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I am told this book is no longer in print.  If you can find a copy, buy one.  I have two, and am not selling mine.  Paul.


Important Points


    First Notes .htm   Points to remember from the book

        Points to remember from the book


        First Notes, pics  .htm  various "first notes" pics, not sorted

           various "first notes" pics, not sorted




Ch 1: Clothing - 1

Ch 2: Footwear - 36

Ch 3: Miscellaneous Equipment - 52

Ch 4: Finding Your Way -73

Ch 5: Sheltering - 92

Ch 6: Fire Management - 146

Ch 7: Food and Water - 149


    Survival Hunting Techniques  166_173 .htm




Above is the file I thought I was first posting, listed below is the one I did.  Textural discussion of Hunting by a man who has stayed alive hunting.   The one below deals more with Snares and Deadfalls.  In the early days of creating the web site, things were hectic.  Often I put in material I had no time to re-read. 


        First Posted under TF_Hunt_Alan_Fry.txt:

        Using Snares and Deadfalls .htm  173 -202 (part of Survival Hunting)

          173 - 202

        173 - 202


            Fishing  202 - 212


Ch 8: Camp Management - 213

Ch 9: Safety and First Aid - 234

Ch 10: Signaling for Help - 262

Ch 11: Walking Out - 271



  My first notes PDF and the Snares and traps PDF as one file.


The Alan Fry book is such a good one, that I bought two of them.  Thinking to make hand- outs for other people, I began to catch the important, salient points, in my computer files. 


These files represent me working with my notes a couple of years before there was even a web-site thought of.  (My friends actually both talked me into a web site, and set me up in it.  Even gave it the name Survival Primer, because that is what I called my files.)


Now it appears the book is out-of-print, and they may be even more important.  You need to download and print them, in case I am asked to quit posting them. 


The publisher should start printing   

WILDERNESS SURVIVAL HANDBOOK by Alan Fry. ISBN 0-312-14763-5    

again.  In fact, tell them I said so.  I would glad for this book to get around. 


Again, please consider these posted pages as a little free advertisement. 






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From the Survival & Self-Reliance Studies Institute:

~ Formerly known as "Rocky Mountain Survival Group"



"A few good books" - from the Survival Primer Free Advertising Department.   You can either phone in or walk in most book  stores and order a book. 


The Outdoor Survival Handbook, Raymond Maers, 1993 edition.    ISBN 0 - 312 - 09359 - 4  Again, highly recommended. This one gives you pictures of what the  others talk about.

How to Stay Alive in the Woods / by Bradford Angier ISBN: 0684831015  Publisher: Simon & Schuster Trade.    Very good, available as paperback and rubber coated hard-cover edition with larger print and expanded Wild Plants pictures section.

United States Air Force Search And Rescue Survival Training ISBN 1-58663-722-3


John "Lofty" Wiseman; The SAS Survival Handbook; ISBN 0 00 26531407,  (unabridged)

Bradford Angier; Field Guide to EDIBLE WILD PLANTS ISBN 0-8117-2018-7

Peterson Field Guides; A Field Guide to Edible Wild Plants; ISBN 0-395-92622-X

Peterson Field Guides; A Field Guide to Medicinal Plants and Herbs Of  Eastern and Central North America; ISBN 0-395-98814-4   (Or chose your region.)

Peterson Field Guides; A Field Guide to Animal Tracks; Olaus J. Murie; ISBN 0-395-91094-3


index_pauls_corner.htm this link had literally been lost, and I found it again, June 2006, and resumed writing




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