Religious Symbolism of the Kukri

* Paul's Note:  The best kukris are made in India and Nepal, where they are typically prayed over and dedicated to false gods.

As a Christian I always ask God to remove any curses placed upon my Kukris, in Jesus Name.  I further God to annul any covenant or sacrifice or dedication to any Pagan God, concerning my kukris,  In Jesus' Name. Amen.

The religiously inspired characteristics of my Kukris, are changed, as well. The notch (kaura) in the blade near the hilt, is removed fully or partially.  The shape the handle is modified, the "butt" is slimmed down, and the raised ring removed.  The finish of the blade is dulled, and the metal cold-blued.  I remove the metal tip from the sheath.

I am not interested in using any tool that is dedicated to false gods.



If they really bother you, then do not buy a Kukri, or at least one from India.  One American one  Ontario Knives SP2502 Spec Plus Kukri.  (Look around for best price.)

View an archived "Gunblast" article about KA-BAR Tactical Knives

Web link     36 dollars    42 dollars     48 dollars



What are you talking about removing?

Look at the area just in front of the handle.


Observe below how this has been removed.



Of a surety, these were two different Kukris, but the example is clearly visible.


Kukris With Curses?  email questions about

Kukri I Recommend



As I first began to work with the Kukri, I began to write about it.

Have written so much about the Kukri, and my opinions and favorites have changed so much, this "master" index is needed.  By no means complete, hope it leads to some clarity. 

New Kukri 2006 May. htm Latest format changes

2005 Recommended Kukri, Supercedes others- Kukri Service

Kukris With Curses? 

Kukri Epoxy Handle Method  link

The best shape to modify a Kukri Handle to

Knife Sharpening, retaining the "Slicing Edge."

There is an audio file I recorded about the Kukri Knife, under this link

1) "M 40" Web Link about converting a Kukri to a Field Knife

"Disk only"  link to  "M 40s"  article , above


2) Second "M 40" Web Link about converting a Kukri to a Field Knife


Notes and pictures as I convert my Kukris as in above articles


What My First Kukri Looked Like

  Removing the Dedication to false gods.

The Khukuri,  Edge of myths & legends   Tilak Sunar


Other Kukri links- browsing can be fun.  I wrote these as they came up, and need to find the files again, myself.  Some repetition of above. 

Listed by the folders they are in on my disks


---- A word on Sunday ---------------------------------------

  first articles on the kukri

archived web page lists Kukri like very first one


Pictures of the first use of the ceremonial kukri.

-----Kukri, Blue-----------


----- Kukri Convert -------------------------------


Kukri_remake _continued_June_2004.htm





---- Kukri Dimensions ---------------------------------------------


Kukri Dimensions.pdf




----- Kukri Epoxy Handle -----------------------





------ Kukri Handles ----------------------


Kukri_Epoxy_Handle_Method 2005 .htm


--- Kukri Sheath -------------------------



---  Kukri Service -------------------------



Kukri_Service.htm  one I recommend the most



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