Aclim8 COMBAR Pro Multi-Tool /// Urban Survival Kit

Aclim8 COMBAR Pro reviewed: most advanced axe EVER!

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The Aclim8 COMBAR Pro is perhaps the most advanced axe ever created. That may be the primary or main function but it’s also an extremely rugged and robust multi-tool.

But it’s not a pocket tool, it’s a full size device for full size work. It’s truly 5 tools in one, of which it can be transformed into another or removed from it’s internal container.

This is equally adaptive for the wilderness and urban survival.

  • Folding Axe, Spade, Hammer, Knife, and Saw
  • Titanium and High Grade Steel Construction
  • Built to US Military Standards
  • All Tools: 3.36lb., Main Tool: 2.4lb.
Aclim8 COMBAR Pro Specs /// Urban Survival Kit
Aclim8 COMBAR Pro Use /// Urban Survival Kit

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It’s the National Rescue Unit’s tool of choice:

The Aclim8 COMBAR Pro comes with 25 year warranty.