Best Survival Knives
Best Survival Knives

14 Best Survival Knives in 2022

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Yes, a knife can be your best friend. Knives are one of the handiest tools. You can use them in several situations, especially dire ones. A knife is a tool attached to the word ‘Survival’ the most. It can come in handy when going on outdoor adventures to set traps, cut branches and vines, carve trees for markers, or even cut and skin animals. A knife can always prove to be the ultimate survival gear in an emergency.

Let us all hope that none of us ever face a situation wherein we need survival, but a survival knife will be our best friend if we do. There are a lot of options for users to choose from. The decision regarding which knife to pick can be crucial. In our quest to find the best survival knives, we will look at the types of knives available and the factors we must consider before selecting one.

Best Overall Fixed Blade Survival KnifeESEE-6 Fixed Blade Knife
Best Survival Knife With Drop Point BladeGerber Gear 31-003941 Ultimate Knife
Most Durable Survival KnifeMorakniv Bushcraft Black Carbon Fixed Blade Knife (M-12490)
Best Tanto Blade Survival KnifeSmith & Wesson SW7 10.6in High Carbon S.S. Fixed Blade Knife
Survival Knife With Best GripGerber Bear Grylls Survival AO Knife
Best High Carbon Steel Survival KnifeSchrade SCHF9 12.1in High Carbon Steel Fixed Blade Knife
Best Folding Survival KnifeSmith & Wesson Extreme Ops SWA24S 7.1in S.S. Folding Knife
Best Survival Knife With Fire StarterMorakniv Companion Spark
Survival Knife With Best DesignGERBER LMF II Survival Knife
Best High-End Survival KnifeOfficially Licensed RAMBO II MC-RB2 Survival Knife
Best Survival Knife With Serrated EdgeGERBER StrongArm Fixed Blade Knife
Best Survival Knife for HuntingKA-BAR Full-Size US Marine Corps Fighting Knife
Best Survival Throwing KnivesSmith & Wesson Bullseye Throwing Products
Best Budget Survival KnifeALBATROSS Best 6-in-1 Survival Tactical Military Folding Pocket Knives

Types of Survival Knives

Types of Survival Knives
Types of Survival Knives

There are many types of survival knives one can choose from. There are different ones for different uses. So let us go through the different types to see which one is the right one for us!

Boot Fixed Blade Knives

Boot knives are one of the most common types of survival knives. They are small, usually carried in boots or belts, and easily concealed. Boot knives are also often found being word around the neck on chains by people.

Boot knives are generally 2.5 – 3.5 inches in size and double-edged. Due to its size, a boot knife is usually a secondary knife for adventurers, not the primary knife. It isn’t the best choice for skinning animals or cutting branches.

Combat Knives

As the name suggests, a combat knife may come in handy for combat. Used mainly by soldiers, combat knives are the perfect weapon in close-range combat, where heavier weapons may not be the best choice.

It is a must for every soldier, right from the bottom to the top level, to carry a combat knife as a part of their equipment, not only for combat but this knife can be used as a tool in any needed situation. Combat knives are generally 4 – 7 inches in length.

They usually have one serrated side and one sharp-edged side to give them some versatility, however, combat knives are more durable than most survival knives due to their purpose.

Military Knives

A military knife is very similar to a combat knife because they are used primarily for combat purposes. Any armed forces designate a military knife as their choice of knife. Military knives are a good choice for military enthusiasts as these are some of the most durable knives out there.

These do not just come in handy for combat but also serve as the right tool for digging holes, food preparation & cooking, setting up tents, starting a fire, etc.

Folding Survival Knives

Folding knives are another survival kind. Folding knives aren’t the most sought-after survival knives due to their lack of durability. But, it is convenience where the survival knife shines the most! They are easy to conceal and carry around your in pockets, unlike a fixed blade knife that would tear through it.

Knives with a fixed blade would do more damage than a folding survival knife, but an excellent folding knife would ensure it does enough to get you through your job.

Tactical Knives

These are some of the more well-rounded knives because they are made to be the perfect tool for household chores and military work. Some kinds of knives are often made with looks in mind, but a tactical knife isn’t one such. You may not find the prettiest-looking tactical knife, but you’ll always find them to be super durable.

One can say that this is the knife that will see the sharpening stone the least often. This is major because tactical knives can take a lot of abuse, wear and tear.

Rambo Knives

You would be lying if you said you did not know who Rambo was. Played by Sylvester Stallone, the character of Vietnam war veteran John Rambo brought the Rambo knife in front of the masses.

The audience would see Rambo using a large survival knife in many ways, for many things, which came to be known as the Rambo knife, a knife that usually has a hollow handle and with a serrated edge.

Buck Hunting Knives

A bucking hunt knife, also known as a buck knife, is mainly used for skinning the game and chopping your prey. The name might suggest using a buck knife for hunting, but that isn’t the case. Hunting with a knife is not an easy thing to do. It’s the post-hunt work for which this survival knife is the most suited.

The buck hunting knife is a fixed blade knife which makes it sturdier and more durable. This also makes it useful for tasks besides hunting. Check out our guide to the best hunting knives to find the best one for buck hunting!

EMS Knives

EMS stands for Emergency Medical Services. Police, EMTs, and firefighters mostly use these knives. Those who respond to emergencies first use these knives. They come in extremely handy and are usually of smaller sizes. Most EMS knives come with a belt clip to be clipped to the belts of the personnel.

Besides emergencies, EMS knives are also appropriate for camping, hikes, and outdoor adventures. Many EMS knives come with seat belt cutters and glass breakers. These come in handy in case of car accidents.

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Survival Knife

There are a lot of factors that decide the right survival knife for you. First, you need to consider the following factors before picking one. A survival knife can be a lifesaver in case of an emergency. Let us look at the things to be kept in mind while buying a survival knife.


Looks can be deceptive. A knife’s blade does not just start at the top of the handle, at least in a good survival knife. A part of the blade extends down to the bottom of the handle, called the tang of the knife.

Some knives have a “full tang,” some have a “half tang,” and cheap ones have none. Users looking for the best quality survival knives should ensure that it has a full tang. A full tang ensures that the knife has a lot of strength and does not break off. Full tang knives are the go-to choice!


Understandably so, the handle of a knife should be of utmost importance to a buyer. For example, handles are made from many different materials, viz. leather, polymer hard rubber, wooden, etc. A good handle is one that primarily offers you a good grip.

Besides grip, handles have some other elements too. For example, cylindrical-shaped handles often come with compasses built into their bottom. Some handles come with a lanyard slot so that you can tie the knives around your hands, increasing grip even further. It would be best to avoid hollow handles, as most hollow handles do not have a full tang.

Blade Design or Blade Shape

There are various kinds of blade designs, viz. straight blade, serrated blade, drop point blade, tanto blade, or clip point blade. You use different types of blades for different situations. Serrated blades are more useful where a slicing movement is involved, be it for slicing ropes, cords, or hunted prey. On the other hand, a straight blade will be more helpful in chopping food.

On the other hand, drop point blades or clip point blades are better for puncture motions and, therefore, more suitable as hunting knives. Therefore, based on your requirement, you should choose the right blade design for yourself.

Blade Material/Metal

Like knife handles and blade shapes, there are different blade materials. They majorly fall under two categories, carbon steels, and stainless steels. Both have their advantages, therefore to each their own.

A stainless steel blade will last longer, take a lot of wear and tear, and do not rust easily. It is powerful; therefore, the blade does not take much damage. Although, the blade dulls out easier than the carbon variant and is harder to sharpen. Carbon steel knives rust easier and aren’t as durable as stainless steel ones, but they hold their sharpness for longer.

Also, in an outdoorsy situation, you may need to sharpen your knife using rocks. Of course, doing so isn’t possible with a stainless steel knife but with a carbon steel one. Not sure what’s the best sharpening tool for you? Check out our list of the top knife sharpeners on the market!

Blade Length, Thickness, and Weight

In other words, a blade’s dimensions are of utmost importance when picking the correct tactical knife for yourself. Smaller blades are easy to carry and conceal but might not do the job a larger survival knife could do. For example, a larger blade knife would excel at chopping branches or vines but imagine carrying them on your belts.

Blade lengths usually range between 4 – 12 inches, depending on their type and use. A smaller blade may not be of much help, and one larger than this would be called a sword. The bigger the knife blade, the heavier it will be. It would be more challenging to carry around. Smaller blade knives are easier to carry due to their low weight.

We recommend that a blade should not be thinner than 3/16th and not thicker than 1/4th of an inch on the thickness front. Such a blade would not have a lot of flex, which we seek in a survival knife. These blades are thick enough to go through animal meat and wood simultaneously. They can easily withstand the beating from batoning as well!

Sheath and Lanyard Hole

Sheath refers to the cover or sleeve where you put your survival knife. A sheath is essential for carrying your knives, and a good quality sturdy sheath always helps. People often use a leather sheath, rubber sheath, or TPE sheath.

Lanyard holes, as mentioned earlier, allow you to string your knives to carry them or wrap them around your hands for a better grip. You can use lanyard holes to mount knives on sticks to make spears.

Top 14 Survival Knives on the Market

It is time we get into our shortlist of the best survival knives, based on multiple categories!

1. ESEE-6 Fixed Blade Knife

Best Overall Fixed Blade Survival Knife

  • Very durable and rugged blade
  • Knife handle is customizable
  • Available in many beautiful color variants
  • Suitable for all purposes
  • Free breakage replacements (Warranty)
  • Sheath quality is average
  • Knife size is a bit large for concealment

As we have read above, survival knives come in various types and have multiple features which make them a suitable choice or a bad one. On our quest to find the best survival knife, we bring to you the ESEE – 6 Fixed Blade Knife. It is the best overall fixed blade knife, in our opinion. Let us get right into the details!

Firstly, the ESEE – 6 is available in 6 beautiful colors to match your adventure outfit. It has an overall length of 11.75″ inches, with a blade length of 6.50″ inches. The blade thickness is 0.188″, which is optimal for a survival knife blade. The blade grind is flat and is designed as a drop point blade. The material used in its construction is 1095 Carbon Steel with 55-57 RC. The handle material is Linen Micarta which ensures a solid grip.

Secondly, as the title suggests, the ESEE – 6 Knife is the perfect knife for overall situations. Do not expect it to chop down a large tree, but it has enough strength to chop smaller trees and tree branches. It can also be used as a hunting knife, thanks to its drop point tip, allowing it to pierce animal skin with utmost ease.

To conclude, it is a very well-rounded knife, and you can use it in many situations. Be it for hunting animals, setting up tents, or chopping up some woof, this knife ticks all the boxes. To top it off, it has one of the best possible warranties that give you free breakage replacements. Mouthwatering, isn’t it?

2. Gerber Gear 31-003941 Ultimate Knife

Best Survival Knife With Drop Point Blade

  • Very durable stainless steel blade
  • Half serrated blade for versatility
  • It comes with a fire starter
  • Nylon sheath with on the go sharpener
  • Pommel can be used as a hammer
  • Only available in a single color

The Gerber Gear 31-003941 Ultimate Knife is a top-of-the-line bushcraft knife. It makes it to our list as the best survival knife with a drop point blade. So let us take a closer look.

Firstly, only available in green color, the Gerber Gear 31-003941 has a 4.75″ inch partially serrated stainless steel blade with a drop point tip. This makes it a good choice for rope cutting and edge retention. The textured rubber handle ensures there is a firm grip.

Secondly, the handle has a stainless steel base which allows the knife to be used as a hammer. The Gerber Gear 31-003941 comes with a fire starter handy while camping and trekking. An on-the-go sharpening tool attached to the nylon sheath comes with this knife.

To conclude, the 31-003941 Ultimate Knife is a versatile small-sized knife that you can use to chop up wood and cut ropes. The fire-starting ability, the steel base, and the sharpening tool are welcome add-ons.

3. Morakniv Bushcraft Black Carbon Fixed Blade Knife (M-12490)

Most Durable Survival Knife

  • Highly durable carbon steel
  • Budget-friendly option
  • Blade design compatible with fire starters
  • Plastic sheath with belt loop for easy carry around
  • Only available in a single color
  • Not as versatile as other knives

The Morakniv Bushcraft Black M-12490 knife is one of the most durable knives on the market. Its black carbon steel blade ensures longevity. While the 1/8th inch blade is strong, it’s the tungsten DLC anti-corrosive black coating, making it even more durable.

Firstly, the knife is 9.1 inches in length with a blade length of 4.35 inches. The knife isn’t huge but is big enough to get the job done. Although available in a single color, the fully black look has its own vibe.

Secondly, the high friction rubber grip gives you the feeling that the knife is an extension of your hand. This knife has a spine intended to be compatible with fire starters. The black sheath, just like the knife, fits perfectly on your side for you to carry your knife conveniently.

To conclude, the Morakniv Bushcraft Black Knife is a very durable knife that works best as a fire starting knife or a camp knife that you can use for other purposes. If black is your style, then this should be your pick!

4. Smith & Wesson SW7 10.6in High Carbon S.S. Fixed Blade Knife

Best Tanto Blade Survival Knife

  • Serrated and non-serrated options are available
  • Budget-friendly knife
  • Modern tanto blade design
  • Full tang knife – ensuring superior strength
  • Only one color variant
  • Some users complained about the butt being loose

Smith and Wesson is a name more often attached to guns. Well, they do not lag in the “survival knife” category either. The Smith and Wesson SW7 is one of the best survival knives with a tactical blade, this time as a tanto blade.

The knife is 10.6 inches with a 5.2-inch high carbon stainless steel blade. It is available as one of two variants – partially serrated or plain edge. The handle of the knife is a TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) one. The material and the shape ensure additional security on the grip.

It has one of the most chic-looking sheaths made out of thermoplastic. There is a big lanyard hole at the bottom of the handle if you need to use lanyards for additional grip.

To conclude, if it’s budget-friendly, chic, and trustworthy you’re looking for, the Smith and Wesson SW7 is the perfect choice for you. Few survival knives offer you a better experience a such a price. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t like being seen sporting a tanto knife?

5. Gerber Bear Grylls Survival AO Knife

Survival Knife With Best Grip

  • Serrated blade for rope cutting
  • A folding knife makes it easy to carry
  • Extremely firm and sturdy handle
  • Opens with dual thumb studs and a plunge lock
  • Only one color variant, orange might not appeal to the masses
  • Fold-ability results in loss of some strength

The grip is one of the critical elements of a knife. The knife with the best grip is the Gerber Bear Grylls Series Survival AO 31-002530. The moment you attach Bear Grylls’ name to any survival item, you know it has to be among the best.

Firstly, the Survival AO is a foldable knife with a 3 inch 7Cr17MoV stainless steel blade with partial serration! The handle is a rubber over-mold handle that provides an excellent grip.

Secondly, the size of the knife makes it the right choice as a pocket knife. Finally, the dual thumb studs and plunge lock ensure that the knife does not open up in your pocket or carry bag by mistake.

To conclude, the Survival AO 31-002530 may not be the most versatile or the go-to knife in many situations, but it is effortless to carry and conceal and would come in handy in emergencies. The pocket clip and lanyard hole make it that much more convenient to have on yourself. This knife qualifies as a good choice for an everyday carry knife.

6. Schrade SCHF9 12.1in High Carbon Steel Fixed Blade Knife

Best High Carbon Steel Survival Knife

  • Very durable high carbon blade steel
  • Large knife handy for outdoor activities
  • Ballistic belt sheath with removable storage pouch makes it ideal to carry
  • Very versatile knife
  • Only available in one single color
  • Knife is hefty in comparison to others
  • Some users have complained about the grip not being comfortable

The Schrade SCHF9 is a highly durable and heavy-duty carbon steel knife. In our opinion, it is the best high carbon steel knife on the market!

Firstly, the knife is large in knife, enough to be called a khukri. It is 12.1 inches in size, and the blade is 6.4 inches. Fixed blades with a full tang are extremely strong. The blade uses a 1095 High Carbon Steel with a black, ring textured TPE handle. The weight is on the higher side, standing at 15.7 oz. The weight makes it less convenient to carry but gives it more power!

Secondly, the knife comes with a convenient ballistic belt sheath with a removable storage pouch, which somewhat negates the heaviness of the knife. The lanyard hole at the bottom also adds to the security of the knife!

To conclude, the Schrade SCHF9 is the perfect tool for slicing trees or digging holes. Although it is slightly heavy, it is convenient to have on yourself. However, we believe you will not find a better carbon steel knife than the Schrade SCHF9!

7. Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops SWA24S 7.1in S.S. Folding Knife

Best Folding Survival Knife

  • Very durable high carbon blade steel
  • Large knife handy for outdoor activities
  • Ballistic belt sheath with removable storage pouch makes it ideal to carry
  • Very versatile knife
  • Well-constructed handle that is textured and comfortable to hold.
  • Only available in one single color
  • Knife is weighty in comparison to others
  • Some users have complained about the grip not being comfortable
  • Some users find the opening mechanism of the knife a bit difficult to operate

When it comes to knives, you can count on an S&W to be your go-to tool, no matter if you’re a collector, a survivalist, or a member of the emergency services.

The clip is constructed of solid material and fastened onto the frame. The SWA24S has a good weight, which corresponds to a sturdy build. Its entire length is 7.1 inches, and its weight is 3.5 ounces, making it a pocket-friendly size. The knife’s finger flipper and ambidextrous thumb knobs make even left-handed users appreciate the design.

Secondly, another advantage is that it is pretty sharp. It is visible even in the serrated area of the blade. In addition, the construction of the knife is excellent, and it feels like an extension of your hand whenever you hold it.

To conclude, a fantastic utility knife that also functions as a terrific self-defense tool. However, some users have issues with its opening mechanism. All in all, it’s a very well-balanced knife with all the balance towards the center.

8. Morakniv Companion Spark

Best Survival Knife With Fire Starter

  • Excellent value for money in terms of quality and performance.
  • It’s ideal for cutting wood.
  • Ideal for a variety of heavy-duty jobs.
  • Retains its edge well and is easy to re-sharpen.
  • Poor quality sheath

Morakniv Companion is one of the most excellent all-around outdoor knives available at a reasonable price, according to us.

The Morakniv Companion has a total length of 8.5″ with 3/4 length tangs. It’s just the right size to wear on a belt. The knife weighs 4.1 ounces, having perfect balance in all the right spots. The blade is 4″ long and only 0.1′′ thick, making it a thin knife. The knife boasts a thin, plain cutting edge and a slender clip point tip, which are remarkable for such a small blade and have a nice smoky mirror finish.

The robust handle of the Morakniv Companion has a simple, smooth shape that is reminiscent of classic designs from the past. The handle provides a secure grip as well as superb mobility. There’s an easily detachable pommel, which is a beautiful touch. The grip is easy to grasp and does not strain the wrist even after extended use.

To conclude, the Morakniv Companion is of exceptional quality and is razor-sharp right out of the box. Morakniv’s craftsmanship and price are difficult to the top; for this price, you are receiving a perfect all-around knife from a renowned Scandinavian knife company. However, the sheath needs some work.

9. GERBER LMF II Survival Knife

Survival Knife With Best Design

  • Excellent value for money
  • High dexterity- fast, accurate, and simple to use
  • Multi-purpose
  • Amazing Sheath quality
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Electrically insulated handle
  • Handle is not replaceable.
  • Many people prefer a straight edge to serrations.
  • Not very strong
  • Not the ideal knife for batoning.

The Gerber LMF is a favorite fixed blade knife, especially in urban catastrophe situations. The 420 HC stainless steel it is made of keeps it corrosion-free and makes it simpler to sharpen in the field, which is a handy feature.

Firstly, the robust 4.84-inch drop-point of the Gerber LMF 2 remains thick, which means it does not taper until the very end. Its blade has a 50/50 combination of serrations and a plain edge near the tip. This feature makes it a valuable tool to perform multiple tasks as any scenario can evolve in a challenging environment.

Secondly, LMF 2’s handle is quite a technological feat in construction. This knife can cut through live electrical lines without causing damage. The handle also features two lashing points, allowing the knife to be used as a spear when necessary.

In conclusion, a good survival knife should be able to do various tasks well rather than just one or two, and LMF 2 fits the bill. A little blade maintenance now and then will maintain this knife razor-sharp, and we found the ergonomics of this knife excellent.

10. Officially Licensed RAMBO II MC-RB2 Survival Knife

Best High-End Survival Knife

  • Looks great
  • Ideal for combat and stealth attacks
  • Comes with useful tools like a magnetic compass
  • Certificate of authenticity included
  • Survival kit includes a fishing line, a hook, sinkers, and more
  • Ideal for gifting as associated with a cult-movie
  • Strong blade
  • Not full tang
  • Handle is aluminum and hollow.
  • Some users feel it is not on the money

Rambo 11 is one of the finest quality knives that you can use for all kinds of activities and extreme sports such as hiking, trekking, hunting, and camping. The AUS-6 Japanese steel used in the knife’s construction assures that it will not wear away quickly.

Firstly, Rambo’s stainless steel blade has saw teeth and a Bowie clip point fixed on it so that you can use it for all kinds of purposes, and it can take a lot of pounding. The Rambo 2 knife is enormous, with a length of 15.38′” in, 10″ in the blade, and 0.25″ blade thickness. However, you will be surprised that with such big dimensions, it can handle anything.

Additionally, the knife has a hollow aluminum handle that stores a survival kit. The handle also has a non-magnetic metal screw-on pommel that functions as a lid. The pommel has a precise compass within and a sharp metal glass breaker outside. So, a lot of goodies for you.

In conclusion, Rambo II is a multi-purpose tool that will assist you in obtaining and cooking food. It will also help provide shelter and save your life in uninhabited islands, impenetrable jungles, and other emergency circumstances.

11. GERBER StrongArm Fixed Blade Knife

Best Survival Knife With Serrated Edge

  • Ceramic-coated, full tang
  • Handle with a rubberized diamond-texture
  • At the foot of the handle, there is a striking pommel.
  • Durable enough to cut and butcher wild game
  • Cutting edge stops about half an inch short of the handle
  • Need both hands to put it back in the sheath

The Gerber StrongArm Fixed Blade Knife is an extremely tough primary survival knife engineered to withstand the most challenging hunting conditions. It has a total length of 9.8″, blade length of 4.8″, and weight is 7.2 oz.

Firstly, StrongArm uses a 420HC drop point ceramic blade, making it affordable. The downside is that it can’t hold the edge for too long. Secondly, it has a rubberized diamond texture handle made of glass-filled nylon with a rubber over-mold, which is a plus. It can endure even the slickest conditions, guaranteeing that the blade will not slip out of your hands in any circumstance.

Moreover, StrongArm comes with a multi-purpose sheath that enables typical drop-leg belt carrying options. You may also place it horizontally on a belt or through MOLLE systems on tactical equipment such as body armor or backpacks, among other things.

In conclusion, StrongArm is a fantastic small knife, especially considering the street price. Those seeking a good deal on a fixed-blade survival knife and those who employ molle systems or prefer a horizontal belt carry must consider this option.

12. KA-BAR Full-Size US Marine Corps Fighting Knife

Best Survival Knife for Hunting

  • Long-lasting
  • Can hold a sharp blade for a long time
  • Made of carbon steel of superior grade
  • Full tang knife
  • Classic look
  • Large and durable knife
  • Too long
  • Defeats the purpose of defensive knife
  • Bulkier

If you’re searching for a new survival knife to add to your collection or have on hand for self-defense, you have chosen the perfect one. The Ka Bar Full Size Knife design determines its performance and lifespan.

Firstly, Ka Bar is a fixed blade knife with a complete tang, which indicates that it has no weak areas in terms of construction. It uses 1095 Cro van steel, a corrosion-resistant form of carbon steel. The blade has a clip point design the edge angles at 20 degrees. The knife’s overall length is somewhat less than 12 inches, and it weighs 0.7 pounds.

Secondly, a serrated edge on the knife’s spine makes it helpful in slicing, kindling for a fire, or chopping wood. In addition to the steel blade, the Ka Bar USMC Fighting Knife has a leather handle that is both robust and pleasant to hold.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a knife that’s both functional and fashionable, look no further. This one is a whole package and comes with a leather sheath.

13. Smith & Wesson Bullseye Throwing Products

Best Survival Throwing Knives

  • Lightweight
  • It is available as a set of six.
  • Good balance & length
  • Nylon belt sheath
  • Made from impact-resistant material
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Too light
  • Some users reported sharp edges

Smith and Wesson Bullseye is a surprise package. If you’re a thrower and looking for a lightweight, well-balanced blade, this collection of six throwing knives is ideal.

Firstly, each knife is eight inches in length and weighs 4.7 ounces. It uses 2Cr13 stainless steel for durability and dependability. Secondly, the blade itself is designed with a spear tip, and both the blade and the handle include relief cuts to reduce overall weight and bulk. Finally, the supplied nylon belt sheath conveniently holds all six knives simultaneously, making storage and access straightforward.

You may use it for entertainment and gaming. However, you can also use it as a weapon against immediate danger because of its sharpness. The edges of these blades remain razor-sharp for an extended period. None of these would be susceptible to rusting, chipping, or dulling. Therefore, it is not necessary to sharpen it regularly.

In conclusion, S&W Bullseye Throwing Products are excellent for those who are just starting as well as experienced throwers. However, smaller knives may be more prone to being blown off target than heavier blades, and some users have experienced sharp corners and edges on new sets that require some polishing before use.

14. ALBATROSS Best 6-in-1 Survival Tactical Military Folding Pocket Knives

Best Budget Survival Knife

  • It has a foldable design that makes it easy to carry
  • Made of high-quality stainless steel that will not rust.
  • It’s perfect for camping, hunting, trekking, adventure, and everyday usage.
  • Comes with a seatbelt Cutter, bottle-opener, and glass breaker
  • Good for gifting
  • Sturdy and long-lasting
  • The paint may easily peel off
  • A little big for everyday carry

Albatross 6-in-1 is a beneficial tool for everyday usage and outdoor survival. This folding pocket knife is the multi-tool you need in the wilderness. This survival blade is not just very dangerously sharp; it also has an LED light, a seatbelt cutter, a glass breaker, a magnesium fire starter, and a bottle opener. So no matter what kind of survival circumstance you find yourself in, you’ll be able to get through it with this knife.

Firstly, the dimensions of Albatross 6-in-1, which are full-length 8.5-inch, blade length: 3.5-inch, when folded 5-inch, and weighing only 5.5 OZ make it an ideal companion for everyday use. The blade uses high-quality stainless steel, which makes it wear-resistant and long-lasting. Secondly, the handle is aluminum anodized, giving a strong and comfortable grip. Finally, the addition of LED Light, seatbelt cutter, glass Breaker, magnesium fire starter, and a bottle opener makes it a desirable option for camping and outdoors.

In conclusion, while we don’t often recommend carrying a knife since it might be, well, intimidating, this is one we strongly recommend bringing because you never know when you might need it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Survival Knives

What Is a Survival Knife? What Makes Them Different Than Classic Knives?

As the name suggests, a survival knife is one you may need in the case of survival. Besides survival, survival knives are high-quality knives that you can use to dig holes, chop wood and vines, prepare food on treks and camps, hunt, and in some cases, even combat! You can even use it as a fire starter.

What makes them different than a regular knife is the build quality. When we put it to the aforementioned tasks, a traditional knife will be nowhere near as sturdy as the survival kind. These are top-of-the-line knives, made to deliver more than a classic knife.

What Are the Benefits of Buying a Survival Knife?

A survival knife is the best tool to carry around as it will come in handy, more often than not. Having a survival knife allows you to have the upper hand in an emergency or a situation wherein bladed tools would come in handy. They are the perfect tool for outdoor activities, such as camping, trekking, expeditions – both adventure and military, etc. Some users may even keep survival knives as a showpiece. But, of course, you can’t blame them; some of these knives look amazing.

Final Words – Best Survival Knives

It is worth your time to become comfortable with your equipment before you need it, and a survival knife is no exception to this rule. The survival knives mentioned above are among the most remarkable survival knives on the market today.

According to us, ESEE-6 Fixed Blade Knife is a solid survival knife that ticks all the boxes. However, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. So, we recommend that you carefully go through our suggestions and then decide as we don’t know what kind of a survival situation may emerge and can become a matter of life and death.