Selected Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Manuals, (LARGE)

Selected Nuclear, Chemical Biological (NBC) Manuals

These are large PDF files.  Loading the files on this page files took some three hours on my dialup connection.

NBC The Medical NBC  BATTLEBOOK, 303p.pdf   3.55 Megabytes

NBC Biological War Casualties.pdf  1.59megabytes

NBC Treat Radiological Casualties 180p.pdf  2.19 Megabytes

NBC Chemical-Biological Agents 130p.pdf  3.59 Megabytes

NBC Decontamination 229p.pdf  3.48 Megabytes

NBC Field Manage Chem Casualties, 113p.pdf  644 K

NBC Health Aspects Chem, Bio, 179p.pdf  898 K

NBC Medical Service Support,  240p.pdf  1.09 Megabytes

NBC Nuclear Contamination Avoidance 292p.pdf  10.43 Megabytes

NBC Treat Irradiated, Radioactively Cont Personnel 47p.pdf  3.74 Megabytes

Nuclear War Survival Skills, page, in PDF and HTML


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