One day in Maryland, years ago, my mother smiled at me, an amazingly peaceful smile, and pulled out a piece of paper, folded and tucked in her Bible. "I asked God to show me what Jesus looked like", she said simply,  "and this is what I drew:"  It was, and continues to be, wonderful to look at. "You like it? She asked, and said,  "Here, you can have it!"   Now, my mother never drew like this, before or since.  She won't let me copyright the picture, or include her name on it, so here it is for free, for you, as a blessing.   Paul

Vastly Upgraded print over the ones below  Jesus_2008scan.htm

A one page printable PDF of the Portrait

PDF "Shroud" Portrait as a poster with John 16 : 33

Portrait of Jesus God gave my mother.jpg

One page article  Portrait and Shroud 2003.pdf

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