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"Found" this list on one of the earliest prayers I put on the net.  Want to preserve this "old files" record, of what I gathered for years before the website was created.



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Also Audio-War in the Heavenlies

General  Prayer to Come into Relationship with Jesus

Prayers to Pray to be Made Whole in Jesus Christ,   Summarized



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Simplified Prayers For Deliverance



Childhood Memories 


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Paul Phillips Testimony

Salem Lake Bike Tour Pictures



Emailed Stories that are  Well Worth Reading



I about forgot about this page, it being one of the first.  Some good stories here.


The Road of Life

The Carpenter



Index to 100 Christian Documents  -  interest is increasing in the Spiritual Files, so I have expanded them.









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Christian Teaching   more pages added since the first ones listed above



Make Your Own Multiple Prayers CD



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Curse Of Poverty Prayers  -- Richard Sicheneder.  Seems to cover every curse that the Bible talks about our families coming under.  Read this.  file linked

  just over 5 minutes

   just under 5 minutes


Right click on, and chose "save target as," to download to your computer, or just click on to listen to.

  very good file to listen to.

  long to load on the net, best for making CD, this is about the first file I put on the internet.  Listening to this one covers most problems.

If on the web, this copy will load quicker:

Immersed in Gods Love.htm




The Overall Picture that God Has Shown Me