Benefits of Growing Your Own Food

Benefits of Growing Your Own Food

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Benefits of Growing Your Own Food
Taken by Quang Nguyen Vinh on Pexels

Are you still on the fence about whether or not you should grow your own food? If so, this handy list of the many benefits can help change your mind.

You Have More Control Over Chemicals

To start with, growing your own food means that you are getting automatic organic fruits and vegetables without having to get them from the grocery store. If you want fewer chemicals in your food, the best way to do that is by growing it yourself. Growing your own food means that you have full control over it, from choosing seeds or plants to balancing the soil, watering, and choosing how you want to protect your plants from pests. There are lots of natural ways to deal with pests that will not harm the food itself, and won’t be a danger to animals that are roaming in your backyard.

It Helps You to Save Money

Think about all the money you will save by growing your own food! One thing that often keeps people from buying fresh fruits, veggies, and herbs is that they can add up quickly. Yes, you can spend as much on a bag of apples as a frozen meal for your family, but the produce is much better for your family. If money is an issue, then try growing your own food. A small tomato plant that costs a few dollars will keep giving you tomatoes over and over again. The same can be said for many fruits and vegetables that have continued growth even after the first harvest.

You Are Encouraged to Eat Better

It is hard not to eat better when the food is already at home. When you spend time on your fruit trees and planting vegetables in the ground, you want to use them when they start to grow. It is exciting seeing the growth, whether starting from small plants or seeds. It makes you want to eat these delicious foods that you have grown right at home, so you will be eating a lot better.

All Your Food is Fresher

Growing food at home also means that your food is as fresh as possible. Even ‘fresh’ produce in many grocery stores was shipped and might have been harvested days before. With your own vegetable garden and herb garden, you can pick them and use them that day. It is truly a ‘farm to table’ lifestyle.