Burned Exit Strategy Go-Bag Survival Kit /// Urban Survival Kit

Burned Exit Strategy Go-Bag Survival Kit

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A standalone or supplemental packing list of only the most crucial personal logistics survival items in the most low profile method of carry possible as per exit strategy.

In most cases this kit should not include non-permissive items as it’s intended to be equipped through borders, flights, secure locations etc.

Burned Exit Strategy Go-Bag Survival Kit /// Urban Survival Kit

– Passport and identification cards

– Credit / Debit Cards

– Cash in Various Currencies

– Bladeless Multi-Tool

– Escape / Entry Kit

– Trauma / First-Aid Kit

– Digital Documents (USB)

– Mini Toiletry Kit

– Prescription Medication

– Safety Deposit Box Key

– Passport Photos

– Secure / Burner Phone

– Backup Batteries

– Euro Coins, US Quarters

– Gold Bullion Bars

Tactical Pen

This particular setup is designed to be packed flat and can be worn under a sweater or jacket. Additionally, NIJ IIIA level Kevlar armor is integrated into this pack.

These kits should be tailored to user location, circumstances and likely exit strategies.

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