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Best & Worst Tactical Waist Pack

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Whether you are out for a run or are heading to the airport to catch a flight, a tactical waist pack will sort any guy out. Just dump your keys, wallet, phone and earplugs, and you are good to go! If you are traveling, most good packs will also make room for your passport, boarding pass and other important documents. I have discovered that this is truly the most hassle-free, no-nonsense way to travel and nothing would give me more joy than to initiate you into this world of easy traveling. In the following sections, I will take you through some of the best tactical waist packs I have found in the market. I have attempted to categorize them in a way that most criteria one may be looking for in a tactical waist pack are fulfilled. Take a look, guys!

Best Overall

Tactical Molle EDC Pouch Compact 1000d Multipurpose Utility Gadget Belt Waist Bag with Cell Phone Holster Holder

The Tactical Molle EDC Pouch from Unigear is a high quality and durable waist pack made of 100% nylon. It has an anti-abrasion quality which will protect all the items inside your pack with ease. It has a tough aluminum alloy carabiner that you can attach to any belt loop, bag strap or hook and be on your way.

What’s Included

  • Aluminum alloy carabiner
  • Belt loop
  • Four pockets
  • MOLLE system attachment straps

What I Think

This tactical molle EDC pouch is a great buy because it does not take up too much space, can be worn over your clothes and can even be hung on a belt loop or a large bag. It is compact and can fit in a variety of things like a flashlight, two phones, a small notebook, a power bank, etc.

Common Questions

  • What kind of phone can fit in the pouch?

The pouch can easily fit an iPhone 7 Plus. Any phone that is around those dimensions can fit in the pouch with ease.

  • Are the MOLLE straps removable?

The MOLLE straps are sewn on and cannot be removed.

  • Is this pouch waterproof?

It can take some rain but the pouch is not waterproof. You can certainly not take it out for a swim.

What I Like

  • This is a compact pouch that can pack in a fair few things.
  • If it is not too fully packed, it can also fit in your back pocket.
  • The carabiner allows you to attach it to your belt loop or any other type of hook with ease.
  • It is available in several different colors.

What I Don’t Like

  • The padding of the internal divider takes up a lot of space.
  • This is not the ideal pouch for heavy physical work.

Despite a few shortcomings, this is still the best pick overall because it checks off a lot of boxes of a good tactical waist pack. It has good storage, it is resilient and the carabiner can be attached to practically anything. I would strongly recommend it.

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Best Buy

DYJ Tactical Fanny Pack Military Waist Bag Pack Utility Hip Pack Bag with Adjustable Strap Waterproof for Outdoors Fishing Cycling Camping Hiking Traveling Hunting Shopping Dog Walking

The DYJ Tactical Fanny Pack is a military waist bag which is useful for fitting in a variety of items. It has an adjustable strap, it is waterproof and is ideal for a fishing trip, a hiking trip, cycling or camping, you name it!

What’s Included

  • Five pockets of different sizes
  • Elastic string to attach flashlights and other accessories
  • ABS buckle

What I Think

This is a good investment for an outdoor trip or even for everyday carry. It can withstand a fair amount of water though it cannot be submerged in water. The five pockets are of different sizes so you can fit a variety of things.

Common Questions

  • Is the pouch waterproof or water-resistant?

The pouch is water-resistant and not waterproof. So it can withstand some rain but will not survive being submerged in water.

  • Can this pouch fit a Nintendo Switch?

Yes, it can fit a Nintendo Switch comfortably, along with the cover you may want to put for it.

  • Can this be worn on a flight?

Yes, it would be considered a standard carry on luggage.

What I Like

  • This is a multi-purpose fanny pack that can be worn even as a shoulder bag or can be strapped across the chest as well.
  • The five different pockets of different sizes are great for accommodating plenty of items.
  • The front Velcro patch allows you to attach several other storage options as well.
  • The zippered back pocket is hidden so you can keep your passport and other valuables.

What I Don’t Like

  • The pockets can be hard to access.
  • The look is different from what it is pictured as.

This is one of the best buys, despite some of its shortcomings. It can fit several items, including your phone, a small notebook, a bag of medicines, etc. It also does not cost a lot of money and has quite a few good reviews.

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Best Features

Multi-functional Drop Leg Waist Bag, Tactical Military Thigh Hip Outdoor Pack Tool Pouch

The multi-functional drop leg waist bag from Jueachy is a sturdy and durable tactical military thigh/hip outdoor pouch. It can be worn in several different ways. The quality is good and the color does not fade easily.

What’s Included

  • Waist strap and detachable leg strap
  • Shoulder strap for reduced pressure
  • Extra bag for water bottle
  • Breathable sandwich pad

What I Think

This waist pack certainly has some of the best features. For starters, it can be worn in several different ways and if you do not want it on your waist, it can also be worn on your thigh or your shoulder.

Common Questions

  • Is the pouch puncture-resistant?

Yes, the pouch is cut resistant and the upper cloth is anti-hook.

  • Is the pack easy to wash?

The pack is made of nylon and should not be difficult to wash.

  • What is the maximum width the waist strap can be adjusted to?

The waist strap can be extended up to 54 inches.

What I Like

  • The surface of the pack is cut-resistant, allowing you to hike in the jungle with ease.
  • The breathable sandwich pad protects your thighs.
  • There is also a detachable bag for a water bottle.
  • The pack can be worn in a variety of different ways.

What I Don’t Like

  • It is difficult to wear the bag on your right side because of how the strap has been fixed.
  • There could be more room for adjustment on the thigh strap.

This waist bag still provides some of the best features in a waist pack. It is puncture resistant, it can be worn on the thigh and it also repels water. This is the ideal waist pack to wear during a trek in a thick forest. I would certainly recommend it for all the features it offers.

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Fan Favorite

Mind and Body Experts the Belt of Orion — Travel/Running Belt Waist Fanny Pack — Hands-Free Way to Carry Phone, Passport, Keys, Id, Money & Everyday Essentials — Adjustable, Water Resistant

The Mind and Body Experts’ Belt of Orion is a slick, stylish and compact waist pack that is an immediate fan favorite. The company line is that the pack feels like it is a part of you and that, I have to say, might actually be true!

What’s Included

  • Three pockets
  • A hole for headphones and earbuds
  • Adjustable elastic straps
  • Key clip

What I Think

At first, I wondered why such a compact pouch was doing so well with customers. After all, how much can you fit in this pack? But I can see that this is an efficient and stylish pouch and actually encourages you to travel light!

Common Questions

  • What phones can you fit in the pack?

The pouch can fit all kinds of phones, including iPhone 6, 7, 8, X, XR, XS and Samsung Galaxy Android.

  • Is the belt waterproof?

The belt is water repellent but it is not waterproof.

  • How does the earphone port work?

There is a clever rubberized port through that you can thread your earphones out if you want to listen to music while running.

What I Like

  • The pack can be worn underneath your clothes and does not need to come in the way of your look.
  • The earphone port is a great and efficient addition.
  • There are designated pockets for everything.
  • It really fits almost all phones of any size.

What I Don’t Like

  • It’s not a fully tactical pouch but it will work great for city living and travel.
  • The pack might still be too small for those who do not travel light.
  • The belt tends to flop up and down when you are running.

Despite its flaws, I can see why this is a fan favorite and why it has received such great reviews. It is a stylish belt that fits the essentials and can be worn discreetly under your clothes. You can also listen to music by simply taking your earphones out but keeping the rest of your electronic devices securely zippered inside.

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Stay away from this Product!

VBG VBIGER Drop Leg Bag Pouch Men’s Thigh Bag Tactical Thigh Pack Canvas Outdoor Travel Waist Pack Sports Fanny Pack Bike Motorcycle Cycling Camping Hiking Hip Bag

The VBG VBIGER drop leg bag pouch seems promising by description and also does not cost a whole lot, to begin with. But unfortunately, it is not able to live up to a lot that it promises. The Velcro cover on the flap is of poor quality and there is a danger of your items falling out of the pack. Several customers have also complained that the stitching of the strap came apart after only a few weeks of use.

The material is also not stretchable so you can only fit a few things in a limited amount of space. If you try to force even one extra item in, the material might give way. The zipper also leaves much to be desired and several customers have reported that the zipper snags or have stopped working altogether. If you want to use it as a thigh bag, the strap may still be too large even on the smallest adjustment. Overall, the product seems to promise a lot but the quality is subpar and I would recommend you keep your distance from this one.

Apart from the product that I have just described above, the other four are certainly packs I would recommend you consider. Each one of them has something unique to offer and even when they have standard features, they make up for it with great quality and durability. I enjoyed putting together this list since it gave me a chance to learn something new as well, hopefully, you find something useful in it too. Don’t hesitate to leave your feedback in the comments and let me know which packs worked for you!