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the Style A C-DSS Doulton Super Sterasyl Candle--9"

something like 37 dollars each

Style A: Price: $6 plus the price of the filter cartridge selected. This simple filter adapter consists of a length of 1/4" plastic filter tubing and a Jaco elbow fitting that attaches the tubing to the threads of a candle-style filter cartridge. The end result (in case the explanation was too technical) is a filter cartridge with a piece of plastic tubing hooked to it. Not a lot of excess parts. The total cost of a siphon filter with a Doulton Super Sterasyl cartridge capable of processing pond water for drinking is $36 for the cartridge and $6 for the tubing assembly for a total of $42.

The operation is very simple. Get some water in a container--a flat container big enough for the filter cartridge to lie horizontally in works best--, drop the filter cartridge into the water, let it soak until it won't float, then suck on the end of the tubing. . When you get water in your mouth, drop the tube into another container a few inches lower than the first and clean water will flow from the end of the tube into your container. The rate of flow is pretty spectacular. Three gallons per hour is a reasonable expectation, and these filters have done more than that in our tests. It's faster than a stainless steel four-candle gravity filter and it will run on nature's energy as long as you keep water in the top container. And, get this, the ceramic candle filter acts like a lamp wick. It will suck every drop of water from the top container, then start working again without priming if you pour more water into the container.

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