10 Best Survival Kits in 2021

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If you have a “Sheldon Cooper” in you, then at some point you must have thought of having an emergency kit ready. Of course, for the zombie apocalypse! But the year 2021 has shown us the worst and now we’re at home, saving ourselves from the deadly coronavirus. No one can tell what’s next so it’s now time to call for some action. A survival kit will be helpful in any situation so you should prepare ahead. Don’t worry; we’ve got the 10 best survival kits on the market covered for you right here.

You might have to survive a simple power cut or the deadliest situation so it’s best to have an emergency kit always ready. To help reduce your work, we tested out 40 survival kits to find the 10 best for you. So, let’s start packing.

Factors to Consider When Looking for a Survival Kit

Your survival kit should be a compact one. Now, you might think about where to start. So let us break it down for you. While packing, remember not to undermine even the simplest survival tool. Some of the basic things that your emergency kit should have are flashlights, survival knives, axes, medicines, and a first aid kit.


Before buying a survival kit, think about how you are going to use it If you are planning to carry it for a hike, then keep it small and simple with a fire starter and basic first aid supplies . But if you are preparing for a natural calamity or, then get a kit that will provide you with food and shelter until you go back to safety.


It’s important to determine why you are buying a survival kit in the first place. If you are planning to take it on a trip, then it’s best to customize it. But it’s always a great idea to get a premade kit.


There are only a few survival kits that are worth your money. Most of them only have the basics that you can arrange at half the price. So we have selected a few for you.

Here’s a list of the 10 best emergency kits for you that has exactly what you will need during those emergency situations.

1. Best Survival Kit Overall EVERLIT 250 Pieces Survival First Aid Kit
2. Best Emergency Food and Water Kit Ready America 70280 72 Hour Emergency Kit
3. Best Military Kit AOKIWO 126Pcs Emergency Survival Kit
4. Best Kit For Natural Disasters Complete Earthquake Bag By Redfora
5. Best Survival Kit Prep Store Elite Emergency Pak
6. Best Survival Backpack Kit Sustain Supply Co. Premium Emergency Survival Bag/Kit
7. Best Small Survival Kit For 1 person Kosin survival gear
8. Best Survival Kits For Pets Pet Evac Pack
9. Best Disaster Survival Kit Emergency Zone The Essentials Complete Deluxe Survival 72-Hour Kit
10. Best Survival Kit For Roadside INEX Roadside Assistance Kit

Top 10 Survival Kits for Emergencies, Natural Disasters, Cars, and Outdoor Adventures

It’s hard to guess when you will be stuck in a challenging situation, so it’s best to be always ready. So, we have prepared a list of 15 survival kits that will have all your essentials in one place for your ease.

1. EVERLIT 250 Pieces Survival First Aid Kit

Best Survival Kit Overall

  • Most comprehensive kit on the market with a compact pouch
  • Medical Molle Case available
  • Capability of expanding
  • Portable
  • Durable
  • Dull cutting edges
  • Advanced items for specific situations are not added

Think of an adverse situation or a natural disaster, and this pack has got you covered. This 42 liters backpack is definitely worth it. It has everything that can help you survive the worst emergency situations. The best part of this pack is the MOLLE webbing to add that extra gear, and it alone justifies the price.

This user-friendly kit has 250 first aid essentials. It has got everything to treat any wound and includes some extra survival gear like a poncho, scissors, metal tweezers, flashlight, fire starters, compass, a removable 2-liter hydration bladder, CPR mask, some safety pins, an e-tool with a foldable pickaxe, and 100 feet of 550 cord.

You won’t have to worry about storage as this bag has enough extra space to fit. The bag itself is made from thick, water-resistant 600-D nylon, has padded shoulder straps, a ventilated back support, and weighs only 1.9 lbs.

The Everlit makes a comprehensive survival system. It’s portability and durability even makes it ideal for camping and hunting. You will be getting quite a good deal as they are affordable. Still, we still strongly recommend to customize it by adding a few advanced items to make it “the perfect kit”. 

2. Ready America 70280 72 Hour Emergency Kit

Best Emergency Food and Water Kit:

  • Has supplies for two people
  • Contains nutritious food bars
  • Handy backpack
  • Water storage capacity could be more

The Ready America emergency kit is the perfect go-back during hard times. This emergency preparedness kit is perfect for two people and can help sustain for up to three days.

The kit includes emergency blankets, glow sticks, safety gloves, emergency ponchos, emergency whistle, food bars with a shelf life of 5 years, water, and other basic survival supplies.

It is a 33 piece first aid kit and can be used to dress wounds and for treating minor injuries. In this pack, you will also get dust masks and nitrile gloves to help fight respiratory diseases, etc.

The Ready America 70280 72 Hour Emergency Kit will be the perfect one for you and your family if you can arrange for some extra water. Just after a disaster, the two most difficult thing to arrange are fresh water and proper light. But this kit has enough space for you to add a few other things like flashlights, crank radio, batteries, and some other tools.

3. AOKIWO 126Pcs Emergency Survival Kit

Best Military Kit

  • Family-sized kit
  • Consists of a high-quality fire starter
  • Water-resistant
  • Multiple, spacious pockets
  • Includes disinfectants and adhesives
  • Batteries not included

You can rely on the AOKIWO kit with your eyes closed. You ask why? This kit includes customized by the U.S military veterans, making it a perfect one for policemen, firefighters, and first r vival gear.. It comprises 10 fishing tools, 16 medical supplies, and a 4-in-1 Molle EMT pouch for storing all your essentials.

The best part about the EMT bag that comes with this kit is that you won’t have to worry about its durability as it is made of 1000D nylon. With all these features included, this bag weighs only 2.7 pounds and even has MOLLE compatible straps to make it more convenient for you.

Getting the AOKIWO 126Pcs Emergency Survival Kit will surely be a wise investment as the features provided are worth more. As customized by the veterans, this kit can also be used during earthquakes and floods. The kit is packed with useful and advanced tools making it a must-have for all.

4. Complete Earthquake Bag By Redfora

Best Kit For Natural Disasters

  • Good for 3 people
  • Provides two-person tube tent
  • Sturdy
  • Other handy features included
  • We did not find any issues in this survival kit

You can never guess when nature will become furious, so always have your natural disaster emergency kit ready. Nevertheless, if you have this earthquake bag by Redfora, you won’t have to worry about natural disasters anymore. It’s a well thought of organized bag that has everything that you will need.

This kit comes with 24 water pouches, 3600 calories food bars, 20 water purification tablets, and two hydration bags with straws. It can sustain two people for up to three days.

Along with these essentials, this bag includes a two-person tube tent, a hand-crank flashlight, mylar sleeping bags, personal hygiene kits, a sewing kit, a 30+ hour candle, work gloves, goggles, 50ft nylon rope, an emergency poncho, etc.

Everything you can think of is already provided in the Complete Earthquake Bag By Redfora. It is good for providing shelter and warmth and also have extra space to keep pet food or toys for your children. All these features combined makes this the best kit for natural disasters.

5. Prep Store Elite Emergency Pak

Best Survival Kit

  • Filtration system for providing clean water
  • Three-season sleeping bag included
  • Multi-Tool with hammer provided
  • Could be made more affordable

If you are looking for a kit for wilderness survival without worrying much about your budget, then this is the one for you. The Prep Store Elite Emergency Pack is a comprehensive kit and has everything that you will need for surviving an emergency.

This kit includes everything you need for wilderness survival like a two-gallon water container, two-liter bladder, a filtration system, and other survival essentials like a sleeping bag, camo duct tape, mosquito net, a tent, a camping stool, etc.

Other things that come with this kit are a knife set, a fire starter, tools for hunting and fishing, a solar charger, a solar flashlight, and a comprehensive medical kit with 70+ pieces in the first aid kit. 

The Prep Store Elite Emergency Pak Kit has all the things that justify its price. Also, your safety is more important and you should not think of compromising even a bit. The most important thing that makes this bag a good buy is the water filtration system that comes with it. Therefore, though on the expensive side, this kit is worth every penny.

6. Sustain Supply Co. Premium Emergency Survival Bag/Kit

Best Survival Backpack Kit

  • Fit for two people
  • Water-resistant
  • Portable
  • We did not find any issues in this survival kit

During disasters, the first two days are very crucial and the perfect survival kit for the first 48-hours is the emergency kit from Sustain Supply Co. This kit is perfect for two people and will help you survive till you reach the emergency zone.

This “all you need in one place” first aid survival kit comes with basic first aid supplies, 12 packaged drinks of water, a water filtration system, two emergency blankets, 12 servings of food, and a portable stove as well.

Along with these the Sustain Supply Co. Premium Emergency Survival Bag/Kit also includes enough lighting sources like a led lantern and fire starters that will help survive the power outages, which is common in emergency situations. This bag is durable and easily portable and is also water-resistant. Therefore, this is one of the best survival kits that you will ever find.

7. Kosin Survival Gear

Best Small Survival Kit For 1 Person

  • Good for 1 person
  • Compact and sturdy
  • Great gift for men
  • We did not experience any issues with this survival kit

Well, survival kits are not only meant to be used during an emergency or natural disaster, you might also need one when you go camping or hiking for wilderness survival. The Kosin survival gear is thus more suitable for use during adventures.

This emergency kit is small and contains enough supplies for one person. The kit has equipment for hunting, a fishing kit, a compass, a bracelet, a whistle, an emergency blanket, and other survival essentials to sustain in the wild.

Though this kit is small and durable, it is not quite portable. It includes some additional tools like screwdrivers, a carabiner, a pocket knife, an emergency blanket, and other tools.

This 18 piece of survival gear kit is such a compact kit at an affordable price, that it is hard to pass it on. Though this kit includes all the essentials, we would recommend you customize this a little, to make it more portable.

8. Pet Evac Pack

Best Survival Kits For Pets

In an emergency situation, apart from thinking about your family, you should also try to protect your pets. Luckily, there are emergency kits for pets that are readily available on the market.

One such is the Pet Evac Pack, a good survival kit for pets that includes all the emergency supplies that your pet will need. This kit is ideal for the survival of 2 dogs for 72 hours and includes water and food rations, a slip lead, a small first aid kit, 3 collapsible bowls, and even toys to keep them calm.

The Pet Evac Pack emergency survival kit for pets has got everything that you will need to keep your pet safe during an emergency. This is a must-have for every pet owner. You can also check out the other sizes of kits made by this company.

9. Emergency Zone The Essentials Complete Deluxe Survival 72-Hour Kit

Best Disaster Survival Kit

  • Multiuse heavy-duty backpack
  • Includes emergency preparedness guidebook
  • Includes non-thirst inducing food ration bars
  • The material could be more sturdy
  • We did not encounter any issues with this survival kit

When you are planning your survival, you must try to get everything in one place. But why work hard if someone has already done it for you. The Emergency zone survival kit has got everything you and your family will need to sustain in those situations.

But what does this family prep kit include? It is extremely lightweight but contains food and water rations manufactured by the USA-made SOS brand, emergency amenities, an emergency guidebook, and food bars that don’t require re-hydration and re-heating.

The most important feature of the Emergency Zone The Essentials Complete Deluxe Survival 72-Hour Kit is that it is extremely portable. They can help you survive gas leaks, military invasions, or any persecutions of nature. They are quite spacious and also have three front pockets that will allow you to carry extra food and water. With all things organized properly, this should be your go-to kit.

10. INEX Roadside Assistance Kit

Best Survival Kit For Roadside

  • Best for cars
  • Includes durable tools and supplies
  • Spacious and compact
  • Instructions for the jumper cables have the colors switched
  • We did not encounter any issues with this survival kit

Doesn’t matter if you are going for a long drive or for a road trip, apart from food and water you should also have a survival kit ready in your car. And one of the best survival kits that we can recommend to you for this purpose is the INEX roadside assistance kit.

Firstly, this kit has everything you will need if your car breaks down to get you back on the road as soon as possible. It has crash warning triangles, jumper cables, a flashlight, a seat belt cutter, a high warning vest, and other emergency supplies.

Secondly, this kit also comes with a first aid kit and is portable as it will easily fit in your trunk, backseat, or spare tire compartment. The glass hammer that comes with this can also be used as a seat belt cutter. And trust us when we say that such multi-purpose tools are really handy while traveling.

To sum up, the INEX Roadside Assistance Kit is portable, lightweight, spacious, affordable, and a must-have. It includes first aid supplies too.

Frequently Asked Questions About Survival Kits

Q1. What does a survival kit contain?

Now that we have got the basics packed, Now that you’ve read the detailed reviews of the top 10 survival kits on the market, you know what all is included in a survival kit. Nevertheless, we’ve again  prepared a quick checklist  t to help you:

Your emergency kits must include:

For Illumination:
a. Waterproof matches
b. Off the grid light
c. Flashlight
d. Candles
e. Batteries

Tools :
a. Pocket knife
b. Pliers

Fire-starting kit :
a. Matches
b. Magnifying glasses

a. Water
b. Food
c. Medication
d. Batteries
e. Crank radio
f. Large first aid kit
g. Multi-purpose tools
h. Hygiene items
i. Water purification tablets
j. Maps of the local area
k. Cash
l. Cell phone chargers
m. Emergency and family contact info
n. Extra set of car and home keys
o. Pet supplies
p. Two-way radio
q. Emergency whistle
r. Scissors
s. Emergency tent
t. Survival blanket

Now, honestly, you don’t need to have all of these things and that is why it is important to know what you are preparing for.
If your area gets frequent power outages, then it’s important to keep a flashlight, a portable stove, and food and water rations.
But if you are preparing for natural disasters, then try to get as many things as you can from the list into your bag.

Q2. What are the different types of survival kits on the market?

There are a couple of survival kits available on the market. But before buying one, you should know the types which will make it easier for you to pick.
Kits for Natural disaster – As soon as you move in some place new, make sure you buy a survival kit that will help you if you face any natural disaster. You can also customize one for yourself but buying one that is organized by professionals makes it more convenient and safe. 

a. Kits for Shelter in Place – There are some special kits available on the market, that has everything you will need if you are stuck in an unfavorable situation and in need of immediate shelter. These kits generally have sleeping bags, tents, fire starters, etc but also add a disinfectant if it already doesn’t come with one. 

b. Kits for Wilderness survival – These kits are organized in a way that it becomes easy for you to carry it to your hikes or camping. They usually have all kinds of gears along with multi-purpose tools to help you survive in the wild. 

c. Kits for Roadside emergencies – Often overlooked by many, but you should always have an emergency kit ready in the car. You can never predict when your car is going to break down or you find a road blocked. So in the tire compartment, keep a kit that will be helpful during any roadside emergency. 

Final Thoughts

If you searched for this article, we are guessing that you are worried about approaching danger. During an emergency situation, it’s very important to be calm. Pack your medical kit first followed by other essential supplies. Our top pick out of all the 10 options is the EVERLIT 250 Pieces Survival First Aid Kit.

We recommend preparing a large kit for your family and other survival kits for pets and children. We have assembled all the details that you will need to know about a survival kit in this article, along with our top choices. These kits are often better than customized kits as they are arranged by military veterans and or by professionals. So, let us know if you buy any from our recommended list and tell us in the comments about your experience and what you want to hear next.