, shown below.


Final version of Ceremonial Kukri Blade itself, Shown Above. The longer, shaped, black handle will be noticed. 

Bottom Kukri in above picture is a modified, "Regimental Kukri," of about seventeen inches, with a 13-inch blade.


Quote from my first discussion of what I might do about carrying the heavy Ceremonial Kukri:

" Holding upon my back, in sheath, as if there were some strapping mechanism, I can  NOT draw the knife, my arms are too short.  Holding it at my side, in sheath, the handle comes halfway up from my belt to my armpit, and the base is halfway down my calf.  You can draw it from there, with effort.  You would need to make some way to hang it, and tie it too your leg, as well.  Unless you are eight feet tall, you might have trouble using the Ceremonial Kukri in the Field. "  From:    


Shortening the case.

took up more of the blade than the original, and the blade no longer went to the end of the sheath. First step is to remove the metal tip from the end of the large Kukri Sheath.  Cut the tip to a shorter, broader, profile.

  Wound up filling the end with a block of wood, and shaping to the new, shorter shape.    Left some of the original leather on the case, and stretched it over the tip.  Contact cement, later tacked with screws, holds it in place.



Strap Proposals.

Proposal One

Considering my own first notes on the sheath, above, what may work best is some kind of longitudinal strap, to hand the blade-in-sheath across ones back.  You would have to unswing it from your shoulders to draw the blade. 

Need to note that Kukris from India or Nepal typically have no way to secure the handle to the sheath.  The Kukri just rests in its' sheath.  Need to make some way for this knife to be secured to the containing sheath.

( Wound up doing so, shown below.)

Open your browser to full screen , F11, to view what I came up with.  Straps were added from old, scrap leather, to make to brackets to tie a ten-foot length of  half-inch-polypropylene-line, about ten feet in length, doubled and looped..

Idea is to hang it over your shoulder.  Drilled a hole in the handle and looped a doubled leather shoe-lace to make a securing line.  Lightly tied, you have to remove it to draw the blade.

Got the hole so close to the edge of the handle, that a little of the end-grain broke out.  Worked pretty well to run the scrap through.  Light brown patch is plastic-wood, patching a little blow-out from the drilling.  Still a little "rustic," and I may improve it, later.



Strap added after above picture was taken.  

(Different stages are shown, as you may want to pick one you like. )

Doubled layer of leather , with strap was added to the upper leather holder that is on the sheath.  Though fitted tightly, there are screws that hold it secure.  Pictures follow.  Scripture added to back of doubled-leather.  Front has my initial on it.

Added leather has not been colored, in the following pictures.

Added strip-and-strap can be seen to the right, above.



"Back" of the case.




The large knife is secured to its case.


Earlier, first version second and third proposals.

Proposal Two

Secure the sheath on a separate  belt, and provide some kind of leg tie. Hang it around your waste and down your leg.  Probably would be very difficult to walk with.

Proposal Three.

Make some kind of case, or wrapping, for carrying, or packing.  May want to carry in such a case, tied across the shoulders. Slow drawing may not be a problem.  I don't think you can use this thing as a weapon, anyway.

Obviously, you can not do all three.  Will let you know if I have any ideas, or come up with the solution.  Anyone out there reading feel free to email  [email protected]

Again, what I came up with, initially.


Master Kukri index. As I first began to work with the Kukri, I began to write about it.  Have written so much about the Kukri, and my opinions and favorites have changed so much, this "master" index is needed.

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