Our best urban survival kit recommendations:

Best value for money: First My Family 72 hour urban survival gear

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If you want to make sure you have everything you need in any given situation, for at least 72 hours for your entire family....the First My Family urban survival kit is the one for you.

You get a sturdy backpack you can keep in your car, or in your house near the door so you can grab it when disaster strikes.

Unlike most kits, it focusses on having enough of everything for a larger family, although you can also buy it for 2 or even 1 person.

It's a complete disaster preparedness kit that has the essentials for keeping warm, keeping hydrated, keeping well fed, and of course make sure you can handle any medical situation.

If you're not into the cool gadgets and multi-tools (because it doesn't have any), then this gear is what you should get for your family.

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Best budget urban survival kit: Aokiwo 200 Piece Emergency Gear

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This is the most purchased urban survival kit bar none, with over 6,500 positive reviews to boot!

It's the only kit in this price range that has everything you might need, no matter the situation:
  • 28pcs of emergency survival gear
  • 16pcs of medical supplies
  • even 10pcs of fishing tools

  • And much, much more. All in a easy to carry gear pouch.

    Plus of course a folding knife and pliers multi-tool to use when you're in a pinch, although those could be a bit sturdier.

    But for this price, you get everything you'll need and can always expand from there.

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    Premium survival readiness gear: Uncharted Supply Co The Seventy2 Survival System

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    If you're serious about urban survival, you'll want to get the Uncharted kit!

    It's the brand everyone knows, and you know why? They've tested it with every professional in the game, from:
    • first responders
    • survival experts
    • and yes, even mountain guides

    Just to make sure they've got everything covered life might throw your way in a difficult situation.

    It's definitely a premium price, but it's 600D waterproof tapaulin that keeps your 72 hours worth of life-saving gear safe in all conditions.

    Check the latest prices here

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