Master Kukri index. As I first began to work with the Kukri, I began to write about it.  Have written so much about the Kukri, and my opinions and favorites have changed so much, this "master" index is needed.


You seem to have recommended two Kukris, which one do you mean? readers question




Best Source for a Good Quality Kukri, at a Good Price.  I do not get paid to say this, I know if from experience.


Important, Read this Warning !


After buying three kukris at a flea market, and ordering four more, from three different Internet sources, I have found this to be the best source, with the best quality Kukri.  This source recommendation updates any other about the Kukri, on my site.  Paul


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To Purchase, follow the above link.  Paul.


Shipping info

Call toll free at:   877-433-9368
Or fax your order to:   239-433-9128
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I think this first kukri will be the best for the most.



#400484 Genuine Gurkha Kukri
Made by the government contractor Windlass Steelcrafts. Hand forged from high carbon steel. Each comes with regulation sheath. Used with devastating effectiveness by the famous Gurkhas of Nepal in the Siege of Delhi in 1857, in the trenches of WWI France, throughout the New Guinea jungle in WWII, and with distinction in the Falkland Islands.
The 12" blade is an impressive 1/4" thick with deep grooves and the traditional religious notch. Takes a good, sharp edge. Scale tang. Traditional, native hardwood handle. Standard metal butt plate. 17" overall. Wt. 1 lb. 6 oz. Genuine military issue to Gurkha Regiments in India. The only Kukri on the market that comes with a copy of the 8-page government contract, the ordnance drawing, and spec sheet. Includes accessory knives.

Overall - 17"
Blade- 12" long, 1/4" thick
Wt. 1lbs 06 oz

Price:  $30.00
(Excluding: FL Sales Tax at 6%)

400484 Genuine Gurkha Kukri




Pictures of the Only Modifications I made to the above knife


#400022 Officer's Kukri
Made by the government contractor Windlass Steelcrafts. Hand forged from high carbon steel. Each comes with regulation sheath. Powerful chopping knife issued to Gurkha Officers in India.
The 9 1/2" long blade is a hefty 3/16" thick. The contoured handle is genuine buffalo horn. Brass pommel and bolster. 14" overall. Wt. 1 lb. Comes with 2 accessory knives.

Overall - 14"
Blade- 9 1/2" long, 3/16" thick
Wt. 1lb

Price:  $23.00 (Excluding: FL Sales Tax at 6%)

400022 Officer's Kukri






This is the Gigantic Kukri I bought, evaluation here, though it is not for everyone,  I like it.

Made by the government contractor Windlass Steelcrafts. Hand forged from high carbon steel. Each comes with regulation sheath. Beheads water buffaloes with a single stroke for the traditional Gurkha sacred ceremony. Very scarce! Only one issued to each Gurkha Regiment in India. Specially carved native hardwood handle.

 Polished steel blade is a staggering 3/8" thick and more than 2 1/2 feet long. Weighs 4 lbs. 6 oz.

Blade- 2 1/2 feet long, 3/8" thick
Wt. 4lbs 6 oz.

Price:  $63.00 (Excluding: FL Sales Tax at 6%)



Size Warning and Handle change warning. 

Pictures from my April 2005 Kukri Ceremonial Handle Change article.


The Kukris listed on this page are recommended after buying, and handling, several models.  This supplier is recommended because of having dealt with them.  I get no money for this, and the intent is to make  your  buying a Kukri easier, and better.  You can profit from my efforts, and learn by my mistakes.  No charge, no thanks needed.  Paul.

My Base Files about the Kukri



Some other Kukris, from another page

When I got a kukri like the one at the top of the page, above, my first thought was that it was the model that most people would like, and use the most. 

If you want a Kukri like the FIRST ones I bought, the active link is below.

#AH-3456 Khukri Regimental
Wooden grip, brass fittings, small knives not included. 13" Blade, Overall 16.5"

Price:  $29.00 (Excluding: FL Sales Tax at 6%)




There is even one Kukri, also on


That  LOOKS  LIKE the first one I recommend, above, but without the papers.  Unfortunately, they do not give blade length and weight, so I can not compare.  You might want to check this out, and save seven dollars.


#KW-H57 Khukri
The Khukri, legendary close combat weapon of the Gurkha regiments, is to this day standard military issue. This version, produced to Indian armed forces specifications, retains the traditional accessory knives and the blade notch symbolizing the trident of Shiva, the war god. In addition to its collector appeal, the high carbon steel full-tang blade, exotic hardwood handle and steel butt plate make this rugged piece an ideal tool for the outdoorsman.

Price:  $23.00
(Excluding: FL Sales Tax at 6%)


close up


There is also this one, on that same page, slightly smaller and cheaper, apparently.

Note that this is the one I recommend now, my latest recommendation, in 2005.

vNew Kukri Purchase Recommendation, supercedes others   2005

#AH-3451 Khukri Service
Wooden grip, steel fittings, includes two small knives. 12" Blade, Overall 16" With scabbard

Price:  $17.00 (Excluding: FL Sales Tax at 6%)




Link that leads to all the Knives at By the Sword


As I first began to work with the Kukri, I began to write about it.

Have written so much about the Kukri, and my opinions and favorites have changed so much, this "master" index is needed.  By no means complete, hope it leads to some clarity. 

New Kukri 2006 May. htm Latest format changes

You have recommended two Kukris, which one do you mean?

2005 Recommended Kukri, Supercedes others- Kukri Service

2004 Recommended Best Kukri, Superceded by the above

"Newest" overall Kukri intro page

my first web pages about the Kukri.

Kukris With Curses? 

Important, Read this Warning !

Kukri Epoxy Handle Method  link

The best shape to modify a Kukri Handle to

Knife Sharpening, retaining the "Slicing Edge."

There is an audio file I recorded about the Kukri Knife, under this link

Large picture of three Kukris re-worked, "final" form

1) "M 40" Web Link about converting a Kukri to a Field Knife

"Disk only"  link to  "M 40s"  article , above


2) Second "M 40" Web Link about converting a Kukri to a Field Knife

Disk only link to second article     Same as above article


Notes and pictures as I convert my Kukris as in above articles


What My First Kukri Looked Like

Kukri Religiosity  Removing the Dedication to false gods.

The Khukuri,  Edge of myths & legends   Tilak Sunar

Origin of the Kukri


Other Kukri links- browsing can be fun.  I wrote these as they came up, and need to find the files again, myself.  Some repetition of above. 

Listed by the folders they are in on my disks


---- A word on Sunday ---------------------------------------


20040404 Sunday.htm  first articles on the kukri





Collectable Bayonets.htm archived web page lists Kukri like very first one








Origin of the Kukri.htm






Why the Kukri.htm







Kuk_Cer_Cut_index.htm Pictures of the first use of the ceremonial kukri.

-----Kukri, Blue-----------


----- Kukri Convert -------------------------------


Kukri_remake _continued_June_2004.htm





---- Kukri Dimensions ---------------------------------------------


Kukri Dimensions.pdf




----- Kukri Epoxy Handle -----------------------





------ Kukri Handles ----------------------


Kukri_Epoxy_Handle_Method 2005 .htm


--- Kukri Sheath -------------------------



---  Kukri Service -------------------------



Kukri_Service.htm  one I recommend the most






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