Sunday Morning, October 17, 2004.  The only sections of this that will work on the web are the Army Combatives Manual, and the Marine Corps Martial Arts Basics ones.  I have gathered this info in different times and seasons, and have saved it in its historical order, that is to say, as I first gathered it.


Hand - to - Hand  Combat

First section is from Army Combatives Manual, in PDF and HTML

Second is from Marine Basic Martial Arts Training, in PDF


Combatives  Ch1   Introduction to Hand to Hand  .html



Combatives  Ch2  Trainer Instruction,  Hand to Hand  .html



Combatives  Ch3  Basic Ground Fighting  .html






Combatives  Ch5  Takedowns and Throws  .html



Combatives  Ch6  Strikes, Arm, Leg, Knee, Elbow,  .html



Combatives  Ch7  Hand Held Weapons  .html



Combatives  Ch8  Standing Defense  .html






Combatives  Appendix A Situational Training .htm




Marine Corps Martial Arts Basics

PDF Files- mostly text - only, for the classroom.  These are the "teacher scripts" that go along with a PowerPoint Presentation that I do not have.  Still, quite good reading.   Came upon this unexpectedly, while looking for something else. Paul.


Within Each Topic Below,

Read Down to Where It Says: "Body"




Counter to Chokes and Holds
Unarmed Manipulation
Armed Manipulation
Knife Techniques

ALL  THE    Marine Corps Martial Arts Basics  Documents in One File



This section starts files that are not on the net.  I have exceeded the space allowed me there, and am including them on the disk, ,only.  Paul.





Martial Arts Techniques and





w/ Credit to Ron Shively


for Development and Compilation of these techniques


Letter of Introduction


Yellow Belt Techniques

Orange Belt Techniques

Blue Belt Techniques

Purple Belt Techniques

Green Belt Techniques



2nd Brown Belt Techniques 


1st Dan Black Belt Techniques 

2nd Dan Black Belt Techniques

3rd Dan Black Belt Techniques

4th Dan Black Belt Techniques

5th Dan Black Belt Techniques


Karate Manual 1

Karate Manual 2

Karate Manual 3

Karate Variations


Combatives 1

Combatives 2

Combatives 3

Combatives 4

Combatives 5

Combatives 6


Attacking the Circle Outline

Alternate Training Drill

Black Belt Certification Test

Hidden Knife Applications


The Secrets of Jujitsu, A Complete Course in Self Defense


By Captain Allan Corstorphin Smith, U.S.A.

Winner of the Black Belt, Japan, 1916. Instructor of Hand-to-Hand Fighting,

THE INFANTRY SCHOOL, Camp Benning, Columbus, Georgia and at United States

Training Camps and Cantonments, 1917 and 1918.


In Seven Books.




Applegate's "Kill or Be Killed" is considered to be a prime source book on unarmed and armed hand-to-hand combat.  The entire book is here, in a download over seventeen megabytes.   For ease, I have broken it down to chapters, as well, which I believe is exclusive to me.


Kill  or  Get  Killed 


Riot Control Techniques, Handling,

and Close Combat for Police and Military
Lieutenant Colonel Rex Applegate, USA - Retired

This reference publication was written in 1976 by Lieutenant Colonel Rex Applegate, USA (Ret), with the help of the Combat Section, Military Intelligence Training Center, Camp Ritchie, Maryland. At last there is one volume which speaks to the subjects of unarmed combat (offensive and defensive), combat use of weapons, disarming the enemy, handling of prisoners, the handling of mob/crowd disobedience, the use of chemicals in such situations, and how to establish a professional riot control unit. This is an invaluable reference for officers and Senior NCO's whose duties encompass these topics. The detail, techniques, and training procedures presented will enhance small unit training, and every unit involved in the above activities should have copies to which they may refer.

Full Manual In PDF Format

All the Chapters Listed Below in One Document

Introductory Material Up to Chapter 1

   1  Introduction to Unarmed Combat 

   2  Offensive Unarmed Combat

   3  Defensive Unarmed Combat

   4  Knife Attack and Defense

   5  Combat Use of the Hand Gun

   6  Combat Firing with Shoulder Weapons

   7  Disarming

   8  Prisoner Handling and Control

   9  Raids and Room Combat


 11  Elementary Field Craft


 13  Chemical Riot Control of Mobs and Individuals


 15  Communist Tactics and Strategy in Directing Mob Violence

Chapter 16 



Files that are not on the net.  I have exceeded the space allowed me there, and am including them on the disk, ,only.  .

Came upon the Close Quarters Combat files the week of October 17, 2004, here listed loosely, as first found.  Page name remains the same.

Close Quarters Combat


This was an extra reference to the same Kill or Get Killed listed above, that I left in.  Repetition is fine on web pages, people look at things differently.


Shooting without Sights

 "Shooting without sights is an additional technique, not a replacement for aimed shooting. Gun magazines like to run "aimed vs pointed" articles and debates, which fills a lot of column inches. Often discussion between the two sides gets very heated and even abusive, but these writers are losing the point. If you look at Applegate's book " Kill or Get Killed"  he has some very nice illustrations of supported positions for aimed pistol fire." Actually not originally linked to this page, but what got me into this file."   Applegate's book is linked to this page, too.




Get Tough html (linked)

How to win in Hand - To Hand Fighting.

As taught to the British Commandos and the US Armed Forces.  Links work within document, to other places in document. 

Get Tough .pdf




Silent Killing, WWII Commando Style

Originally Published in Soldier of Fortune Magazine.
By William Cassidy




Don Rearic



Note: This is Chapter 8 of the Marine Corps manual on Close Combat. The layout (2 column manual format) only has been modified for easier reading and comprehension.



Basic Boxing Manual




Student Self Defense Manual, Stanford



Knife Insertion Points



Military Unarmed Combat Team - The Royals:

Military Close Quarters Combat Phase One



Text Book of Close Quarters Combat, first six chapters





FM 21-150,

Unarmed Defense for the American Soldier,

June 30, 1942

Section I, General

Section II, Basic Principles

Section III, Wrist Escapes

Section IV, Escapes from Body Holds

Section V, Defenses against Choke Holds

Section VI, Defenses against Kicks

(No other sections listed.)

Section IX, Defenses against Blows with Club,

    and Techniques of Club




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