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Black Market Delivery Service

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This service is a call delivery courier for the black market and is used by intelligence professionals, the general underworld and anyone with the contacts.

Orders are taken via actual telephone calls to rotating numbers, no text or digital communications. The goods are then delivered by a courier within 24 hours, of which is the whole basis of this service – to be able to receive any desired item within a day.

If an item can not be delivered to your specified location within that exact 24 hours, it is a non-sale.

There is no warehouse or even any facility, hub or mass supplier. The network is spread globally to most major cities but there is no centralized HQ.

This service is therefore only available in those cities or where deliveries within close vicinity to those cities, to allow for the 24 hour rule.

Deliveries are almost always completed by way of motorcycles or motorbikes for maximum urban traffic efficiency and evasion capacity.

This service is tailored for various operational purposes so these type of goods are available:

– Custom Electronics and Uncommon Tech

– Tactical / Military / Surveillance Equipment

– Couture Clothes / Armor / Prosthetics

– Medical Equipment / Blood / Pharmaceuticals

– Small Firearms and Ammunition

– Non Mass Destructive Explosives

– Recreational Narcotics

– High-Value Counterfeits; Art, Currency, Certifications

– Raw Identification Materials

– Restricted Industrial Tools

– Clean / Encrypted Comms Devices

Things that are not available are human resources / services, radioactive materials, chemical / biological agents and digital / electronic data.

When a call is made, an operator certifies your “credentials” then takes your order. While on hold, the operator searches for your desired item(s) throughout the network.

Assuming it can be delivered to you within 24 hours, the order is dispatched after payment or acceptance of payment on delivery. Then the item is delivered as per normal. This is essentially what the darknet’s so called black market was modeled after.

However, this is an actually functional and ”legitimate” service that’s been around for decades.

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