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(Jer 6:16 TLB) ..."Ask where the good road is, the godly paths you used to walk in, in the days of long ago. Travel there, and you will find rest for your souls. ...

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105 Page Survival Field Manual.pdf 



Compass Files

Combat and Survival Field Manuals

First Aid



Food, we all need it, we all eat it

General Preparation

Guns, Knives, Weapons

How do we prepare?


Index WMD, also called Nuclear Biological, Chemical

Knife Page

Nuclear War Survival Skills,  Consolidated

Simplified Shelters


Some Articles on Plants


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Greeting - Prologue.    Audio file as to why this site is here.


P  Make Your Own Multiple Prayers CD



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New Madrid fault at top of FEMA's priority list  - Posted on Mon, Feb. 27, 2006


"That my children should prepare their hearts for these things and believe on me, for I am able to supply all your needs in every adversity. That you walk in faith and not fear. That you stand upon my promises and see them. That you abide in my love and know that I am the Lord thy God."  The "Chicago Prophesies"


Listen to Paul reading the above passage


Rocky Mountain Survival Group web site has been reborn!

Click this link to read about it.  (Their email to me contains kind words about my web site.)  .

New link, SSRsi - the Survival & Self-Reliance Studies Institute


Ink Saver Silloute Target From Survival Primer .pdf

One single target, and one printed to eight pages.


USMC Scouting & Patrolling -  

posted on web


Small Unit Operations- Infantry Rifle Platoon and Squad, FM 7-8  DVD  only



Been writing about this for years.  The problem is to cut through all that is written, and give people a simple way to do things.








One page with several important survival notes


New Remember Their Sacrifice


How to be immersed, flooded, and filled with the Love of your Heavenly Father            new page 2005



New Orleans Page   Page started the week of the trauma in New Orleans.  Response to questions being raised. How do we prepare?


Basic Initial Entry Training  right click on link and "Save Target As."  5.88 Mb file covers basic combat techniques, compass use, setting up a tent, Marksmanship, first aid, bayonet and hand-to-hand (combatives) and all kinds of weapons use.  Also covers use of MOPP gear, such gas masks, etc.  Written towards the novice, everyone entering this site should download the  Basic Initial Entry Training pdf  to their hard drive. You might not have the same equipment but the training is invaluable. 




Field Manuals,  Selected material  - Survival Primer Military Files



Looking For A  Carpenter?  Paul's resume


June 2005, Which is my best recommendation of a kukri to buy, overall  questions arose in my email about my Kukri web-pages, so I answered them, and re-told the Kukri story. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Huge Compendium of Collected Survival Wisdom .pdf


Huge Compendium of Collected Survival Wisdom .txt


These are files I have personally picked, to include, from literally thousands of hours of reading. 


Welcome to my house.


"DL" Tips  Met a man in early 2005 who "lived off the land", without power or running water, with his family, in remote Misery Bay, Michigan, until he was eighteen.  Hunting, homesteading, knife sharpening, tips.  More will be added over time.  Original to this web site.  (" DL" is a "made up" set of initials, having no bearing on any real person's name or initials.)  Paul.



10 things for an Alert .txt

105 Page Survival Field Manual .pdf

11 Steps to Survival .txt

12 Days of Christmas

12 pages of Survival Notes and Prayers

15 tips to Deer Hunting .txt

20050624 Sound and text; Prayer that has  strongly effected my life

2005 Long Range Targets, Torso

72 hour kit Civil Defense .txt

90 pages of Game Preparation from the web .txt

A Real good Christmas Story -  The Filling Station

New AC Torso Target HD 22x43 .pdf

New AC Torso Target HD  Silloute  22x43 .pdf


Air Force Search and Rescue Survival Manual

At 86 Megs, I can not really post this one, ... only on the DVD..  

Came from four large files, and I separated into chapters.

Information plate from the book  you should buy a hard copy



A word about aiming (knife throwing)

Alan Fry, Wilderness Survival Manual .txt

Alas Babylon survival list. txt

America Will Burn, a Vision, Dumitru   Duduman  .txt 

Anatomy and Physiology, Navy Hospital Corpsman Ch01.pdf

Army Marksmanship Unit Pistol Training Guide

Army Foot Marches Manual

Army Survival Manual some html

Army Survival Manual, in HTM, from Rocky Mountain Survival Group

Art of Survival .txt

Art of Making Alcohol

Articles on Plants  main page link

At Home Shelter .txt

Backpack Survival Will Not Work .txt

basic graphics you may use as targets

basics of grinding, sharpening, and honing edge tools 17k PDF file

Basic Firearms Tutorial

Battlefield Survivability  Disk Only

Beekeepers Plans, PDF (added)

Best Target- PDF

Bike Page  main page link

Bio-Nuclear Survival .txt

Biological War Against US Cities .txt

Bioterrorism CIA Microbiologist .txt

Bloody Detail Field Dress Faq .htm

Boat Building

Book Military Compass, many sources .pdf

Brain Tan dot com . PDF PDF 727k

Business Cards from the Triad, North Carolina.  Businesses I know of and like.  Unsolicited. 

Buck Mentor, One of the Best

Buck Nighthawk 650C

Bug Out Kits .txt

Butchering, Jointing Meat .pdf 102k PDF


Camp Cook Books

Camping Basic Survival Tools .txt

Camping Fire Starting Fire Plow .txt

Camping Waterproofing Formulas .txt


Camping Page  main page link

Camping Tent Waterproofing Trick .txt

Camping Tips & Know How .txt

Camping recipes .txt

Camping Tips & Know How .txt

Camping Bug Out Kits .txt

Car Kit Western NC .txt

CDC Nuclear Weapon Urban Area .txt

Ceramic Water Filter Directions, and Explanations, and Links

Chainsaw, Basic Safety and Use  75k PDF file - six pages

Chainsaws  -Safety, Operation, Tree Felling Techniques  100k PDF file - four pages

Chainsaw, Felling & Bucking Techniques 1.4 meg PDF file  16 pages

Chicago Prophesies Booklet .txt

Christian Files Address

Christian Teaching Link  main page link

Civil Defense from the United Kingdom new files, actually quite good

City Fighting,  Military Operations Urban Terrain,  MOUT

Close Quarters Combat

Cold Steel Bushman and Ka Bar Compared

Collected Wisdom .txt

Colt Throwing Knives, 3 set in sheath, Recommended

Combat Skills of the Soldier

Combat and Survival Field Manuals  main page link

Combat  Patrol,  Counterguerilla  .pdf    

Combined Armed Operations Urban Terrain

Common sense .txt


Compass Files  main page link

Compass PICTURE Oriented, Flat Mode .jpg

Compass PICTURE Oriented, Upright Mode .jpg

Compass, Azimuth, Why and Azimuth - PLP

Compass Lensatic US Army Directions .txt

Compass Lensatic US Army Directions .txt

Compass Comprehensive Article .txt read this

Compass Important Point .txt

Compass Important Point .txt

Compass, Land Navigation Field Manual, in HTML

Compass Comprehensive Article .txt read this

 Compass Primer - PLP

Compass Types, Beginners Article - PLP

Complete Resource Construction Manuals


Confessions of Blood Covenant Children of God Originally Forwarded by Ted Boushy

Consider the ULU

Contact Info

Converting $3 worth of Kitchen Knives to Backpacking Knives


Cookbooks   main page link

Cooking, Dutch Oven, Camping - Ol Buffalo .pdf 260k -36pages

Cooking Large Animal .jpg


Cooking pre Y2K chapter .pdf 69k - 6pages

Cooking, Dutch Oven, 2002.pdf 113k -53pages



Counter-Guerilla  Operations and Techniques  .pdf   

Courage To Love

Deer Field Dressing Pocket Sized Guide .pdf PDF 141k


Delta Gear Downloads  free to download yourself, from web- site  This is a large folder, archived only on the disk, with  Ranger Handbook  -2MB,  Special Forces Medical Handbook (file is sort-of unclear) -20MB, and several other useful Resource Military Manuals.  Archived, improved version of what is on the web site, of the  Armed Forces Survival Manual, 1992  -35MB.  These, and more, are archived only on the disk.


dimensioned drawings and a Kukri Pattern .

Direction, Theory of Compass Use

Directions for My Father's House

Download the Entire FEMA "Are You Ready?" manual as a PDF file 2.08 megabytes

New Download Nuclear War Survival Skills to your Hard Drive

Duduman Prophesies .txt

Dutch Oven Cookbook . pdf 86k -27 pages

Dropped  Ordinance Identification,  Nine Pages  .pdf  

Easter Cookies and Jesus.pdf

Edible Wild Plants, Angier-Trail Guide. wpd a WordPerfect Document

Edible and Medicinal Plants from the Army Survival Manual

Edible Wild Plants, Angier-Trail Guide .rtf - any word processor will open

Edible Wild Plants, Angier-Trail Guide .txt text document

Edible Wild Plants Angier Trail Guide .pdf 137k- -opens quick

Effects of Cold Weather on Weapons  .pdf 

Elevation and Relief, Topography

Emergency food water .txt

Emergency War Surgery


Disk only Additions Feb 2006.  Content on web is  just too great


Clear copy of Emergency War Surgery

and  Special Forces Medical Handbook



Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Ammunition

Extended files not on internet. 

Fabric Repair and Sewing

Fallout Shelter Design Collection

Favorite Compass Files

My Favorite Knife

Field Dress Carcass Hanging .txt

Field Dressing Game & Fish, Penn State, 12p.pdf

Field Dressing FAQ .txt

Field Dressing and Carcass Hanging .txt

Field Dress Clear Color pics .PDF

Field Manuals,  Selected material  - Survival Primer Military Files

Field Process 1st Notes .txt

Field Dressing Quartering Boning .PDF PDF 154K

Field Dressing Quartering Boning .txt


FIELDR01 .htm web page of my very first field dressing notes

Fire, a Survivors Best Friend .txt

Fire Starter Strike Force Recommendation


God Makes My Life A Poem  - 2007   Found this file some six years after I wrote it.  Amazingly, no form of it was on my computer disks.   Scanned it in and re-worked it some.  Ministers to me.  Paul.


Fire Plow HTM

The Fire Plow    as a Web Page

 The Fire Plow    as a Text File

  The Fire Plow    as a WordPerfect Document

   The Fire Plow    as a PDF Document

Fire-craft, 3 tips from the Web .txt


Firecraft, Fire Starting. htm from Army Survival

Firecraft From Army Survival Manual pdf



First Aid  main page link

First Aid by Topic from First Aid for Soldiers

First Aid By Dvorchak .txt

First Aid, Navy Hospital Corpsman, Ch 03.pdf

First Aid Pressure Points, second version .pdf 60k

First Aid Guide .txt

First Aid Pressure Points, first version .pdf 47k

First Aid by Special Forces Major .txt

First Aid Acep Kit .txt

First Aid Folk Remedies .TXT

First Aid By Topic from First Aid for Soldiers

First Aid, Field Sanitation.pdf

First Aid Emergency Med Kits .txt

First Aid Full Manual 2002-224p.pdf

First Aid Folk Remedies .TXT

First Aid Interactive Manual, Links interact


Fishing Section .htm Army Survival Manual


Food Seeds Short Article .txt

Food Field Cooking & Nutrition .txt

Food Procurement after Nuclear .txt

Food Solar Food Drying .txt

Food Seeds Short Article .txt

Food Storage Times .txt

Food Storage 2 Articles .txt

Food procurement .htm from Army Survival

Food Procurement from Army Manual .pdf

Food Apache Cooking .txt

Food Dutch Oven Recipes .txt

Food Contamination Decontamination .txt

Food (Outdoor Cooking)

Food Outdoor Cooking List .txt

Food Storage Times .txt

Food Outdoor Stoves .txt

Food Field Cooking & Nutrition .txt

Food Dutch Oven Cookbook Good .txt

Food Cooking On An Open Fire .txt

Food, Outdoor Cooking -link

Food Grain Mill Expedient .txt

Food Storage FAQ .txt

New Food Storage Frequently Asked Questions, version 3.50

Food Procurement after Nuclear .txt

Food Storage 2 Articles .txt

Food Grain Mill Expedient .txt

Food Outdoor Stoves .txt

Food Solar Food Drying .txt

Food Outdoor Cooking List .txt

For Survival You Gotta Have Salt .txt

Fundamentals of Marksmanship .txt

Fundamentals of Machine Tools  ARMY TRAINING CIRCULAR

Geezer Cookbook .pdf 186k -83pages

General Preparation

George Washington's Vision for America

George Washington's Vision  .txt 

New, the Gift of Tongues

Giving Up Your Son

gill net

God's Commando Army

Good Knife, The Versatile ULU

Ground Combat Operations.pdf    disk only



Guns, Knives, Weapons Page  main page link

Basic Firearms Tutorial

On Conserving Ammo  -An example I never forgot, excerpted from "Tarzan the Terrible."

12 Gauge Winchester Model 1200 ( also 1300) Takedown and Cleaning

AR7 Pilots Survival Rifle

Ammo Storage Warning

Ammunition For The Self-Defense Firearm

Avoid self loading rifles .txt

Firearms Maintenance 101

Gun Security

Gun Storage Discussion

Guns, Knives, Weapons, on this site

Guns Manual

Gun Manuals, Mine, ONLY ON DVD,  plus SERIAL NUMBERS

new  Marksmanship Fundamentals, Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun. --excellent!

Marksmanship 1-36.pdf   SeaBee Combat Manual

My Y2K Chapter 13 about Guns

My First Guns. An Historical Document

Manual for 1200 Slide Action Shotgun, from Winchester in PDF format

Marlin Model 60, Breakdown and Reassembly, and Cleaning the action

Rifle Marksmanship, Marine_2004.pdf    disk only

Rifle Marksmanship, M16 and other Rifles

Shotgun Winchester Defender

Win 1200 Schematic.jpg

Win 1200 Military 03 .pdf

Win 1200 Military 01 .pdf

Win 1200 Military 02 .pdf

Winchester Model 70 Bolt Action Rifle Manual in PDF format

Using a Rifle in Combat, by Duncan Long





Guy Knife Problem .txt

Hand To Hand Combat now in PDF and HTML-

Homesteading and Community

Hospital Corpsman, Navy    disk only

How to Build a Log Raft

How to Build an Ozark Mountain Johnboat

How to find the Ceramic Water Filters on the Web

Human Target  not published on web.  Anatomically correct Torso target

Hunt Alan Fry .txt

Hunt Field Process 2nd Notes .txt

Hunt Field Process 1st Notes .txt

Hunt txd Field Dress .txt

Hunting, Field, Process, 46pages.pdf PDF 1.25megs 1250k

Hunting, Field Dressing, good paper, Jul 2002.htm text web page

Hunting and Field Dressing Files

Hunting  main page link

Hunting Scopes, Optics-  Articles


Today, in mid February, 2006, I played a copy of the seven minute prayer, called:

1997 Thanksgiving Prayer For Me   Depression has lifted, and heaviness has gone.  .  May it be of similar help to you.



Ideal Deer Rifle

I spent $1.60 on Supper

If you are having trouble, problems, or are in pain,  click on this

It is over.pdf   private word- only in my files

It is over.wpd  private word - only in my files



KA-BAR Tactical Knives  Good article from "Gunblast."  Shows service rifle, pistol, Ka-bar and fixed blade knife.  Good idea of what you might need, but not the brands I have myself, except for the pictured "Tanto"

2006 What I Might Take


Recommended Kukri Knife



Master Kukri index



Kukri I Recommend

Fuller Discussion of the Kukri

Kukris With Curses?


The Immutable KA- BAR Knife



Ka Bar Machete Cutlass




Knife Page  main page link

Ka Bar Black Tanto Recommendation and web links

Keeping a File in Your Kit to Sharpen With

knife making, from Mike 200k

Knife Making 101 text .pdf 19 pages, 49k

Knife Buck650c lifesize

Knife Sharpening FAQ- Joe Tamadge, as a text file, easy to email

Knife Sharpening, retaining the "Slicing Edge."

Knife Page, on this site

Knife and Expedient Weapons, from Hand-to-Hand FM .pdf

Master Kukri index

Kukri Knife

June 2005, Which is my best recommendation of a kukri to buy, overall  questions arose in my email about my Kukri web-pages, so I answered them, and re-told the Kukri story. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Kukri Handles 2005   detailed file about how I modified my Kukri Knife Handles

There is an audio file I recorded about the Kukri Knife, under this link

Kukri Patterns April 2005

Kukri Patterns With files on how you might make one,  April 2005.pdf

Kukri Knives, Source "By The Sword"

Kukri, Ceremonial, (Giant) 1st Evaluation

Kukri, Ceremonial, April 2005 Handle Change

Kukri, Handle, Best Shape I think you should make one

Kurt Saxon

Lamp Cooking Oil .TXT

Land Navigation, Compass

Life - Saving Birch Tree

LIfe Saving Birch Tree .txt

Make Your Own Tackle

Making of a Knife, from AJ   pdf file

Marksmanship Unit Pistol Training Guide


Medicinal Plants .txt

Medicinal Plants .rtf

Military Lethal shot placement (target) .JPG

Military knives Kukri .txt

Military Tactics

Military Lethal shot placement (target) .pdf

Military Tracking Rogers Rangers SAS .txt

Military Mountaineering

Miscellaneous Files - Guerilla Fighting

Modified Military Torso Target jpg file

Native American Hide Processing at First Contact .pdf 614K

NATO Handbook On the Medical Aspects of NBC Defensive Operations

NATO Emergency War Surgery html

New NATO Emergency War Surgery in PDF.ZIP    right click on and save

New NATO Emergency War Surgery in HTML.ZIP  right click on and save

Navigation And Tracking, Jungle Manual

Navy Seabee Combat Manual

NBC Treat Irradiated, Radioactively Cont Personnel 47p.pdf

NBC Medical Service Support, 240p.pdf 1.09 Megabytes

NBC Health Aspects Chem, Bio, 179p.pdf 898 K

NBC Biological War Casualties .pdf 1.59megabytes

NBC The Medical NBC BATTLEBOOK, 303p.pdf 3.55 Megabytes

NBC Chemical-Biological Agents 130p.pdf 3.59 Megabytes

NBC Field Manage Chem Casualties, 113p.pdf 644 K

NBC Decontamination 229p.pdf 3.48 Megabytes

NBC Treat Radiological Casualties 180p.pdf 2.19 Megabytes

NBC Nuclear Contamination Avoidance 292p.pdf 10.43 Megabytes

Normark Field Knife, Fishing

Nuclear War Survival Skills, in PDF and HTML

Pauls_Nuclear_Notebook_2006.pdf  posted on the net

Nuclear Blast Post venturing for water .txt

Nuclear War Survival Skills, in PDF and HTML

Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Manuals, (LARGE)

Obstacle and Mine Placement - Countermobility

Old Time Cleaning Remedies .txt

Orient Military and Hiking Compass

Original Prayer for the Heavenlies, "the Heavenly Space Prayer."

Outdoor Cooking File 1

Paul's Guns Manual

Paul's Blog 2005  rambling discussion about anything

Philmont Country Cookbook .pdf 208k -44pages


Phillips-Fegley Family Tree Info.  Looking for missing parts.


Branches, Family Tree.htm

Paul Phillips Pedigree Chart.pdf

Branches, First Version Given to Family.pdf

Ivan Phillips Family Side Papers.pdf  7 megabyte file






Basic Firearms Tutorial

Smallest Pistol I Recommend

357 Snub - Nose Ammo

357 Ruger SP101 Pistol Private File

Ammo Storage Warning

Ammunition For The Self-Defense Firearm

A Look at the Ruger 345 Compact Pistol

May be the best  45 I've seen- S&W model 1911

Ambush Firing .txt

Autoloading Pistol or Revolver -Pistol Points to Ponder

Combat Training with Military Pistols entire 2003.pdf 2.25 megabytes

new  Marksmanship Fundamentals, Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun. --excellent!

Marksmanship 1-36.pdf   SeaBee Combat Manual

Pistol Training Guide, Army Marksmanship Unit,  in HTML and PDF

Pistols, Not Good with One?

New Trigger Control Drills

Pistol Marksmanship Training HTML

Pistol Marksmanship, Training, as a PDF file

Pistol Ruger P95 Partsbook .pdf

Pistol Marksmanship Isometric tension .txt

Pistol Combat Stance .txt

Pistol Marksmanship Training

Pistol Marksmanship, Marine    disk only  applies to any nine millimeter

Manual for the Ruger P 95 DC Pistol, in PDF format

Shooting_to_live.pdf    disk only




Placed Ordinance Identification, Six Pages,   .pdf   

Plants Backyard Aspirin .txt

Plants Cattails Supermarket of the Swamp .txt

Plants Edible good article .txt

Plants Medicinal Important Notes .txt


Prayer from John Chapter 17 read by Paul  this prayer has helped much

(Taken from the Amplified Bible and altered slightly by my pastor.)

Prayer For Paul 20050624   prayed for me personally, (not on web) June 24, 2005


New Prudent Food Storage Frequently Asked Questions, version 3.50

Pre Y2K Chapter 6, Camping

Preparedness Hints .txt

Preparedness Essentials 02 draft .mht

Projected  Ordinance  Identification, 20 Pages  .pdf 

Pushing Against the Rock

New Ranger Handbook

Receive God's Love - short audio prayer

Recommending the Health Walker Plus


Red Dawn, the movie, what is it about?  

If you don't know what you may be preparing for, rent a copy of this movie.

Heart Of Red Dawn    3 minutes

Audio file detailing basics of invasion of the United States from the Movie : Red Dawn


Revelation, 12 to16, King James Version,  .txt 

Rope Management and Knots, from Military Mountaineering HTM

Russian Invasion, "A Call to Arms", The War Itself. htm

Russian Invasion, "A Call to Arms," The War Itself  .pdf


Savage Stevens Model 24C Over and Under


Paul' s Pocket Saws Page  Today, in March, 2007, I consider my web-site, and DVD, to be finished.  Seems I had left out a file on one of my earliest "survival" items.


Scopes Articles

Selected Chapters, Combat and Survival Field Manuals

Self-Defense: Armed and Unarmed (2nd Edition) .htm

Settling the Rockies, Stories From the 1800s


New Guide to Shotguns  16 pages, PDF, 226KB, excellent

Simple Survival Soap Making pdf

Simple How To About Compass, 2 - PLP

Simple Survival Soap Making html one page

Simple How to About Compass, 1 - PLP

Simplified Shelters

Smith and Wesson Special Ops Throwing Knife

New Sniper  Manual in PDF and HTM

Scope Target torso 05 22x34.pdf


Scope Target torso 03 22x34 .pdf


Snares Pictures Book htm

Snub-Nosed Dynamite

Solar Cooker Plans, PDF (added)

Spiritual Side Files

Squirrel Target .pdf

Stockpile Advice.txt

Strike Force HTML file

Sunrise In Shenandoah

Surveillance Units'  Movement Techniques and Battle Drills  .pdf 

Surveillance Units'  Night_Operations  .pdf 

Survival Medicine FAQ by Craig Ellis

Survival Guns and Knives

Survival Side Link

Survival Sewing - covers fabric, tents, and webbing, Army Field Manual

Survival -Man Made Environments .pdf

Survival Manual, Army, in HTM, from Rocky Mountain Survival Group

Survival Text Files

Survival Talks-  audio files I recorded about my hobby

Survival Tools .txt

Survival Talk- Kukri Knife, Tool, Recommendation

Survival Notes, by George Riggs , a book in HTML

Survivalist Homestead .txt

Tanning How Indians Did .txt

Targets, Free, Printable


Target31March2006.bmp  "Target Workshop"  place where I feature free targets I create in my spare time.



Target Recommended  Shoot N C Targets.htm  New

Tarp Shelters

Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs

Free Music! Want a FREE CD of Scripture Songs?  "Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, in all wisdom teaching and exhorting yourselves in psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord." Colossians 3.16 Freely received, freely given. 




The Carpenter

Want to know what is meant by Baal and Ashera? Questions about your free will?  What is all this about heavenly space? What are the Zodiac Angels and how do they work in our lives?  The Overall Picture that God Has Shown Me  -Dwight Jester

Temporary Hide and Surveillance Sites  .pdf 

Tent Waterproofing Trick .txt

Terrain Association, Maps

The Fire Plow .txt

The following is a summary of a fictional account of what may happen after a nuclear attack....

The Three Trees

The  Paradox  of  our  Age

The Road of Life

The ULU Knife, for Survival

Three Knives

Thrown  Ordinance  Identification,   5 pages  .pdf 

Timber Bridges.pdf

Torso Target, Anatomically Correct,  in High Def and 2 sizes.pdf

Trench Candles .txt

New   Trigger Control Drills  excellent

Twelve Gauge Shotgun


Unshakable Faith Held Like and Anchor

Using Pants as a Life Jacket

Ulu Knife

Venison - Processing and Cooking


Water Purification Clorox .txt

Water Solar Still priming .txt

Water Storage Vikki Tate .txt


Water Treatment FAQ V2 2 .txt

New Water_Storage_Container_FAQ.htm

New Water_Treatment_FAQ_2_2.htm

Water Nasties in .txt

Water basic cleansing .txt

Water Solar Still T Brown .txt

Waterborne  Infiltration  and  Exfiltration  .pdf 

Water, Well Drilling, Lifewater Drilling & Well Construction Reference Manual

Water, Well Drilling, FM 5- 484 Military Well Drilling Manual 


What Shotgun Should I Use?

What not to do to your snub nosed pistol

What you probably need

What Handgun or Rifle Should I Use?


Where to Look in the Bible for Help

Which Round? Which Gun? What Does all this Stuff Mean? - my take

Why I do this

Wild Game from Field to Table .pdf 1.01megs

Wilderness Shelters, one good book I recommend

Wilderness First Aid by Special Forces Major .txt

Wilderness Survival Handbook, by Alan Fry

Wild Dogs \ Stopping A Charging Dog

WMD , also called Nuclear Biological, Chemical

WMD USA Emergency Plans Book .txt

WMD Nuclear Attack Warnings by attack itself .txt

WMD CDC Radiation Emergencies .txt

WMD NO Experts On .txt

WMD defense .txt

WMD How Survive a Nuclear Attack.txt

WMD Effects FM 8_10_7 .txt

WMD Handbook Fox News .txt

WMD Getting Food After, Duncan Long .txt

WMD Trans Pacific Fallout .txt

WMD Effects FM 8_10_7 .txt

WMD How Survive Nuclear Attack .txt

WMD Startling Article on Radiation .txt

WMD NO Experts On .txt

WMD CDC Radiation Emergencies .txt

WMD USA Emergency Plans Book .txt

WMD The Fall of Money .txt

WMD Nuclear Attack Warnings by attack itself .txt

WMD Nuclear War Myths and Facts .txt

WMD What to Do if Nuclear War Breaks Out .txt

WMD The Fall of Money .txt

WMD Nuclear War Survival Skills order form .txt

WMD Handbook Fox News .txt

WMD Post Emergency Water .txt

WMD Potassium Iodide Paper .txt

WMD Radiation, Do Not Lay on the Ground rule .txt

WMD SFC Red Thomas .txt

WMD Startling Article on Radiation .txt

WMD Trans Pacific Fallout .txt

WMD defense .txt

WMD Radiation, Do Not Lay on the Ground rule .txt

Working Firearm Article   created as a private file, wound up publishing it

Woods Walks Page

Words to the "Way Of Wisdom" by Michael Card


Hand Over Solar Plexis Prayers- A new Way to pray for yourself.  From Dwight Jester, April 27, 2006



Curse Of Poverty Prayers  -- Richard Sicheneder.  Seems to cover every curse that the Bible talks about our families coming under.  Read this.  PDF file linked

Prayer for Yourself. Dwight Jester.  2006 Version  just over 5 minutes

Prayer for Others.  Dwight Jester. 2006 Version   just under 5 minutes

Proclaim The Kingdom Of God Prayer 

Right click on, and chose "save target as," to download to your computer, or just click on to listen to.

Proclaiming The Kingdom Teaching  very good file to listen to.

14Nov99 Prayer, on net and DVD, 24megs, best listening  long to load on the net, best for making CD, this is about the first file I put on the internet.  Listening to this one covers most problems.

If on the web, this copy will load quicker: CGL_Deliver_14Nov99_4plus_meg.mp3

Immersed in Gods Love.htm

CGL-New General Prayer 02.htm





The Overall Picture that God Has Shown Me


So Now What Am I Supposed to Do ?



Do You Wish to contribute to Survival Primer?



2006Masterindex.htm  Most comprehensive master file list, yet, of DVD files and web site files.  Under construction.  With five times as much info on the DVD as on the web, many of the listed files on the above page will not open from the web. 


This Master Index on this page is large, but not as large or involved as the one linked above. 






Broken links:  Some Files were deleted and I am in the process of restoring my site.    Email me at   if you are not finding what you seek.   I have replied to all such requests, so far, and restored the requested links.   Helps me to see what people are wanting to read, and find what has been removed.  Thank you.   Paul.


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I can only think, in all humbleness, that the risen Lord, Jesus Christ, has indeed led me to create this thing, for those who may come after me.  Paul Phillips, August 16, 2004.


How to Avoid Getting Lost

Army Compass Pamphlet saved to the DVD of this Web site

Various Survival Manual Files - Only on DVD


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What might be a a simple prayer of salvation?

Jesus Christ,
You Are
The Son of God,
and King of Kings,
and Lord of Lords.

I accept Your sacrifice
on the Cross of Calvary
for my Sins,
right now.

I ask you in
Jesus' Name,
to Heal, Deliver,
and set me free.

I ask you to enable me
to walk in the New Man
the rest of my days,
and to never walk
in the ways of the Old Man,

Amen, Thank You Jesus.

Jesus, I accept your Sacrifice,
and Forgiveness,
in Your Holy Name.




Volcanic Eruption Could Unleash Giant Tsunamis on U.S.!  

221-square-mile chunk of land poised to fall into Atlantic !

New Madrid Fault and the Mississippi Valley Earthquake












                  New Madrid Earthquake Story JPG open full screen   F11  


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The day I came to the LORD, before I knew what a vision was, I saw myself walking through a devastated United States of America.  You need to accept Jesus as LORD and make what preparations He would have you make.  This site has basic only, survival information, hence the name Survival Primer, or beginning teaching book.  Most of the information has been gleaned from the internet.  The entire site, Survival and Christian, is saved to a single CD disk  that you can own.   The Christian teaching is from my church, and is original to it.  God has changed my life through the ministry of my church. God will change yours, through Jesus Christ, if you let Him.  My prayer is that God lead you into all truth, and that the abiding love that is expressed through His Son, Jesus Christ, come to rule and abide and infill your life, perfectly. Paul.


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Extended files above 3.5 gigs.  Double Layered DVD technology makes this possible.   Often people do not know what questions to ask, so the process was to boil down data to one CD. Next process was to Keep it within one DVD. About 3.5 Gigs was max, for stability on the disk. Double layer I figure to be about 7 gigs, hence the name.  Will be adding data starting April, 2006.  I put the most important data into disk form first, and expanded out from there.  No apologies for duplication of earlier files.