BinyaTools Magnetic Wristband /// Urban Survival Kit

BinyaTools Magnetic Wristband

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    [BUY]     The BinyaTools Magnetic Wristband is a wearable toolbox or a toolbelt for your wrist while doubling as a wristguard from impact damage. The concept is simple, powerful magnets that’s integrated into the wristband securely yet reachably hold metal items such as small tools, nails, screws, metal parts, drill bits etc. The convenience of the location of these said items makes it ideal for hands on mechanical jobs as well as urban survival uses or simple doing some repairs.

  • Perforated Neoprene Fabric
  • Powered by 9 Neodymium Magnets
  • Breathable and Lightweight
  • Protective Wrist Support
  • One Size Universal Fit Design

CLOTHES     |     REVIEW     |     $18 +

BinyaTools Magnetic Wristband Review /// Urban Survival Gear

The BinyaTools Magnetic Wristband is available in black or camo.