10 Duct Tape Hacks For Urban Survival Kit

10 Duct Tape Hacks For Urban Survival

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Duct tape is one of the most versatile inventions ever made, so useful that its uses are only limited by your imagination. That makes it an indispensable element of any urban survival kit and these 10 hacks are just a small part. @img

Duct Tape Bandage Hack

  10)   Wound Closure

The incredible stickiness of duct tape makes them extremely reliable as bandages from small to medium sized wounds. It’s so ideal for survival purposes that they even made actual duct tape bandaids for everyday use.

Improvised Restraints /// Urban Survival Kit

  9)   Improvised Restraints

When it comes to urban survival, during peace, war or any SHTF event, hand cuffs can be important and practical. Because unlike wilderness survival, people are the animals. Duct tape restraints just happen to be super reliable.

Duct Tape Tinder /// Urban Survival Kit

  8)   Tinder

Even in urban environments, the ability to create fire is an undeniable necessity – think power outages. The raw materials that make up duct tape burn easily and well, like tinder. It won’t be the cleanest fire but it will work.

Duct Tape Rope and Cordage /// Urban Survival Kit

  7)   Rope and Cordage

Duct tape’s tensile strength and toughness is legendary, braid it into thick rope or mere thin cordage and you got one hell of a worthy replacement for the real thing.

Duct Tape Window Repair /// Urban Survival Kit

  6)   Window Treatments

Duct tape is widely used on windows when hurricane level storms are expected. But what if the windows do break? You can use duct tape to repair full windows or completely cover the damage up, effectively temporarily at least.

Duct Tape Cups /// Urban Survival Kit

  5)   Cups

Duct tape can be made to be rigid and it’s also completely waterproof, so it can be constructed as cups, plates and bowls. In terms of extreme survival, “dishes†are typically a luxury – with this duct tape hack you can just make them.

Duct Tape Hammock /// Urban Survival Kit

  4)   Hammocks

If you’re lacking furniture but have a surplus of duct tape in a post-apocalyptic world, making yourself a hammock might make survival a bit more livable. You barely need other materials to make it, just sticks and rope (see #7).

Duct Tape Cast and Sling /// Urban Survival Kit

  3)   Cast and Sling

A proven duct tape hack that mends wounds (#10) already exists but it can be taken even further to use them as a casts for fractured fingers to broken limbs. Conveniently, an arm sling to go with a cast is easy to implement.

Duct Tape Backpack /// Urban Survival Kit

  2)   Carry Equipment

People make duct tape wallets all the time, they even sell them. You can take that same principle and make much larger capacity bags like totes and backpacks. The material of the duct tape gives it waterproofness and ruggedness.

Duct Tape Shoe Repair Hack /// Urban Survival Kit

  1)   Universal Repair

Duct tape work is not pretty but the results speak for themselves. It truly can fix (almost) anything, or even completely replace and certainly reinforce many things.