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Nuclear War Survival Skills

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Nuclear War Survival Skills


(link to a separate page with How to Download Your  own copy of this book)


BY      Cresson M. Kearny

This page contains a complete copy of the book, from two sources.  I  have broken the large 40 megabyte file from Oak Ridge into chapters.  As well, the on- line Book is contained on this site.

The Pictures in the PDF files are much easier to see. _


Fallout Shelter Design Collection - Good book for complete record of Civil Defense shelter plans.


Interactive Archived Web Pages Nuclear War Survival Skills  menu at left works.

Fighting Chance  added DJVU Nuclear War books only on DVD. Two alternate copies of NWSS.  Slight differences in clarity.


 Cover - Nuclear War Survival Skills

 Edition Notes - Nuclear War Survival Skills -

Table of Contents - Nuclear War Survival Skills

Book Order Form - Nuclear War Survival Skills please check for up to date prices


Chapter 1 

    Chapter 1.  Nuclear Weapons Myths and Facts  htm file


Chapter 2 

    Psychological Preparations.htm -chapter 3 in html


Chapter 3 

    Warnings and Communications.htm -chapter 2  in Html


Chapter 4 

One page print out of Radiation Risk Areas USA map

     Ch. 4: Evacuation - Nuclear War Survival Skills


Chapter 5 

    Chapter 5, Shelter, the Greatest need  html


Chapter 6 

    Chapter 6, Ventilation and Cooling of Shelters  html file


Chapter 7 



Chapter 8 

   Chapter 8  Water html file


Chapter 9 

    Ch_ 9 Food


Chapter 10 

     Ch. 10: Fallout Radiation Meters


Chapter 11 

     Ch. 11: Light 


Chapter 12 

     Ch. 12: Shelter Sanitation and Preventive Medicine


Chapter 13 

     Ch. 13: Surviving Without Doctors - Nuclear War Survival Skills


Chapter 14 

     Ch. 14: Expedient Shelter Furnishings - Nuclear War Survival Skills


Chapter 15 

     Ch. 15: Improvised Clothing and Protective Items 


Chapter  16 

     Ch. 16: Minimum Pre-Crisis Preparations - Nuclear War Survival Skills


Chapter 17 

     Ch. 17: Permanent Family Fallout Shelters for Dual Use


Chapter 18 

     Ch. 18: Trans-Pacific Fallout - Nuclear War Survival Skills



  This section represents scanning in the book plates  for appendices A.1 to A.6, in such a manner that one might both read and actually use them. 10.5 megabyte file


NWSS Printable Book Plates

Selected pictures from the book, improved for use.


Appendix A 

     App. A: Instructions for Six Expedient Fallout Shelters


Appendix A 1 

     App. A.1: Door-Covered Trench Shelter - Nuclear War Survival Skills


Appendix A 2 

     App. A.2: Pole-Covered Trench Shelter - Nuclear War Survival Skills


Appendix A 3 

     App. A.3: Small-Pole Shelter - Nuclear War Survival Skills


Appendix A 4 

     App. A.4: Aboveground, Door-Covered Shelter


Appendix A 5

 App. A.5: Aboveground, Ridgepole Shelter


Appendix A 6

     App. A.6: Above ground, Crib-Walled Shelter


Appendix B 

     App. B: How to Make and Use a Homemade Shelter-Ventilating Pump


Appendix C 

     App. C: A Homemade Fallout Meter, the KFM


Appendix D 

     App. D: Expedient Blast Shelters - Nuclear War Survival Skills


Appendix E 

     App. E: How to Make a Homemade Piston Pump


Appendix F 

     App. F: Providing Improved Ventalation and Light - Nuclear War Survival Skills


Startling Article on Radiation, (Hormesis)....The hormesis concept states
that low and high doses of an agent may have opposite effects.
Although a high dose is harmful, a low dose may actually be
beneficial, perhaps by stimulating the body's normal defense and
repair mechanisms....


    Selected Index - Nuclear War Survival Skills.htm _____________________________________________________

     Selected References - Nuclear War Survival Skills


     About the Author - Nuclear War Survival Skills


     Acknowledgments - Nuclear War Survival Skills



 Graphics - Nuclear War Survival Skills


Fighting Chance  added DJVU Nuclear War books only on DVD.


Same file as above, with more material added and and index

  posted on the net


The full text of Nuclear War Survival Skills, from Oak Ridge National Laboratories.

This is the source file for the PDF chapter files on this page. A 40-Megabyte Download.


Nuclear War Survival Skills, on line book  

The HTML files you see here mirror the above site. To navigate to another chapter, you will have to come back to this menu.


Index WMD    More WMD, for Weapons  of Mass Destruction,  files  Also called NBC, for Nuclear, Chemical and Biological, as the Army calls it. (The Navy Calls it CBN, or Chemical, Biological, Nuclear, I think.)

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Pledge of Allegiance Prayer

Written and Prayed by Dwight Jester on Sunday, December 2, 2007.

Click on the MP3 file to hear Dwight and read the prayer.


I pledge allegiance to God as my Father. I pledge allegiance to Jesus as my Lord and Savior, and I pledge allegiance to the Holy Spirit as my guide, teacher, and counselor, to cause me to grow up into the true child, true servant, and true authority that Jesus created me to be, in heaven.

I ask Jesus to come into my human spirit, drive out and take the place of, the antichrist spirit that came into me at my birth. I choose to live in the presence and power of Jesus in my human spirit. I ask Jesus to drive out the anti-holy spirit that the antichrist spirit has placed in my imagination. I ask the Holy Spirit to come into my imagination and fill my imagination with the true images from the Kingdom of God.

I ask Jesus to drive out the familiar spirits that reside in my conscience, and I ask the Holy Spirit to come into my conscience and be my teacher, and my guide, and revealer of the true images of God, in my imagination. I ask Jesus to come into my memory and remove all my emotional reactions to the painful, hurtful, rejecting, unloving, and fearful images that have come to me from the time I was born until the present.

I ask the Holy Spirit to fill my memory with the true, loving, peaceful images that come from God, my Father. I ask Jesus to come into my mind and deliver my mind from all the thoughts that have come from the kingdom of Satan. I ask the Holy Spirit to fill my mind with the mind of Christ. I ask Jesus to deliver my will from all the decisions I have made that are in line with the thoughts and images from the Kingdom of Satan.

I ask the Holy Spirit to fill my will with the righteous decisions that come from the Kingdom of God, my Father. I ask Jesus to come into my emotions and deliver me from all the painful, hurtful, unkind, fearful, hateful, unforgiving, rejecting images, and images of suicide and death. I ask the Holy Spirit to fill my emotions with love, joy, peace, mercy, kindness, patience, gentleness, meekness, goodness, faith, righteousness and truth.

I ask Jesus to come into my personality and deliver me from the false child and all the hurt, pain, rejection, lack of love, deception, lies, fear, false pleasure, and the hopelessness that reside in the false child.

I ask the Holy Spirit to place the true child into my personality. The true child lives in the love, joy, peace, acceptance, hope, truth, and hopefulness of the Kingdom of God, my Father.

I ask Jesus to come into my personality and deliver me from the false servant spirit, and all the striving, doing, performing, trying, working, false activity, and false effort of the false servant.

I ask the Holy Spirit to place in me the true servant that only does what it sees the Heavenly Father doing. It works effectively, efficiently, and productively in everything that it does. I ask Jesus to come into my personality and deliver me from the false authority spirit that tries to dominate, manipulate, control, force, threaten, demand, cause to happen, motivate through fear, and tries to make everyone around them worship them as a god, master, and king.

I ask the Holy Spirit to place in my personality the true authority that comes from Jesus, and is the very nature of Jesus. I ask Jesus to come into my body and deliver me from all the sickness, disease, infirmity that comes from Satan and his kingdom. I ask the Holy Spirit to fill my body with the healing power of Jesus Christ my Lord and to set me free from all sickness, disease, and infirmity in my body. I receive the total healing in my spirit, soul, and body from the top of my head to my toes, I am made whole and well, in Jesus Christ. I pray all of this in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, amen, and amen.     


P  Make Your Own Multiple Prayers CD

Curse Of Poverty Prayers  -- Richard Sicheneder.  Seems to cover every curse that the Bible talks about our families coming under.  Read this.  file linked

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The day I came to the LORD, before I knew what a vision was, I saw myself walking through a devastated United States of America.  You need to accept Jesus as LORD and make what preparations He would have you make.  This site has basic only, survival information, hence the name Survival Primer, or beginning teaching book.  Most of the information has been gleaned from the internet.  The entire site, Survival and Christian, is saved to a single CD disk  that you can own.   The Christian teaching is from my church, and is original to it.  God has changed my life through the ministry of my church. God will change yours, through Jesus Christ, if you let Him.  My prayer is that God lead you into all truth, and that the abiding love that is expressed through His Son, Jesus Christ, come to rule and abide and infill your life, perfectly. Paul.


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