511 VTAC Combat Belt /// Urban Survival Kit

511 VTAC Combat Belt

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    [BUY]     The 511 VTAC Combat Belt is an extremely rugged yet comfort fitting load bearing tactical belt. Made in collaboration with Viking Tactics and 511, this superbly dynamic belt is customizable for any loadout for tactical situations, LEO duty, warfare or any urban survival kit scenario. The belt has an incredibly efficient weight distribution management for unlimited storage / item configurations.

  • S/M 26.5″, L/XL 33″, 2/3X 42″
  • Comfortable Aerospace Mesh Interior
  • Durable 500D Nylon Exterior
  • Semi-Rigid Ergonomic Shaping

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511 VTAC Combat Belt Review /// Urban Survival Gear

The 511 VTAC Combat Belt is available in black and sandstone colors.