Navy Seabee Combat Manual

Seabee 01  History and Organization.pdf

Seabee 02   Clothing and Equipment.pdf

Seabee 03  Marksmanship.pdf

Seabee 04   Combat Movememt.pdf

Seabee 06   Evasion, Survival, Escape.pdf

Seabee 07   Individual Protective Measures.pdf

Seabee 08   Constructing Wire Entanglements.pdf

Seabee 09   Chemical, Biological, Radiological.pdf

Seabee 10   First Aid, Field Sanitation.pdf

Seabee 11   Communications Equipment.pdf

Seabee 12  Grenades, Mines, Flares, Booby Traps.pdf

Seabee 13  Grenade Launcher, Machine Guns.pdf

Seabee 14  60-MM Mortar and AT4.pdf

Seabee 15  Common Military Terms.pdf


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