Benchmade Work Sharp Edge Maintenance Tool Review /// The Urban Survival Kit

Benchmade Edge Maintenance Tool

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    [BUY]     The Benchmade Edge Maintenance Tool designed by knife sharpening industry experts, Work Sharp, is a compact knife sharpening kit that you carry like a small knife. It has a rotatable ceramic rod sharpening device that has a buit-in angle guide for perfect motions. Then there’s the leather strop to refine those edges. Folds up conveniently into the size of a large finger that can even be MOLLE’ed.

  • Ceramic Sharpener + Leather Strop
  • Folds and Clips Like a Pocket Knife
  • Overall (When Closed) Length: 4.35″
  • Integrated EDC Pocket Clip

GEAR     |     REVIEW     |     $45 +

Benchmade Edge Maintenance Tool Review /// Urban Survival Kit

The Benchmade Edge Maintenance Tool is made in the USA.