Late September 2009 note:  What I have been told is that I have a life-threatening hernia, life threatening sleep apnea, and next Monday they are going to look at my heart with the ultrasound they use for the heart.  Some evidence of a heart attack, years ago, as I had been trying to tell them happened, is there, and they are concerned.  

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This same section is applies to three different files as it seemed to be important to them.  Thank you.



September 2009 note.  Doctors at the VA told me I am medically unable to work, and that I can not work.  I have been able to take pictures and do some card printing when I am having a good day.  So far, there has been little or no income.  Below I wrote that that the condition being written about may be COPD.  That really came up as I described it to the VA rep, as we started the process of getting me medical help.  Neither of the two of us are doctors.  Currently the doctors are looking more at my heart, there being some evidence of a heart attack, years ago...   It takes a lot of time with large gaps in between for the VA medical system to work with you, and I will let you know of future updates.  Paul.   





Same note, three different files : Overall point is I am in a dilemma and I don't know what to do.   My physical and financial condition are such that I am stuck.  (This is the end July, 2009)  I am reaching out to whoever will listen, and asking for help, as the LORD might lead.    Prayers, financial help, putting me in contact with others,  whatever way you might wish, will be fine.  Paul.       Paul Phillips, PO Box 38, Yadkinville, NC, 27055


[email protected]



original file below

Asking for prayer about my condition



email I sent out last night, and am now posting.  It explains itself.  Minor editing and emphasis added.


Seems to read very well, if curt, but assumes you know I have not been feeling well for quite some time:


Link to nature pictures page of this period


Serious Sharing -Asking for prayer about my condition

From: Paul Phillips ([email protected])

Sent: Sat 6/06/09 10:39 PM


To my friends and family:


This is a time for serious sharing


Have made the statement this week that if something does not happen by the end of the year, I will be

destitute. Saying six months or so.


Don't know that for certain, but believe it to be true.


 Now I am feeling some better, but realize I could not yet work, even if I could get it. Am trying to develop my own card business, photography business, and painting.


That is fine, art, painting. Don't have much energy for even that. Description of condition will follow.


What started all this

Made simple version of above statement to a friend who walks his dog where I take pictures. He recommended

the VA rep in Yadkinville. Went right then.


Upshot is they says I will get VA medical treatment.

Letter should come back in two weeks telling me where to go.


They seem to think I can qualify for a VA pension. That would take about six months, he guesses.

Also recommended I needed to apply for Social Security Disability, which I have. (- later note, with no prior medical proof, does not look good.)


Some problems may arise as I have not yet been diagnosed by a doctor.


Guy at the VA says it sounds like COPD. Sounds like that to me, when I read about it.








My mother did not tell us of her problems, during her last years. She did get medical help and treatment, after things got very serious, but she still did not talk about her physical problems, as much as she should have.


Apparently, I have the same stubbornness, and lack of wanting to share. Seems like I don't want to involve you in my problems.


Now it appears I don't have a choice.


Have felt many times like I was going to die, but not in the last year or so. Good news, there.


I learned in construction that hard work would not hurt you, and I frankly miss it. Through twenty-five years in construction, I learned what I could and could not do, physically. Have employed that method, pushing myself, improving my diet, and what not. Have gotten stronger, but had to realize not strong enough.


Did get into depression during the last year but am largely out of that. Did gain weight, but am turning that around.

Am not quite as fat as I was.


I would rather work than be on disability. My photography really blesses me, and I still think the card business and fine art oil painting will eventually bring in money.



Was asking the LORD for help and direction, and the day or so prior to all this broke free, was asking the LORD if I needed medical attention.



So here we are.



Actually, I don't expect you to help me. Sounds rough, doesn't it? Point is the LORD said to write this to my friends

and family, ( and now to post it on the internet,) and go from there.


Don't get too exited about all this, the LORD has always helped me.


Still shame of admitting, but I do remember my father calling me months before he died, telling me that he had a

cancer that, if it came back, would kill him quickly, and they could do nothing about it. Was not sure whether he

was upset or not.


Shame is I think I have the same problem he did, and not wanting to admit how scared I am and unsure of things.


Still say Jesus is LORD and He has, and will, take care of me.


Serious sharing done for now, did the best I could,


Love, Paul.


Paul Phillips

PO Box 38, Yadkinville, NC, 27055

[email protected]





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