Best Water Bottle Holders for Backpackers
Best Water Bottle Holders for Backpackers

10 Best Water Bottle Holders for Backpackers in 2022

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The human body contains around 60% of water. Many experts have emphasized the importance of drinking enough water and staying hydrated throughout the day.

Moreover, when traveling, hiking, or hunting, your body will use more energy and demand excess water. Carrying a water bottle is essential when stepping out of the house, especially when backpacking. You can’t compromise on your daily hydration requirements.

Since several backpacks have bottle holders, you don’t need to worry about carrying a water bottle separately.

But what if you need more water or if the backpack cannot hold the water bottle? Holding the bottle in your hands is hardly a solution. That’s where water bottle holders take over the job.

As the name suggests, a water bottle holder carries the water bottle, keeps the liquid from spilling, and makes it easy for you to take the bottles on your trips.

Some holders are insulated and keep the water from getting hot during summers. The holders are made of different materials and come in several designs, just like water bottles.

So, how do you pick the right water bottle holder for you? One way is to buy a water bottle holder for the bottle you’ve got.

However, with so many water bottle holder options in the market, which water bottle holder is a perfect fit for your water bottle and your requirements? One size sure doesn’t fit all the bottles.

We’ve tested several bottle holders and pouches to shortlist the top best water bottle holder for backpackers in the market for varying requirements.

Roundup of the Best Water Bottle Holders for Backpackers

Best Overall Water Bottle Holder for BackpackersOneTigris Drawstring Water Bottle Pouch
Most Affordable Water Bottle Holder for BackpackersTEGOOL Water Bottle Sleeve Bag Bottle Holder Tactica
Best Nylon Water Bottle Holder for BackpackersR.SASR Upgraded Sports Water Bottles Pouch Bag
Most Lightweight Water Bottle Holder for BackpackersRothco Lightweight MOLLE Bottle Carrier
Best Water Bottle Holder for Wide Mouth BottlesExo-Tek H2O MOLLE Water Bottle Pouch Hydration Carrier
Best Water Bottle Holder for Military BackpacksMILITARY UNIFORMS Water Bottle Carrier
Most Durable Water Bottle Holder for BackpackersYazhmsa Upgraded Molle Water Bottle Carrier
Best Insulated Water Bottle Holder for BackpackersNalgene Insulated Sleeve for 32oz Water Bottle
Best Water Bottle Holder for Narrow Mouth BottlesBarbarians Water Bottle Carrier
Best Water Bottle Holder for Stainless Steel BottlesWild Wolf Outfitters – #1 Best Water Bottle Holder for 40 oz Bottles

Things to Consider When Buying Water Bottle Holders for Your Backpack

The following are some important things to consider when buying water bottle holders for your backpack:

Material and Make

Water bottle holders can be made of stainless steel, fabric, plastic, and other such materials. Some come fully closed with a zipper or a drawstring to open and close the holder like a purse and place the bottle and cup holders inside. They also have straps used for carrying or looping to the backpack.

A few water bottle holders come with hooks and can be fixed to the backpack strap. Though the water bottle holders are flexible to adjust their shape to suit the bottle, not all of them are compatible.


You’ll need to match the bottle holder’s capacity with that of the water bottle. Excess weight can damage the holder, and it doesn’t make much sense to carry a smaller bottle in a large holder. Choose a water bottle capacity that balances between weight and your water requirements. Backpackers tend to carry a couple of 32 oz bottles and another collapsible bottle with double capacity.

Narrow vs. Wide Mouth

Water bottles come with narrow and wide mouths. Each of these has advantages and disadvantages. However, the water bottle holder should suit the mouth’s width of the water bottle.

This makes it easy to drink water without taking the bottle out from the holder every time. It is convenient and saves time when you have long distances to cover and cannot afford to stop now and then.

While a wide-mouth bottle is better to collect water from pools and make energy drinks, narrow-mouth bottles are easy to use in rough or busy terrains. You’re less likely to spill water from a narrow-mouth bottle.

Insulated vs. Non-insulated

As we mentioned earlier, water bottle holders can be insulated or regular, similar to water bottles. A non-insulated water bottle can be placed in an insulated holder to retain the water’s temperature and keep the liquid fresh.

Durability and Versatility

The water bottle holder should last as long as the reusable water bottle, if not more, isn’t it? That means you’ll need a holder made using quality materials. It should sustain wear and tear, considering how it’ll be exposed to changing climatic and environmental conditions.

The last thing you’d want when backpacking is for the bottle holder to tear or for the zipper to break. Though the water bottle holder can’t be used for anything else, you can still use it to carry other liquids, beverages, and cup holders.

Dimensions and Weight

If the water bottle holder comes in a bigger dimension and occupies more space, it can be hard to carry it around when backpacking. Also, the weight of the holder plays a vital role in deciding if it’ll suit your needs or not.

Remember that the bottles already have their weight, even the plastic bottles, and water will add to it. Now, if you use a thick and heavy holder, you’ll need to carry heavier weight and haul it wherever you go. A lightweight water holder is usually the best choice for backpackers, adventurers, and hikers.

Budget and Price

We can’t ignore the price of the holder or your budget limitations, isn’t it? If the water bottle holder is perfect in all ways and suits just about any backpack, you can stretch your budget a little. After all, you’ll have to pay more money for durability and extra features.

At the same time, it’s not necessary to splurge on an expensive model if your backpacking trips don’t include rough terrains and extreme conditions.

10 Most Popular Holders for Water Bottles on the Market

The following are some of the best holders for water bottles available in the market:

1. OneTigris Drawstring Water Bottle Pouch

Best Overall Water Bottle Holder for Backpackers

  • Has a mesh bottom
  • 1000D Nylon material
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Can attach to MOLLE gear
  • The stitches can be stronger
  • The edges fray quickly

OneTigris Drawstring Water Bottle Pouch is the best overall water bottle holder that can be attached to molle webbing or strapped to almost any backpack. The drawstring keeps the bottle secure and is convenient to use.

Firstly, the capacity of this holder is 32 oz. But we could fit in a 40 oz bottle without much effort. It’s snug but secure. The nylon also appears to be of good quality. Of course, Nalgene bottles are harder to fit into this holder, and we don’t recommend them. Even a wide-mouth larger bottle will have the cap outside the drawstring holder.

Secondly, the molle straps have a stiff and thick spine that holds the weight of the water bottle and prevents the holder from sagging. We’ve seen this happen with a few holders and are happy that OneTigris took extra care with the molle straps. The mesh bottom is strong enough, and we think it’ll last for a decent time.

To conclude, the drawstring pouch comes with enough loops and straps that help secure it to the backpack or even the belt. The double strap will keep it in place and reduce movement. We put on a stainless steel bottle and noticed that the annoying metal sound is gone. The pouch absorbs the impact well. The pouch is a bit costly but is worth the money.

2. TEGOOL Water Bottle Sleeve Bag Bottle Holder Tactical Water Bottle Pouch

Most Affordable Water Bottle Holder for Backpackers

  • Scratch-resistant
  • Durable and wear-resistant
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to hook to a work belt
  • The strap is not long enough
  • Smaller in size

TEGOOL Water Bottle Sleeve Bag is the most affordable water bottle holder for backpackers and comes in a single size of 16.9 oz. The holder is made of nylon and mesh that makes it a good choice for everyday use.

Firstly, there’s a button loop that keeps things simple and makes it easy to loop the strap through the belt and secure the button. Our only worry is about how long the button will last. But that’s not a major drawback. We’ll simply sew up a bigger and stronger one in its place.

Secondly, this sleeve bag is useful for smaller bottles, which we usually carry on short trips. It saves space and reduces excess weight. We took this one when exploring the region around the campsite. It was convenient. Even the plastic hook seems to be durable.

In conclusion, Tegool has come out with a budget-friendly bottle holder that can be connected to the molle web, hooked to the belt or backpack, and carried without any effort. We even tried carrying an insulated bottle with a chilled drink in it, and the holder worked just as good. It’s okay to have something other than water at times, and this pouch is of the right size and shape for such instances.

3. R.SASR Upgraded Sports Water Bottles Pouch Bag

Best Nylon Water Bottle Holder for Backpackers

  • 3-year manufacturing warranty
  • Comes with a MOLLE web
  • 100% 1000D Nylon material
  • Versatile and user-friendly
  • The snaps are strong
  • Not durable

R.SASR Upgraded Sports Water Bottles Pouch Bag is the best nylon bottle holder for backpackers and comes in a standard size that suits 16.9 oz, 24 oz, and 32 oz water bottles.

Firstly, the 1000d nylon and mesh fabric are tear-proof. The holder can sustain wear and tear, though the straps aren’t as sturdy as the rest of the material. The design is compact, with a drawstring for the cinched top, molle straps, and two D-ring hooks that help secure the holder to the backpack.

Secondly, the large size of the bag allowed us to place 32 oz Nalgene in the bag without any effort. The top won’t fully come together, but the bottle should stay inside. Of course, we didn’t turn the holder upside down, so that’s another thing to keep in mind. We also tried fitting in a 40 oz hydro flask, and it sat comfortably. However, the flask is an inch taller than the bag.

Finally, the mesh bottom feels good and is tightly sewn in place. Also, the bag is waterproof and won’t end up soggy until it’s left in water for a long time. Since we carried it on a hiking trip, we wove in the straps instead of simply slipping them through the loop. This kept the holder firmly in place. We didn’t have to even think of it escaping and falling to the ground.

4. Rothco Lightweight MOLLE Bottle Carrier

Most Lightweight Water Bottle Holder for Backpackers

  • Lightweight
  • MOLLE compatible
  • Budget-friendly
  • Flexible and convenient
  • The snap button is not secure
  • The Velcro could be better

Rothco is the most lightweight MOLLE bottle carrier for backpackers, with a simplified design and secure fitting for most bottles. The bottle holder can hold bottles ranging from 16.9 oz, 24 oz, and 32 oz.

Firstly, the molle straps do their job very well. Yes, the straps could have been stronger, but they aren’t weak either. We ensured to properly loop the molle straps through PALS and secured the holder in place. It doesn’t move an inch, nor does it let the bottle topple out.

Secondly, the two rounds of Velcro straps and the top string loop fix the bottle in place. We liked that it was locked into the position, even if it meant we had to take the bottle out and then put it back in. The bottle doesn’t simply slide out. That’s both an advantage and a disadvantage.

To sum up, this lightweight bottle holder has been designed for military and tactical purposes. It’s a perfect choice for standard mouth bottles and even smaller backpacks. That makes it reliable even for trekking and backpacking. Of course, the bottle will be exposed to outside conditions, but hey, we used an insulated bottle. That solved the problem. The bottom is sturdy and gave us confidence that it’ll not tear when we least expect it.

5. Exo-Tek H2O MOLLE Water Bottle Pouch Hydration Carrier

Best Water Bottle Holder for Wide Mouth Bottles

  • Comes with a utility pocket
  • Made of heavy-duty material
  • Removable shoulder strap
  • MOLLE web for multiuse
  • The strap clips are flimsy
  • The stitching could be better

Exo-Tek H2O is the best water bottle holder for a wide-mouth bottle and Klean Kanteen up to 40 oz. From a Hydro flask to a thermos to Nalgene, this holder is designed to fit different kinds of bottles.

Firstly, the bottle holder has additional features we loved. One is the straw opening. There is a tiny slot through which you can pull out only the straw to drink water without opening the zipper on the top. Fab, isn’t it? Another is the utility side pocket big enough to hold a smartphone, keys, cards and cash, whistle, granola bars, or ID tags.

Secondly, the holder is weather and water-resistant. We took the risk of placing the iPhone in the utility pocket, and guess what? No moisture or anything of that sort. We alternated the 38 oz Nalgene with 32 oz hydro flask, and both sat snug and nice in the holder.

To conclude, the bottle carrier is wide and spacious and has been designed for wide-mouth bottles. The shoulder strap and the small pouch are removable, so that’s another plus. The molle webbing is how we like it to be secure and tight. You’ll have to loop it in as with other models for a perfect fit. The stitching seems a little weak, but we plan to get it done again.

6. MILITARY UNIFORMS Water Bottle Carrier

Best Water Bottle Holder for Military Backpacks

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Comes with a mesh bottom
  • Sturdy MOLLE straps
  • Secure drawstring
  • The snap buttons are weak
  • The stitching could be stronger

MILITARY UNIFORMS offers the best water bottle holder for military backpacks made using lightweight 1000D nylon and waterproof lining. The molle webbing straps are secure and firm and thus, capable of holding on to the backpack.

Firstly, the bottle holder easily fits a 40 oz Klean Kanteen. It fits Glacial Point bottles of 32 oz with the same ease. The drawstring top is convenient to use and just as good. It didn’t lose grip or become loose over time.

Secondly, the molle straps are stiff. According to us, that makes them trustworthy. The snap buttons aren’t that reliable, and using only the buttons can cause the bottle to fall off. Go with the molle webbing and do it properly, even if it takes time.

Finally, the bottom mesh is nicely sewed and feels strong. It should hold a 40 oz bottle without any complaints. The quality of the fabric is another thing we’re impressed with. It’s better than we expected and won’t tear easily. Use it for camping, hiking, trekking, backpacking, or military training. It’ll do the job.

7. Yazhmsa Upgraded Molle Water Bottle Carrier

Most Durable Water Bottle Holder for Backpackers

  • Water-repellent
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Suitable for different seasons
  • User-friendly design
  • Comes only in two colors

Yazhmsa Upgraded Molle Water Bottle Carrier is the most durable bottle holder for backpackers with its lightweight, water-repellent, and anti-tear material. The bag is suitable for water bottles, sports bottles, or beverage bottles.

Firstly, the bottle carrier is large enough to comfortably fit a wide mouth 32 oz Nalgene. The Oxford fabric material is highly durable and looks like we’ll be using this one for years. The bottom mesh is similarly strong.

Secondly, the metal hook is located at the right spot. We’ve used it to hang a couple of tags, though it will carry a lot more weight. The holder’s got such a friendly design that we’ve been using this as a hands-free model.

To sum up, the upgraded bottle holder is as good as it promises to be. The molle straps are perfect, and so is the drawstring. This one is versatile enough to hold different water bottles, though it’s a smart move to measure before you buy. And hey, the holder can sustain the changing weather conditions with ease.

8. Nalgene Insulated Sleeve for 32oz Water Bottle

Best Insulated Water Bottle Holder for Backpackers

  • BPA-free plastic
  • Insulated design
  • The top hangs over the side
  • Sturdy to use
  • The straps are not strong
  • The zipper can be better

Nalgene Insulated Sleeve is the best water bottle holder (insulated) that can be used with all 32 oz wide-mouth bottles. Of course, the Nalgene bottle fits the best as long as you align the cap so that the top sits over it.

Firstly, the insulation works without any issue, which is the main reason for buying this holder. The water inside retained its form even when we were in the chilly mountains with freezing winds blasting around us. A great way to test the holder, isn’t it?

Secondly, the top of the holder has a toggle that makes it easy to grip and open the bag with gloved hands. No point in having to remove gloves to drink water. We followed the manufacturer’s advice and put this bottle holder at the bottom of our bag, that too upside down. It worked to retain the water’s temperature.

To conclude, the insulated sleeve does its job in all weather conditions. We saw the bottle with ice cubes still had water cold after a few hours of trekking on a hot day. The straps are a little weak, though. We recommend not using them too often. It’s better to place these holders in bags.

9. Barbarians Water Bottle Carrier

Best Water Bottle Holder for Narrow Mouth Bottles

  • Comes with multiple pockets
  • Made using high-density fabric
  • Lightweight design
  • Comes with a removable handle
  • There are loose threads
  • Some users received defective units

Barbarians Water Bottle Carrier is the best narrow mouth bottle and fits an array of sizes, such as 16 oz, 17 oz, 20 oz, 24 oz, 25 oz, 32 oz, and 40 oz. It’s made using 900D nylon, which is durable and lightweight.

Firstly, the carrier has two extra zipper pockets to store other smaller items like IDs, keys, phones, band-aids, candies, etc. However, the latest smartphones may be too big for the pouch. Also, the removable handle is convenient to use when we walked shorter distances.

Secondly, the bottle holder also has a shoulder strap (with the paddle handle) so that the strap doesn’t dig into the skin or add extra weight to the shoulder. We also tried the buckle on the bag, hooked the bag to the backpack, and stuffed it into the backpack pockets.

Finally, the narrow top ensures that narrow-mouth bottles don’t slip off the bag or tilt to the sides due to extra space inside. We didn’t take out the bottle from the holder. It’s a good holder if yous spend the day hiking and camping. Considering the price, we are happy with its performance.

10. Wild Wolf Outfitters – #1 Best Water Bottle Holder for 40 oz Bottles

Best Water Bottle Holder for Stainless Steel Bottles

  • Suitable for stainless steel bottles
  • Great insulation
  • 1200D polyester and neoprene materials
  • Versatile and user-friendly
  • Some users received defective units
  • The bottleholder is smelly

Wild Wolf Outfitters is the best water bottle holder for insulated and stainless steel bottles that you need to protect from dents and damages. We can’t afford to let insulated water bottles with hot liquids swing back and forth or get hit by trees, branches, rocks, etc. This holder is a good choice for such water bottles.

Firstly, the bag has been designed to hold 40 oz bottles with ease. The thick 1200D polyester and neoprene material ensures that the holder absorbs the impact and keeps the bottle safe inside. The holder also has two utility pouches to store other necessary items. iPhone will fit in this one.

Secondly, the D-ring and clips are made of metal to ensure durability. The holder also has two straps- one is the short handle and another is the shoulder strap. We still hooked it to the backpack and are happy to report that it doesn’t slip or fall off.

To conclude, the bottle holder is sturdy, user-friendly, and versatile. Though we tried the 40 oz model, you can get the same bottle holder in other sizes such as 25 oz, 40 oz, and 64 oz. If you want to carry enough coffee for a large team on an outdoor adventure, this is exactly what you’d want. We’d probably pick the 64 oz model to be on the safe side.

Frequently Asked Questions About Water Bottle Holders for Backpackers

How to clean a water bottle holder?

The recommended way to clean a water bottle holder is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. The cleaning process changes depending on the material of the bottle holder. Fabric, nylon, polyester, etc., can be washed with mild detergent. They shouldn’t be scrubbed as the motion will damage the threads and weaken them. The stainless steel holders are usually safe to wash in the dishwashers. It’s an easy cleaning process.

Which is the Best Water Bottle Holder for Klean Kanteen Bottles?

The following are a few best bottle holders for Klean Kanteen-

  • Exo-Tek H2O MOLLE Water Bottle Pouch Hydration Carrier
  • MILITARY UNIFORMS Water Bottle Carrier
  • Barbarians Water Bottle Carrier

How Much Water Can a Water Bottle Holder Support?

The capacity of a water bottle holder is mentioned by the manufacturer in the product specifications. Make sure not to carry more capacity than recommended by the manufacturer. Water bottle holders come in varying capacities, similar to how water bottles are available.

Are Water Bottle Holders Safe for Backpacking Trips?

Yes, bottle holders are safe for backpacking trips. Rather, many people use these holders to easily carry several water bottles during long trips. The holders keep the bottle safe and prevent them from being directly exposed to sun, rain, or dust. The water bottle holders can be hooked or looped into the backpack so that you don’t need to carry them in your hands.

Final Words – Best Water Bottle Holders for Backpackers

Well, those are some good water bottle holders, right? Which one do you think would be the best for you? Want to know our choice?

We recommend OneTigris Drawstring Water Bottle Pouch for its molle strapping, build quality, and user-friendliness, Rothco Lightweight MOLLE Bottle Carrier for its shape and lightweight design, and Wild Wolf Outfitters – #1 Best Water Bottle Holder for 40 oz Bottles for its sizes and ability to protect insulated bottles.

However, take your time to compare the water bottle holders and choose the right one for your requirements. Backpacking is a lot more fun when you choose your outdoor gear carefully. Still not exactly sure how to attach your water bottle to a backpack? Check out our guide and learn all you need to know!