A word about aiming

Sunday, February 22, 2004.

Relax and think about what you are trying to hit, not how you are going to hit it.


I was just out back practicing with my new throwing knives. Now, I have always been able to throw things like that, screwdrivers, knives, whatever, and make them stick. Since I am 51, not 15, I have not thrown a knife for years. Yesterday I bought three Colt throwing knives, the best I have ever seen.

A re-discovery was made about aiming.  This works for Firearms use, knife throwing, and whatever.

What I noticed a while ago, I have noticed in target shooting, or tin-can shooting. You need to think about what you want to hit, not the mechanics of what you are going to hit it with. Try that, it helps.

One thing I have noticed with a rifle, particularly using a scope, is that, when you FIRST get a “good site picture” your body naturally stiffens and “points” as you concentrate on hitting your target. Shoot right then, and do not wait, things will not get better. As said above, think about what you want to hit, not how you are going to hit it. Most people “get a good feeling” when the are right-on, with a target.

Often, with a pistol, if you just look at what you want to hit, and point, you will do well. Important thing is to relax. You need to practice with your hunting weapons, no matter what they are, until they are completely comfortable to you.


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