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20-3 Chapter 1 Basics .htm

20-3 Chapter 2 Threat .htm

20-3 Chapter 3 Fundamentals .htm

20-3 Chapter 4 Offensive Operations .htm

20-3 Chapter 5 Defensive Operations .htm

20-3 Chapter 6 High-Value Targets .htm

20-3 Chapter 7 Special Environments .htm

FM 20-3 Appendix A Metric Conversion Chart

FM 20-3 Appendix C Camouflage Requirements and Procedures

FM 20-3 Appendix D Individual Camouflage, Concealment, and Decoys

FM 20-3 Appendix E Standard Camouflage Materials






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The day I came to the LORD, before I knew what a vision was, I saw myself walking through a devastated United States of America.  You need to accept Jesus as LORD and make what preparations He would have you make.  This site has basic only, survival information, hence the name Survival Primer, or beginning teaching book.  Most of the information has been gleaned from the internet.  The entire site, Survival and Christian, is saved to a single CD disk  that you can own.   The Christian teaching is from my church, and is original to it.  God has changed my life through the ministry of my church. God will change yours, through Jesus Christ, if you let Him.  My prayer is that God lead you into all truth, and that the abiding love that is expressed through His Son, Jesus Christ, come to rule and abide and infill your life, perfectly. Paul.


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