New File.  Basic Kukri Use and Safety, Sketches

Which Kukri do I recommend?   Email from Justin.  You don't realize how much I enjoy letters.  This started out as an email, and turned into a web page.  This first version will be written "on the fly"  and edited, with pictures added, later.  Email addresses removed.

Return-Path: omitted  Date: Sun, 26 Jun 2005 17:27:55 -0700
From: "Justin L. (last name and email address omitted)

To: [email protected]   Subject: Kukri

Hi Paul,

My name is Justin, I enjoyed reading all your article(s) about the kukri. I am confused about one point. You seem to have two "current" purchasing recommendations on the kukris:

#400484 Genuine Gurkha Kukri (~ $30)

#AH-3451 Khukri Service (~ $17) 

Which one do you prefer over the other and why ?


Justin, thank you for writing. started a simple reply, that turned  into a full discussion. Will create a web-page, with pictures,  and post your email, without your address, if that is OK, to  illustrate better. text Reply follows.

The page under this link details my current, and best recommendation #AH-3451 Khukri Service (~ $17)

  New article, written after this page was created.  Wrote a little, late one night, about why I like the kukri knife, and why I think it is an advantage to have one in a survival kit.  Pretty good.  Probably should have been a teacher.  Probably should thank Justin for writing to me, as his letter has started me re-shaping my files on the kukri.  You need to know that I have fun making these web pages, and you should have fun reading them.  Paul.


Justin, excellent letter.

What happened was that I found my original Kukris at a flea market,  ( about eighteen-inches overall, blade about thirteen, and 1\2 inches)  Looking for a source on the net, I spotted what seemed the closest.  The $30  one, from "By the Sword", seemed like it might be a better - quality match to the ones I got from the Flea market. ( >#400484 Genuine Gurkha Kukri (~ $30)

Please note I never ordered one from them, they just looked  to be the closest.


This page, and this file, above, represent the first time I have found  an exact match to the original Kukri I bought at a flea market.  Heavier and more difficult to use for most people, requiring more pre-work to convert, you may like them better than what I now recommend.  I still have mine.
archived web page, on the web at


Back to our story: Meanwhile, I wound up reworking the original Flea Market Kukris, a couple of times.  Glad you enjoyed reading about them. (Hold on, I will answer your  question .)  

Kukri_conversion_notes_2004.htm  file about working those first kukris.


After that, I bought a smaller, officers Kukri, from Imus Plus.  Pretty good, but not really large. Good enough for most hiking. Too small for large work. Might be good for fishing, and food prep.  

Then, I bought a kukri the SIZE of the  #AH-3451 Khukri Service (~ $17).

Worked with that a while. Found the #AH-3451 Khukri Service (~ $17) on the web,   And bought two of them, as I detailed. Seeing them, I surmised  that they were large enough for most field-carrying, for most people.   Found them of lighter metal, than my originals, having a better profile, and handle, and taking much less work to convert.

The original Kukri I bought, identical to the one shown in the picture at the left, was a good one.  The one I recommend, #AH-3451 Khukri Service (~ $17), is better. The shape of the blade is better, overall, and the metal is somewhat lighter.  As well, you only really need to remove the raised ring around the handle of the Kukri, Service, model, and it is "good to go." 

The weight of the Kukri Service, is better, and the handle more in proportion to the blade.  You can do finer, lighter work with the Kukri, Service, and it is generally less "clunky,"   On the ones on the left, it took a long time to reduce that wide flair at the end of the handle to anywhere near comfortable.

The Kukri Service, is easier to use, and more ready to use, out of the box.  The shape is the best I have seen, on a kukri, virtually the same as the issued military ones. You might even be able to thrust and parry with the Kukri, Service, not  just chop. What about heavy use?

Recently, I went hiking my with my  #AH-3451 Khukri Service (~ $17), and came upon a thirty-foot tree, that  had fallen across the trail. There were two branches in a fork, right  at hip level.

The wood was fully eight-inches thick, that is across, or in diameter.

I chopped through the branch, fully eight-inches thick,  in about fifteen minutes. Where I chopped it, caused the whole thing to collapse at my feet, so people could get their  Trail Bikes across.

There is an audio file about this recommended Kukri Knife, under this link


The #AH-3451 Khukri Service (~ $17) cut through wood that was  harder than pine, and softer than oak, a branch being fully eight inches  thick, quickly. That means that the tool will do most regular field work, and "in a pinch," do more.


Since that initial purchase of the two #AH-3451 Khukri Service (~ $17) I have purchased two more, to loan to others, or give away, or barter,  as needed.


I remove the central ring on the handle. I usually use a grinder to  cut the metal part, and a grinder and wood rasp for the rest of that ring.

As well, the butt of the handle has a couple of points. I round the top and bottom of the handle for more comfort.


The #AH-3451 Khukri Service (~ $17) Is then sharpened with a file.  I leave the first part of the blade dull, for safety, and you really do not cut with that part, anyway. (Will create some more pictures, of what is  called the Sweet Spot.)  { Page under the above hyperlink will show you a picture of the sweet spot, if you scroll down.)


In carrying, I find that the sheath rides too high on my belt. I typically move what is called the "frog" higher on the sheath, and re-attach it, or re make it in leather. The Frog wraps around the sheath, and makes a loop for
your belt.



as purchased

most current remakes


The point is, that the #AH-3451 Khukri Service (~ $17), bought as a pair, with shipping, cost me about twenty dollars, each and they makes an excellent tool for the field. Almost forgot, - the black dye they use on the goat-skin covered wooden sheath, typically comes off in water. That means it would  come off on your hands, or clothes, if wet. To fix that, I submerge the new sheaths in my sink, and run water on them, and scrub them, until the black is no longer showing in the water.

When they have dried out, I mink oil the outside, and put neutral shoe polish on them.

Until the sheaths dry out, the knives may not fit in them, so wait.


The funny shaped little do-dad in front of the handle, on the first part  of the blade, I grind off, straight. Don't like it, and it seems to  have some other-religious symbolism to it.


Left this out of time line of the discussion -I remove the metal tip from  the sheath. Either do that, or take a file to the point it has. It can stick you. I fill the end of the sheath, after the metal tip is gone, with  my black epoxy.


Non interested in a shiny blade, I sand the blade until the shine is gone,  and use some liquid gun-blue on it. That can then be wiped down, and waxed. Point is most of the blue will come off in time, but I have  removed the shine.


Important to note, the blade cuts with the power of a chop, and the action of  a slice. You will find that the Kukri glides through the wood. I use it like a machete, and hit toward the base of what I am chopping, and make  sure that should the blade go through, it can not at any time come around and hit me.


New File.  Basic Kukri Use and Safety, Sketches

Gurka soldiers use the Kukri to chop of limbs, and heads, and such. The Kukri is an excellent tool, but mis-used, you can seriously injure, or chop off pieces of yourself. Be careful. Have some safety files I will add in here. 


Hope I have not driven you off with all this talk. Know what, I will post this, as is, on the web, right now, and upgrade the discussion, and add pictures, later.  (Turned out I never sent the email, just made this page, and sent Justin the link.  I will hyperlink to other pages, before I post this text version.)


Many thanks, Justin, for the Question.  This has been an ongoing st-oo-rry about the Kukris.  I wanted to re-write the whole thing, again, and your question helped.

My belief is that Jesus is LORD and the way to survive is to accept Him as LORD.  It is also, at the time I accepted Him as LORD, He gave me a vision of the United States devastated.  The stores and buildings and roads were there, but you could not drive, or buy anything.  You had to walk.  Over the years I have collected, and traveled, and the best part of what I learned is on this site.  May God bless you all.  Paul.   


further emails

Justin, the web page above is what started as a reply, to you.
I wound up posting it, for yourself, and others.
The question helped me alot, and I enjoyed your email.
I keep wanting to tell you that excepting Jesus as LORD is your best
survival action. Don't know if you are a Christian or not.
Point is that He will lead you and guide you, if you will let Him.

is a link to a file about a recent prayer prayed for me that has helped.


Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2005 22:20:01 -0700
From: "Justin L. (last name and address omitted)
To: Paul Phillips <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: Kurki


Thanks for taking the time to write the article explaining more about
the knives. My experience grinding steel away with the bench grinder
is limited and I noticed it is harder then it looks to get things
exactly the way you want it. My neighbor wants to grind the pagan
symbol off his knife too. He said something like it was nice to see
another God fearing person interested in knives.

take care,


reply, in part:


What a refreshing thing to read this morning.

Check out the Christian Music at

A friend at Church recommended it Sunday, and they both give away
CDs, and allow you to download and burn their songs for free.

It is good to be in a community of believers. What will happen,
as teaching about so-called survival matters is done, The LORD
may use these things to draw people to Himself.

God bless you and your God-Fearing Neighbor.




  I would go here first

Open letter, a by way of thank you note to Justin, and all other email repliers:  I richly enjoy getting email questions.  (Other than, I suppose, why am I so fat?)  Just kidding.  Really, I don't get paid for this, and people asking probing questions make my day.  You might guess that after I discovered the Kukri, (on the web, through Old Jimbo,) it got me pretty excited. 

At about the same time, I began putting out this web site.  As I tried different things  with my Kukris, I re-worked the web pages.  Maybe a little confusing even to me, they present a fresh, fun look at the process, and several different Kukris, and what I have done with them.  Make your own choices, you may like some other models better than I do.

Again, these knives are dangerous.  A razor-sharp, twelve-inch-bladed-curved-Kukri, can end your life.

I enjoy helping people, and I have an actual bucket of survival knives that is less valuable than  a single  #AH-3451 Khukri Service (~ $17), like I recommend.  (I suppose I will barter, or trade, or give them away in the latter days, should times get bad.)


They say that someone is not an expert unless they live over twenty-five miles from you.  I am not that much of an outdoorsman, or survivalist.  I am a good researcher, was trained as an artist, and l love to write.  Maybe I should have been a teacher.   Wound up being a commercial carpenter for the past twenty years.

This web-site is DESIGNED for the person not really "into" survival.  Often the subject is hard to follow, because the point of view of the writer supposes you know something.  Most of us don't. (As the years have gone on,  I have sort of lost my "novice" status.)  Other than my time as a Boy Scout, in the Jungles of Panama, (we had a Sergeant Major for a Scout Leader, ) and three years in the Army, ten years after Panama, I have not gotten out that much. 

One thing I did do was bump into Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, and that changed my life.  I set my task to hearing Him, in all things, and sharing that.  

I have heard that if you talk to Jesus it is called prayer, and that if He talks to you, it is called being schizophrenic.  Not so. 




As I first began to work with the Kukri, I began to write about it.

Have written so much about the Kukri, and my opinions and favorites have changed so much, this "master" index is needed.  By no means complete, hope it leads to some clarity. 

New Kukri 2006 May. htm Latest format changes

2005 Recommended Kukri, Supercedes others- Kukri Service

Kukris With Curses? 

Kukri Epoxy Handle Method  link

The best shape to modify a Kukri Handle to

Knife Sharpening, retaining the "Slicing Edge."

There is an audio file I recorded about the Kukri Knife, under this link

1) "M 40" Web Link about converting a Kukri to a Field Knife

"Disk only"  link to  "M 40s"  article , above


2) Second "M 40" Web Link about converting a Kukri to a Field Knife


Notes and pictures as I convert my Kukris as in above articles


What My First Kukri Looked Like

  Removing the Dedication to false gods.

The Khukuri,  Edge of myths & legends   Tilak Sunar


Other Kukri links- browsing can be fun.  I wrote these as they came up, and need to find the files again, myself.  Some repetition of above. 

Listed by the folders they are in on my disks


---- A word on Sunday ---------------------------------------

  first articles on the kukri

archived web page lists Kukri like very first one


Pictures of the first use of the ceremonial kukri.

-----Kukri, Blue-----------


----- Kukri Convert -------------------------------


Kukri_remake _continued_June_2004.htm





---- Kukri Dimensions ---------------------------------------------


Kukri Dimensions.pdf




----- Kukri Epoxy Handle -----------------------





------ Kukri Handles ----------------------


Kukri_Epoxy_Handle_Method 2005 .htm


--- Kukri Sheath -------------------------



---  Kukri Service -------------------------



Kukri_Service.htm  one I recommend the most



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email Paul Phillips,

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The day I came to the LORD, before I knew what a vision was, I saw myself walking through a devastated United States of America.  You need to accept Jesus as LORD and make what preparations He would have you make.  This site has basic only, survival information, hence the name Survival Primer, or beginning teaching book.  Most of the information has been gleaned from the internet.  The entire site, Survival and Christian, is saved to a single CD disk  that you can own.   The Christian teaching is from my church, and is original to it.  God has changed my life through the ministry of my church. God will change yours, through Jesus Christ, if you let Him.  My prayer is that God lead you into all truth, and that the abiding love that is expressed through His Son, Jesus Christ, come to rule and abide and infill your life, perfectly. Paul.


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