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American Wagyu Grilling Pack

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    [BUY]     The American Wagyu Grilling Pack from Snake River Farms includes literally the finest meats available in the United States. Each sample set is hand picked per order per person for the most perfect pieces of meat possible. In the age of the pandemic, especially, urban survival is more than just “surviving”, but also thriving well while in lock down in the city at home with good food. Graded at SRF Black, which is even higher than USDA Prime and is award winning.

  • (2) American Wagyu Filets Mignons: 8 oz Each
  • (2) American Wagyu Top Sirloin Steaks: 6 oz Each
  • (2) American Wagyu Hot Dogs Packs: 5 Dogs Per Pack
  • (2) American Wagyu Ground Beef Packs: 1 lb each

GEAR     |     REVIEW     |     $210 +

American Wagyu Grilling Pack Review /// Urban Survival Kit

The American Wagyu Grilling Packs ship out on May 18th, 2020.